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In Poland called the condition for the launch of “Nord Stream-2”


Polish journalists are sure that the Russian company Gazprom can get a monopoly on the use of the Nord Stream pipeline. 2″. An article on this topic was written by Andrzej Kublik for Gazeta Wyborcza.

The journalist reminded that the gas situation in Europe remains tense. Storage facilities in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are empty of fuel. If there is a sharp jump in demand, then there will be a shortage of raw materials, notes Kublik.

At the same time, the Pole is sure that Russia will definitely take advantage of the situation in its own interests. In case of severe frosts in the European Union, there will be no doubts about the launch of Nord Stream 2.

Earlier, Germany called the condition for resuming the certification of the pipeline. The representative of the Ministry of Economy and Climate stated that in order to return to the procedure, it is only necessary to submit a complete package of documents.


State Department: China should have talked Russia out of the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict


The United States believes that Chinese leader Xi Jinping did not take full advantage of the talks with Vladimir Putin. According to the US State Department, the Chinese authorities had to convince the Russian leader to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated by US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Kritenbrink.

Americans are disappointed by the joint statement of Moscow and Beijing. There is only a reflection of the rapprochement that has been observed between the two states in recent times. Whereas, according to American diplomacy, “other steps are expected from responsible countries.”

At the same time, Kritenbrink stressed that if Russia nevertheless invades the territory of a neighboring state, and China does not respond to this, then Beijing “tacitly supports Russia’s desire to coerce Ukraine.” The American diplomat added that the United States is looking for allies, including in the Indian-Pacific region, in order to “give Russia a decisive answer” in the event of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.


“Bridgehead for new invasions”: the secret of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is named

Expert: Americans left a “clockwork mine” on Afghan soil

About six months have passed since the fall of Kabul under the onslaught of militants and the evacuation of the last American units from Afghan soil. But what is behind the US withdrawal from Afghanistan? And did they really just leave? President of the Russian section of the International Police Association, Lieutenant General, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Russia Yuri Zhdanov spoke about the possible interests of the CIA in Afghanistan.

Photo: AP.

“More like a time bomb. I must say right away that in fact the Americans were not going to leave anywhere. The fact that they were kicked out of Afghanistan is just a technical error for them. And they are already trying to fix it. Of course, not by force – a new military invasion is not yet in sight. And why? There are other benefits of being present, albeit indirect ones. It is known that according to the plans of the CIA and the State Department, Central Asia should become an intelligence base.

– Yes, the Americans themselves are trumpeting about it! Like, oh, how they successfully, on time and profitably left this wild country! True, they do not explain why they went into it for two decades. What did they do there and what did they do specifically? Killing and destruction don't count. But this is outside the brackets. And without brackets – there is an interesting report by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) “Working with Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban (the Taliban movement is recognized in the Russian Federation as a banned terrorist organization – MK”). Support for the Afghan people without legitimizing the regime.” It was published in January. It contains an attempt to form a generalized position of American decision-making centers about US plans for Afghanistan. By Lisa Curtis, Senior Fellow and Director of the Indo-Pacific Security Program at CNAS, formerly of the CIA, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, etc.

– A concentrated analysis of the situation in a number of Central Asian countries and possible conclusions. This should help make some decisions that the US needs.

More specifically, it says, for example, about preventing a humanitarian catastrophe after the collapse of the Afghan economy. After all, the Americans, as stated, intend to cooperate with the Afghan people, but not with the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation). Like, they will somehow help.

In mid-November 2021, a UN official reported that 23 million Afghans were in desperate need of food and that 97 percent of the 38 million population was at risk of falling into poverty. The economic shock from the loss of international aid that supported 75 percent of the Afghan budget – along with several years of drought and other economic problems – threatens a complete economic collapse that will leave millions of people starving, especially in winter. The International Monetary Fund has warned that the country's economy will shrink by about 30 percent in 2022.

As of mid-January 2022, the United States has provided $782 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and Afghan refugees, more than any other country.

– Yes, the Taliban (“Taliban” is a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) sent a letter to the US Congress asking the United States to release the declared $ 7 billion in Afghan foreign exchange reserves, which were frozen after the Taliban seized power, otherwise they risk facing a mass exodus of refugees from the country. In the letter, the Taliban government's foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaki, says the holding of assets has disrupted trade and business, as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid to the population.

– Most likely. Jesuitically, the report said that the country was facing an economic crisis before the assets were frozen, and that Washington had made it clear that non-humanitarian aid would be cut off if the Taliban seized power by force rather than through peace talks. And so it happened.

By the way, the recent meeting in Moscow of several regional states did not lead to the adoption of any serious commitments to provide assistance. The countries issued a communiqué calling for an international donors conference under the auspices of the UN, so that “the military forces that have been in the country for the past 20 years” – that is, the United States, take on most of the financial burden.

– They are very concerned. Initial signs that the Taliban could improve their record of women's rights have not materialized. Ten days after coming to power, the Taliban ordered women to stay at home until ordinary members of the organization were instructed on how to properly treat women. Young women who organized and participated in local protests against Taliban rule were abducted and killed in Mazar-i-Sharif.

The US report notes that the Taliban backtracked on initial promises to respect women's rights in order to maintain cohesion among their fighters. Otherwise, the rank-and-file members of the militant structures would doubt the leadership of their leaders and would ask what they have been fighting for for 20 years. The Taliban also failed to deliver on their initial promises of amnesty for former government officials. At the end of August 2021, the BBC reported that they had executed two high-ranking police officers. According to the report, more than 100 people have been killed since August 15, two-thirds of them by the Taliban and their supporters.

The document also contains information about extrajudicial executions of at least 50 people suspected of belonging to terrorist group “Islamic State” banned in Russia.

– Yes, and the so-called Haqqani network, which is closely connected both with Al-Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) and with the Pakistani military and intelligence services, plays a particularly significant role. Najibullah Haqqani is Minister of Communications and Abdul Baqi Haqqani is Minister of Higher Education, which is a bad sign for future educational opportunities for women and girls. Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani, who was originally appointed to lead security operations in Kabul shortly after the Taliban came to power, is now the refugee minister. This is particularly worrisome given fears that foreign terrorist fighters will now flock to Afghanistan as their fellow radicals are in power there. Another character, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the leader of an organization designated as terrorist by the United States, has been appointed Minister of the Interior. The FBI has released a Rewards for Justice program that is offering $5 million for information leading to the arrest of Sirajuddin Haqqani due to his role in terrorist attacks against American citizens.

In general, twenty out of thirty-three high-ranking officials are on the UN sanctions list. Among them is the head of the current interim government, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, who was foreign minister and then deputy prime minister when the Taliban were in power in the late 1990s. After the organization was ousted from power in 2001, Akhund led the Taliban's military operations in Afghanistan from his hideout in Pakistan. The list goes on.

– Hardly, although such proposals are heard, including from Pakistan.

While the Taliban's efforts to eliminate the ISIS-Khorasan threat are welcome, the Taliban's continued ties to al-Qaeda and dozens of other terrorist groups mean that the Taliban's consolidation of power in Afghanistan over will continue to help revive the terrorist haven, even if ISIS-X is no longer part of the terrorist alliance.

President Biden is right that al-Qaeda has metastasized over the past decade. However, the current situation in Afghanistan gives the terrorist group a unique advantage: Afghanistan is now ruled by an Islamist group with which al-Qaeda has been associated for 30 years. The two groups also became closely related through intermarriage. No other country in the world offers al-Qaeda such a luxury.

“In the past, the US has relied on Pakistan for air and ground access to Afghanistan and for drone attacks. Pakistan allowed this activity, although Washington and Islamabad had fundamentally different goals in Afghanistan. However, while an air access agreement with Pakistan would be necessary, Washington should not fall into the familiar trap of viewing the country as a partner in counterterrorism or a shared US goal in Afghanistan.

Pakistan narrowly assesses its strategic interests in Afghanistan, viewing them mainly through the prism of India. The main goal of Islamabad is to prevent India from gaining a foothold in the country as a strategic foothold. The best example of the irreconcilable goals of Islamabad and Washington in Afghanistan is Pakistan's support for the Haqqani network and the desire to see members of the Haqqani clan in leadership positions in the Taliban government. Islamabad trusts the Haqqanis to support their goal of preventing India from gaining influence in Afghanistan.

– Russia, Iran and China share US concerns about ISIS-X, but each of these countries’ broader geopolitical differences with the United States will likely prevent serious counterterrorism cooperation with Washington.

In November In 2021, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Tom West took part in a meeting in Islamabad of the so-called “Troika Plus”, which includes the United States, Pakistan, Russia and China. These meetings may be useful in resolving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, but they are unlikely to bring about positive changes in the Taliban's behavior towards human rights and the fight against terrorism.

The US report argues that there is room for increased US counterterrorism cooperation with Central Asian countries, especially Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, so that Washington can reduce dependence on Pakistan. While Russia and China will object to the United States establishing large military bases in their “backyard”, it is possible that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will agree to increased intelligence sharing or the deployment of small groups of US special operations forces on their territory.

Let me remind you that both Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have contributed to the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and are ready to play a more important role in this area.

While China has gloated over the withdrawal and hasty evacuation of the United States from the country, Beijing is concerned that Afghanistan is once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists around the world, as well as the possibility of Islamist extremism spreading to China's Muslim-populated western provinces. Beijing has historically been concerned about anti-Chinese Islamist militants, primarily ethnic Uyghurs who have trained alongside the Taliban and have taken refuge in both Afghanistan and the tribal areas bordering Pakistan in the past.

China has a long-term interest in making Afghanistan a key hub for its One Belt, One Road economic project and in developing and exploiting Afghanistan's rich mineral resources. However, a Chinese consortium's $3 billion investment in Afghanistan's Mes Ainak copper mine has been dormant for more than a decade, and China will avoid future investment until the security situation stabilizes.

In September 2021, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid called China Afghanistan's most important partner given its willingness to invest in and rebuild the country. So far, however, China has been reluctant to assume financial obligations to the Taliban government, which is not recognized by the rest of the world.

– Almost the same. India's biggest concern is that a Taliban victory will inspire anti-India militants, now mostly based in Pakistan. These groups are responsible for attacks on Indian soil in recent years that have increased tensions with Pakistan and led to military crises between the two nuclear powers.

The most recent military crisis between India and Pakistan occurred after the February 14, 2019 terrorist attack by an Islamist militant that killed 40 Indian soldiers in Indian-controlled Kashmir. India has also experienced major terrorist attacks on its embassy and consulates in Afghanistan by the Haqqani network.

India held a meeting of regional national security advisers in New Delhi in early November 2021. Pakistan and China, who do not welcome a more prominent Indian role in Afghanistan, missed the meeting.

– According to the author of the report, in order to cope with the threat of terrorism, the United States should invest in improving the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles for foreign CTOs.

The US military should be ready for the foreseeable future to conduct drone operations from bases in the Middle East , because Pakistan and the Central Asian states bordering Afghanistan fear that the US will carry out deadly operations from their territory.

It is recommended to expand cooperation on CTO with the states of Central Asia, especially with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

There are opportunities, the author believes, to expand the exchange of intelligence data, conduct counterintelligence trainings and other joint counterintelligence activities with the states of Central Asia. In the long term, it is possible that the Central Asian states may allow the United States to deploy intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets on their territory, or even allow limited CTOs to be carried out by special operations forces from the region.

The reporter regrets that the leadership of the military and intelligence in some Central Asian countries tend to be skeptical of the Taliban due to concerns about the group's continued ties to terrorism.

If the Central Asian states become more open to U.S. counterterrorism activities deployed from their territory, Americans should be prepared to distribute counterterrorism assets across the region that could act in concert to address threats while reducing dependence on a single base option.

The author of the report, an experienced CIA and State Department official, applied an interesting term – “to carry out their deeds action with eyes wide open. And he directly formulated the main goal – to turn Central Asia into a giant US intelligence base. And in aggregate – a springboard for new invasions.


How to remove “fake” medical records from the medical record?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 5. The roles played by Leonid Kuravlyov are still relevant today 02/02/2022 Expert's answer 0 + –

There are technical errors (for example, your card got a record of the namesake) or failures in the software product. But and subscriptions are also possible (for example, when the doctor does not fulfill his plan).

 For violation in the introduction of documentation, the responsibility of the medical institution is provided. In  in any case, you need to write a ­application to the insurance company that the data in your medical card is falsified – says member of the Council of Public Organizations for the Protection of Patients' Rights under Roszdravnadzor, Doctor of Mathematics, Professor Alexei Starchenko. – Insurers have the opportunity to request various documents from the medical institution for verification: a laboratory research log, a consultants log, etc. After the examination, they will find out where it came from, where the falsification is.


The Soyuz-2.1a rocket with a military satellite was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome

The Space Forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces successfully launched the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1a” with a military satellite from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region, TASS reports.

The launch was carried out on Saturday, February 5, at 10:00 Moscow time from launcher (PU) No. 4 of pad No. 43.

The defense department noted that all pre-launch operations and the launch of the rocket took place as usual.

It is worth noting that this is the first launch of the Soyuz-2 medium-class launch vehicle. in 2022.

Earlier, a rocket of the American company SpaceX launched with a giant secret satellite NROL-87 of the US National Space Intelligence Agency. The satellite is supposedly intended for electronic intelligence.


We grow hospitals. Modernization of polyclinics and FAPs is underway in the country

Story National projects

By mid-February, the national project "Healthcare" activities envisaged by regional programs for the modernization of primary health care will be included.

Feldsher-obstetric stations and outpatient clinics are being built in the regions of the country, new modern equipment and new vehicles are being supplied. Medical care becomes more accessible thanks to the national project “Health” and the departmental target program “Modernization of primary health care in the Russian Federation”. Since the beginning of the implementation of the national project “Healthcare” over 1200 mobile complexes were purchased. More than 1,750 feldsher-obstetric stations have been opened, in which more than two million visits have already been made.

In the village of Sidorovka, Sergievsky District, Samara Region, a major overhaul of the office of a general practitioner, where 1,400 residents receive assistance, has been completed. The renovation made it possible to create the most comfortable conditions for receiving patients. Interior finishing work was completed in the building, the heating system was replaced, an additional vestibule was installed at the entrance to the office. The entrance group has been improved in accordance with the principles of a barrier-free environment. doctor Evgenia Tanisheva is in charge of patients in the renovated office. Her work experience in healthcare — For over 30 years, for for 14 of which Evgenia Vasilievna has been helping the residents of the Sergievsky district. "I work in Sidorovka for more than seven years — said the doctor Evgenia Tanisheva. — After the repair, the room was completely transformed, it became more comfortable in  We received a modern electrocardiograph, in the near future we are expecting the delivery of other medical equipment and furniture.

The Uvarov Central District Hospital in the Tambov Region received an ambulance equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide emergency medical care to both adults and children. Last year, the Uvarov hospital also received Niva ambulances. and "Largus". These cars are used to handle calls and provide emergency medical care, deliver medicines to patients receiving treatment for a new coronavirus infection at home, and transport biological materials for research. In the first half of this year, it is planned to receive three more light ambulances. At the moment, there are 25 cars in                 — ambulances.

The intensive care unit has been overhauled at the Kushchevskaya Central District Hospital of the Krasnodar Territory. The bed capacity is up to & nbsp; 10 & nbsp; places, ventilation was overhauled, and an oxygen system was installed. The wards were equipped with modern equipment, including ventilators, monitoring equipment, and infusion pumps. Also, the department created all the conditions for on-site hemodialysis. This is especially important for non-transportable patients requiring renal replacement therapy.

After a major overhaul, a children's department and a children's consultation were opened in the village of Abatskoye, Tyumen Region. The building was replaced with engineering networks, ventilation, electricity and water supply systems. The adjacent territory is equipped, a playground has been erected. Little patients are waiting for the bright rooms of the polyclinic and the spacious four-bed wards of the hospital. For the first time in 40 years of the hospital's existence, the building underwent a large-scale renovation, which was another important step in the development of the district's healthcare. In the health care of the district, the material base is improved every year, new modern facilities and medical equipment appear. So, last year, a new feldsher-obstetric station was opened in the village of Boldyrevo.

Construction and modernization of feldsher-obstetric stations — one of the important directions of the federal project “Development of Primary Health Care”, which is being implemented within the framework of the “Health” national project. Its goal is to provide high-quality, timely and equitable medical care to all residents of the country. From  2021 on the territory of the Russian Federation, the departmental target program “Modernization of primary health care in the Russian Federation” has been implemented. within the framework of which, activities will be implemented in regions to modernize primary health care, designed to provide affordable medical care for the population, including residents of small settlements and remote, hard-to-reach corners of the Russian Federation.


The developers proposed to change the system for monitoring online elections

The developers proposed to introduce a three-level system for monitoring online elections. Thus, it is proposed to introduce a special button in the office to monitor the course of elections, provide members of election commissions with access to the register of online voters, and develop a blockchain system for observers

In Moscow, a three-level system for monitoring online elections is being developed, which will include, among other things, monitoring the turnout and voting progress by any user of the portal. About this “Kommersant” said Artem Kostyrko, one of the developers of the Moscow Remote Electronic Voting System (DEG), Head of the Department for the Development of Smart Projects of the Government of the Capital.

According to him, at the first level, any user of the portal will have access to the corresponding button in their personal account, by clicking on which the observer will be able to monitor the turnout and the voting process, and in case of failures or anomalies, the system will issue a color signal.

At the same time, members of election commissions are invited to provide access to the register of online voters, and each commission will be able to see voters only in its own precinct and promptly cross out those who have already voted online, Kostyrko explained.

The third level of observation is intended for tech-savvy citizens— this is the installation of an observer node (blockchain network) on the computer. According to Kostyrko, the node should become as accessible as possible, and not be a “tool for the elite.” “We are still ready to make such a tool that will allow the observer to write a transaction on the blockchain himself. In a simple life, this is, as they write on the wall, “Vasya was here.” We are ready to give professional observers the opportunity to write on the blocks of the blockchain: “Vasya was here, Petya was here.” And then, by the presence of these bricks in the already constructed building, it will be possible to say that this is the same network that worked in the voting, — explained the developer.

Glavred “Echo of Moscow” and the head of the commission of the Civic Chamber of Moscow on the development of civil society and public control, Alexei Venediktov, told Kommersant that the chairman of TsIKella Pamfilova, when clarifying disagreements, was categorically against the possibility of re-voting and checking by voters of their votes (this option was not officially used, but technically it could be available). “Laws are adopted by the Duma. So let Aleksey (Venediktov. — RBC) convince them, let's see who the legislators will listen to,— Pamfilova said in response.

A well-informed Kommersant source close to the presidential administration said that they are skeptical about the option of re-voting, as it hit the legitimacy of the 2021 elections. According to him, in order to enshrine in the law the rejection of this option, it is enough to enter the phrase there: “A voter voting remotely votes once.” (Now the draft only prohibits establishing a connection “between the voter's personal data and the result of his will”, that is, to check his vote). But there is still no decision on whether this will be an amendment to the law, he noted.

On December 15, Ella Pamfilova announced that next year she plans to expand the number of regions in which pass remote electronic voting. According to her, in 2022 this system will be used in elections of various levels in 19 regions.

The choice of regions will depend on their desire and readiness, as well as on compliance with the requirements of the Central Election Commission. “In the near future, the CEC will send letters to those regions where elections are supposed to be held in order to find out which of the regions is ready, would like to,” — Pamfilova explained.

The September elections to the State Duma were the first with large-scale use of remote electronic voting. Residents of seven regions could vote online on two systems— federal and Moscow. Online voting, in particular, affected the elections in single-mandate constituencies in Moscow— no opposition candidate won there.

After that, the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov said that the party does not recognize the results of remote electronic voting (DEG) in Moscow. According to the leader of the Communist Party, six candidates from the Communist Party won, but in the morning “they entered [data] and crossed everything out.” The Moscow City Electoral Committee explained the loss of candidates in the last percentage by a large number of online voters. The candidates from the Communist Party tried to challenge the election results in court, but their claims were not satisfied.

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Bild announced Russia’s plan to create a “people’s” Rada and camps in Ukraine

Bild: Russia plans to create a “people's” Rada in Ukraine after the invasion Moscow's plan, according to Bild, includes, among other things, the creation of a “people's” Rada, a “puppet government” and camps for dissenters. The Russian Embassy called the information to the publication “a mixture of speculation and rumors” “Bild reported on Russia's plan to create a “people's” Rada and camps in Ukraine” />

The German tabloid newspaper Bild, citing intelligence data, published a plan allegedly developed by the Russian authorities for the period after the alleged invasion of Ukraine.

According to the publication, it includes several stages:

  • First stage— city ​​capture. After the victory over the Ukrainian troops, the Russian army plans to subjugate the largest settlements. To do this, politicians and intelligence officers already in them loyal to Moscow will begin their active work in Ukrainian cities, whose task will be to “establish a pro-Russian leadership”; and “agree on the transfer” these Russian cities. After that, all major cities “peacefully” will come under the control of Moscow.
  • After the capitulation of the cities, the second stage will begin: the Russian authorities will create a “people's Rada”; instead of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament. In the new, The “puppet” legislature will be run by “so-called representatives previously chosen by the Russian special services.” After that, a Russian-controlled government will be established.
  • At Third Stagethe new government will declare a state of emergency in the country and “create camps where Ukrainians who refuse to cooperate [with Russia] will be sent.” The “pro-Russian leadership”, according to the publication, will suppress any resistance, while the actions of the Belarusian authorities after the protests in this country can be taken as a model.

All the stages of the plan will, according to the tabloid, be accompanied by propaganda in the Russian media in Ukraine and in Western countries. “For Russia, the success of the entire campaign will depend on control over the conquered territories, on whether it succeeds in truly breaking the Ukrainian people, and on gaining recognition and legitimacy for the new government,” — quotes Bild intelligence report.

The result of all these actions will be the formation of a “police state” in Ukraine, which will have to “create conditions for a national referendum on joining Russia.” As a result, Moscow plans to create a new “union state” consisting of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Bild claims.

The publication indicates that it is not yet clear whether this particular scenario will be involved, but preparations for it are already underway. In particular, the FSB is involved in the development of the plan, which “trains pro-Russian groups to deploy them in Ukraine.”

According to Bild, a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is now seen as the most likely scenario. Intelligence reports that the attack could happen as early as February and in any case “no later than March” “if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin does not change his mind.”

The Russian embassy in Germany, in response to Bild's request to comment on the outlined plan, called it “a strange mixture of speculation and rumors.”

Earlier, the British Foreign Office reported on Moscow's plans to establish a pro-Russian government in Ukraine based on information from American intelligence. According to the Foreign Office, one of the candidates for the post of leader of Ukraine loyal to Russia may be the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yevgeny Muraev, who has been under the sanctions of the Russian government since 2018. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the kingdom indicated that Russian intelligence “maintains links with numerous former Ukrainian politicians”, some of whom “are in contact with Russian intelligence officials who are now involved in planning an attack on Ukraine.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry after the publication of these data, he called them disinformation and called on his British colleagues to “stop spreading nonsense.” The existence of plans to invade Ukraine, the Russian side has repeatedly denied.

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Peskov suggested calling fakes “Bloomberg News” after an intrusion error

Peskov: Bloomberg's publication on the invasion speaks of the danger of aggressive statements from the West Previously, Bloomberg released the headline “Russia invades Ukraine”, after which it deleted it and explained that the agency has preparations for different scenarios.

The headline published by Bloomberg about the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine speaks of the danger of aggressive statements by Western countries, RIA Novosti said. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“But in general, of course, such a serious publication as Bloomberg, probably, we will now, you can even say not fake news, but Bloomberg news, which will be justified,” — Peskov said.

He called what happened an illustration of what consequences “the atmosphere of extreme tension that has now developed due to these aggressive actions of our counterparties in Europe can entail. “And this is probably also a great demonstration of how such messages can lead to irreparable consequences,” — stressed Peskov.

According to TASS, the presidential press secretary said that he did not consider the publication of Bloomberg a provocation, but stressed that in a tense situation, “any spark” dangerous.

Friday night, Bloomberg ran the headline “Russia Invades Ukraine.” As the agency later clarified, the publication appeared on the site at about 0:00 Moscow time. Subsequently, Bloomberg deleted the message and explained that it appeared in error.

“We're preparing headlines for many scenarios,” — explained in the agency. The publication about the alleged invasion was deleted, Bloomberg management is investigating the cause of the error.

RBC turned to the Bloomberg press service for comment.

Western media and politicians began to write about the impending attack at the end of the past years after reports of an increased concentration of troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Various dates for the alleged invasion were given. At the end of January, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said that Russia intended to use force against Ukraine by mid-February. Prior to this, White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that Moscow was laying the groundwork to fabricate a pretext for an invasion: preparing a special group to sabotage “its own puppet forces”; in Ukraine and spreads provocations in the state media and the Internet.

The Russian side has repeatedly stated that it does not plan to attack the neighboring country.

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SpaceX rocket launches with giant US spy satellite

The press service of the American company SpaceX reported that the Falcon 9 heavy launch vehicle on Wednesday successfully launched into orbit with the secret NROL-87 satellite of the US National Space Intelligence Agency, Interfax reports.


The rocket was reportedly launched at 12:27 pm US Pacific Time from the US Space Force's Vandenberg Launch Complex.

The satellite is reportedly intended for electronic intelligence.

It was previously reported that SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a batch of 49 Starlink satellites.

The Starlink network is designed to provide the inhabitants of the Earth with broadband Internet access. In total, the American company is going to deploy on 11 thousand satellites in orbit. The total cost of this project is estimated at ten billion dollars.


How did mollusks help scientists replicate the formation of Eurasia?

Expert Response 0 + –

Researchers from Arkhangelsk summed up their participation in a large-scale project on the study of molluscs living in the waters of the Indian subcontinent and Myanmar. Thanks to this, it became clear how drift tectonic plates and formed a coastal continent on Earth – Eurasia.

It began with the fact that German and Indian biological studies over the following years of the fauna and ecology of large freshwater bivalve mollusks (family  Unionidae ) in the conditions of the rivers of India and Nepal. They collected conclusions and analyzed the DNA of the discovered species. Then they turned to for help to the representative of the Federal Research Complex of the Arctic named after Academician N.P. . In fact, one of the scientific schools in the field of malacology has been formed in our country – a branch of zoology dedicated to the history of mollusks .

Using DNA analysis data, archangelic scientists modeled on supercomputers how the process of evolution of Indian and Nepalese mollusks. It turned out that they are genetically close to the African species. The results obtained using paleogeographic and structural data, with the help of a special design development movement of tectonic plates in the modern era.

Biologists have performed demographic calculations, including Indian and Myanmar molluscs. Tectonic plates met for them a kind of natural ferries. For millions of years they drifted across the ancient Tethys ocean, carrying rivers and other bodies of water inhabited by freshwater places , including shellfish and fish.

“Based on supercomputer modeling, we came to the conclusion that in the Jurassic period, the western part of Myanmar, in the form of a tectonic block, docked with India, which was part of Gondwana” (one of the two supercontinents that existed 750-150 million years ago. — AiF . en ) , — says head of the study, director of FITSKIA Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ivan Bolotov. – In the Cretaceous period (145-66 million years ago), India, together with Myanmar, separated from the eastern edge of the supercontinent and began to drift towards Eurasia in the form of a giant island. At the end of the Cretaceous period, a separation occurred: Myanmar became a social island, which moved to Asia in parallel with India. About 40 million years ago, Myanmar docked with Indochina.

This process is marked in the evolution and settlement large bivalve molluscs. As a rule, they are an optical indicator for tectonic and paleogeographical reconstructions, since they do not form groups of watersheds, but settle together with fish only at direct contact of rivers and lakes.

Thus, mollusks helped scientists clarify how the tectonic plates that determined the configuration of Eurasia drifted.  With the help of biology, it was discovered that modern India was previously part of the supercontinent Gondwana.

In addition, scientists have completed a complete revision of the freshwater mollusks of the Indian subcontinent – the last time it was carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. All described types of enterprises belong to the same subfamily and are found among representatives. Results research published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.


How seniors can avoid becoming a victim of scammers. Reminder for the elderly

Scammers often deceive older people. They come to their homes, introducing themselves as employees of social services, multifunctional centers, charitable foundations or housing and communal services. Taking advantage of the trust of the elderly, swindlers distract pensioners, take away money and valuables in the apartment. After such visits, senior citizens do not even immediately discover the loss.

Having entered into trust, attackers can enter an apartment, slip a general power of attorney for the sale of housing, a contract for the sale of an apartment under the pretext of a loan repayment guarantee, etc., to be signed by a pensioner, etc. Criminals can also carry out fraudulent schemes remotely. They can call or send SMS with some frightening news and offer a solution to the problem, for example, buy off the investigator or urgently buy medicine for the injured relative. Fraudsters can also call and report a large lottery win, compensation due to pensioners, unauthorized attempts to debit money from a bank card, or non-existent utility debts for which a penalty is charged. Convincing an elderly person of the need to pay state duty, transportation costs, etc., fraudsters often demand to provide bank card details, phone number and other personal data. 

Common methods of fraud can also include :

  • an offer to purchase medicines, devices, things that a pensioner does not need, etc. on preferential terms;
  • Internet fraud (messages on a computer about blocking access or infection with viruses);
  • bank fraud (promising a pensioner favorable conditions for obtaining a loan).

How not to become a victim of fraudsters?

The police recommend checking the information. If a stranger calls by phone or to an apartment, you must write down the last name, first name and patronymic, the name of the company he represents, and his position, and then call back to the appropriate organization. If a person is called from an unfamiliar number and introduce themselves as a relative, the Ministry of Internal Affairs recommends that you hang up, call the relative at the number you know and find out if he really got into trouble. 

Pensioners should know that there are no unexpected arrivals of social workers . Representatives of government agencies will not come or make phone calls, unless, of course, such a request has been left. The Pension Fund of Russia reminds that the PFR does not require the transfer of money to any account to receive social assistance. Therefore, when talking with a stranger, you should always be vigilant, do not make hasty conclusions, do not panic, in no case do not call the number indicated in the SMS and do not transfer money.

About that How to protect yourself from scammers, see the infographic 

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Who needs hype on blockade bread?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 5. The roles played by Leonid Kuravlyov are still relevant today 02/02/2022

Bakery in Gelendzhik on the Day of lifting the blockade of Leningrad decided to produce blockade bread – in the form of the very famous ration of 125 grams.

People were outraged not even by the very fact of celebrating a sad date in this way, but by the fact that when asked about the cost of this portion on the official page of the enterprise on Instagram, they were answered: “52 rubles”. Why have we ceased to distinguish the line between memory and the desire to repay the fallen and “hype on the "bones"?

Oleg Basilashvili, actor:

– Such cases, unfortunately, are no exception today. Remember: in one of the Moscow airports a plane with people was on fire? Passengers tried to leave the airport as quickly as possible. And taxi drivers immediately raised prices: people have to get there, which means they will pay anyway … This, I think, is in the same row as the story of the sale of blockade bread. The same lack of spirituality, the desire to earn “grandmothers” and as much as possible. And, apparently, they wanted to spit on all the sorrows, on everything that in the Leningrad blockade became holy for us, ­untouchable.


How can you characterize people who wanted to sell the rations they got during the terrible days of the blockade for some price? In my opinion, there is no need to play such games at all. But it should be clearly understood: those who survived the war in Leningrad were able to make this breakthrough to life – through hunger, disease, death – only because they remained human.

Even if you don’t sell, but simply distribute such bread somewhere in the square in the form of a "siege souvenir" – it still looks a little better. So many tragedies are connected with the blockade bread – with these pieces of 100-odd grams per person per day. This is not a subject of PR or sale, not a souvenir matryoshka. This is the bread that saved lives. Yes, among the survivors there were very big bastards who bought up gold, jewelry, furniture for this very bread. There were few of them, but they were… Therefore, we need to look around us and understand: what are you like today? And can we, who do not know real hunger, understand the taste of that besieged bread? 

I am taken aback by attempts to use the memory of besieged Leningrad and all the misfortunes that befell our Motherland then. Maybe these people just do not understand what's what? This also happens. But if this is so, it is necessary that they stop and think: about their actions, and about what kind of world surrounds them, and what it should be like, if you look at it through the eyes of those who lived in the blockade, who dreamed of Victory and about how wonderful life will be, how wonderful relations will be between people who defeated fascism. These relationships should be nurtured today. And we, unfortunately, most often nurture other, greedy feelings.

The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position of the editors


Putin met with Kadyrov in Moscow

President Putin met with the head of Chechnya Kadyrov in Moscow The head of Chechnya reported to the president on the socio-economic situation in the region, praising the measures taken under the leadership of the head of state service of the latter.

Kadyrov reported to the head of state on the socio-economic situation in the region. He noted that the measures taken under the leadership of Putin allow Chechnya to maintain the pace of development, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hospitals are provided with medicines, oxygen, beds and protective equipment in full. The vaccination program is being successfully implemented,— Kadyrov said.

He also reported on the growth of key economic indicators. So, the head of Chechnya specified, “the volume of shipped goods, industrial production, and agricultural output increased.” “The volume of investment in fixed capital has increased. In 2021, we implemented 247 investment projects worth RUB 34 billion. At the stage of implementation of 618 projects for almost 121 billion rubles. with the creation of 11 thousand jobs, & mdash; he added.

In addition, thanks to the measures taken, the unemployment rate in the republic dropped to 8%, and the level of budget subsidies since 2014— from 69.6% to 42.4%, Kadyrov said.

“National projects are being successfully implemented in the republic, the region is among the leaders in achieving target indicators,”— he noticed.

He mentioned the Clean Water projects; and “Clean Country”, according to which Chechnya took second place in 2021. “The five-year program for resettlement from dilapidated housing has been completed ahead of schedule. Over 1 million sq. m of housing, the plan was overfulfilled by 33%, — drew the attention of the head of the republic, adding that the region is among the top three in terms of free regasification.

In January, Kadyrov announced that the Russian government was allocating 300 billion rubles to the region. in year. Responding to criticism that the republic had ceased to obey the federal government and laws, the head of Chechnya said that he, “like no one else”, was subject to the president, calling himself his “foot soldier”. “I also thought that we needed an independent Ichkeria <…>. But I swear we can't last three months. We won't even be able to <…> for a month. Imagine, Russia spends 300 billion on the republic, on the maintenance of the people of the Chechen Republic,»,— he said. There is “no gas, no electricity, no oil” in the region, Kadyrov continued. “I've been looking for seven years now, but I can't find a single investor to do processing,” — he added. Chechnya will not be able to survive without Russia, the head of the republic is convinced.

Film director Alexander Sokurov criticized the region. According to him, a crisis of federalism has matured in the country. The republics of the North Caucasus have become nationalistic, he believes. In this regard, Sokurov suggested that the president release those who do not want to live with Russia. Putin did not agree with him.

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Putin wrote an article about the strategic partnership between Russia and China

President Putin writes article on Russia-China strategic partnership ahead of visit Xinhua's article titled “Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership” was published ahead of the president's visit. Putin will arrive in China on February 4 for the opening ceremony of the Olympics

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article “Russia and China: a strategic partnership focused on the future” for the Chinese news agency Xinhua in advance of his visit to the country. It was published on the Kremlin website.

“Our countries” close neighbors bound by centuries-old traditions of friendship and trust. And we highly appreciate that the Russian-Chinese relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction, entering a new era, have reached an unprecedented level, have become a model of efficiency, responsibility, and aspiration for the future,— Putin writes in the article.

Relations between Russia and China are based “on equality, consideration of each other's interests, freedom from political and ideological conjuncture, from remnants of the past.” “It is on these principles that we consistently, in the spirit of continuity, deepen the political dialogue from year to year. Despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we strive to dynamically build up the potential of economic partnership, expand humanitarian exchanges,— indicates the head of state.

Putin noticed that:

  • at the end of 2021, trade between the countries increased by more than a third, exceeding a record $140 billion. bring the volume of trade to 200 billion dollars a year. A number of important initiatives are being implemented in the investment, production, and agro-industrial sectors. In particular, in the “portfolio” Intergovernmental Commission for Investment Cooperation— 65 projects worth over $120 billion,— the president said. We are talking about cooperation in such sectors as mining and processing of minerals, construction of infrastructure facilities, agriculture;
  • countries increase settlements in national currencies, form mechanisms to offset the negative impact of unilateral sanctions. “An important milestone in this work was the signing in 2019 of the Agreement between the governments of Russia and China on settlements and payments,” — he recalled;
  • Russia and China are planning to implement several major energy projects. Among them— the construction of four new power units for Chinese nuclear power plants, which began last year. “All this significantly strengthens the energy security of China and the Asian region as a whole,” considers the Russian leader;
  • “wide field of possibilities” countries see the development of partnership in space exploration, including the use of national navigation systems and the implementation of the International Scientific Lunar Station project;
  • Russia and China stand for maintaining an “open, transparent and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system”, and for restarting global supply chains. The Russian Initiative on “Green Corridors” in trade, proposed back in March 2020 and excluding any sanctions,— “a good help to overcome the economic consequences of the pandemic.”

Putin in the article also noted the “important stabilizing role” Moscow and Beijing “in the modern, far from simple, international environment”, they “contribute to the processes of democratization of the system of interstate relations”, wanting to give it a “more fair, inclusive character”. “Together we are working to strengthen the central coordinating role of the United Nations in world affairs, we strive to prevent the erosion of the international legal system, in the center of which— UN Charter»,— the president added.

He expressed gratitude to the PRC for its assistance in establishing the production of Russian vaccines against the coronavirus “Sputnik V” in the country; and Sputnik Light.

In conclusion, the head of state congratulated the Chinese people on the Spring Festival and wished them health, prosperity and success.

Putin will arrive in Beijing on February 4 at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The head of state will attend the opening ceremony of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games.

In January, Bloomberg reported on Xi Jinping's possible request to the Russian leader not to invade Ukraine during the Olympics. The Chinese leader seeks to strengthen his authority before the elections, and the crisis in Europe— “the last thing he needs,” the agency pointed out. According to Bloomberg, in this regard, the Chinese Foreign Ministry recalled the obligation of countries to observe the “Olympic Truce”— the period starting seven days before the start of the Games and ending seven days after the close of the Paralympics. On February 4, 20, the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, and on March 4, 13, & mdash; Paralympic.

Beijing called the message about the request for Ukraine a provocation and an attempt to undermine the Olympics.

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Peskov considered the transfer of US forces as evidence of cause for alarm

Press Secretary Peskov considered the transfer of US forces evidence of cause for concern Joe Biden's US military deployment to Eastern Europe confirms the authenticity of Russia's concern, Russian leader's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN.

This is “the best proof that we, as Russia, have objective reasons to be concerned.” , he noted.

The Kremlin added that Washington “de facto” continues to escalate tensions in Europe.

On February 2, Biden announced his decision to send more than 3,000 American troops to Eastern Europe “to strengthen the defense capability of the allies” ;. According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States will transfer about 2,000 troops from the Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina to Poland, and about 1,000 from the American base in Germany— to Romania.

The US leader told CNN reporter Caitlan Collins that his decision was in line with NATO's collective defense principle, citing Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. It says: if one member state of the alliance is attacked, all other member states will consider it aggression against all NATO countries and must provide assistance.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, in turn, ruled out the participation of American troops in the fighting in Ukraine. He called their task “maintaining the defense of NATO allies”.

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A group of ships of the Russian Navy passed through the Suez Canal

A group of ships of the Russian Navy consisting of the missile cruiser “Varyag”, the BOD “Admiral Tributs” and the supply tanker passed on Wednesday, 2 February, through the Suez Canal in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

A large Russian group is gathering in the sea to conduct large-scale naval exercises.

The Pentagon notes that such activity of the RF Armed Forces in the sky , on water and on land has not been since the Cold War.


Israel offers Lebanese army aid

Israel offered the Lebanese army the necessary assistance against the backdrop of an acute economic crisis in the country, which only makes Hezbollah stronger.

5,000 troops have recently left the army amid the crisis, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, according to local media.

Israel may also be concerned about Lebanon's interaction with Hezbollah. In September last year, a truckload of Iranian diesel fuel crossed the border from Syria to Lebanon. The delivery was arranged by Hezbollah to alleviate a severe fuel shortage in crisis-hit Lebanon.

The delivery violated U.S. sanctions imposed on Tehran after former President Donald Trump pulled America out of the nuclear deal between Iran and the world's powers three years ago.


Peskov: Russia has reasons to worry about the deployment of US troops

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the deployment of US troops to Europe is proof that Russia has every reason to be concerned.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN that the deployment of US troops to Europe is proof that Russia has every reason to be concerned.

According to him, the decision of the US authorities to transfer troops is the best proof that Russia has objective reasons for concern.

Recall that the day before, the Pentagon decided to send additional military forces to Europe. This decision was made against the backdrop of an escalation in the situation around Ukraine.

It was specified that a thousand US troops would be transferred from Germany to Romania, another two thousand soldiers would be sent from the US to Poland and Germany.

According to The Wall Street Journal, US troops will be deployed in the near future. Among other things, the Pentagon announced the transfer of several thousand more military personnel to high readiness, in addition to the previously announced 8.5 thousand.


Psaki: US no longer considers Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine “imminent”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, during a briefing for media representatives, said that Washington had abandoned the definition of “imminent aggression”; in a situation with Russia's alleged plans to carry out an “invasion” to Ukraine.

photo frame from video

Answering journalists' questions, Psaki admitted that she had indeed used it in her speeches a similar message, as well as other representatives of the executive branch of the US government. But now it has been decided to abandon it.

“We stopped using the term 'imminent invasion' because … it sent a signal that Washington did not intend to send … As if we knew that the president Russian Federation Putin has already made a decision,” the White House press secretary explained, quoted by RIA Novosti.

She added that

in Washington, in most cases, they said that Russia could ” “invade at any time” to Ukraine.

“It's true, but we still don't know if he made such a decision,” Psaki concluded.


Ukraine is interested in Israel’s Iron Dome, Kuleba said

Iron Dome launches a missile during Operation Pillar of Cloud Israeli defense technologies.

As the Israeli TV channel Kan-11 clarifies, the Ukrainian minister stressed that Kiev is interested in the Israeli air defense system, as well as technologies in the field of cyber security. Kuleba stressed that negotiations are currently underway between the countries in these two areas.

The correspondent of the TV channel added that Kiev has repeatedly shown interest in the Iron Dome missile defense system in recent years. But now Ukraine is ready to accept any help from Israel in the field of air defense, including attack early warning systems.

Recall that the Iron Dome is a tactical missile defense system designed to protect against unguided tactical missiles with a range of 4 to 70 kilometers. Developed by the Israeli company Rafael. Each battery can protect an area of ​​150 square kilometers.


Putin wrote an article for the Chinese news agency Xinhua

Putin and Xi Jinping will meet on Friday, February 4, before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. It is planned to adopt a joint statement on international relations


The Kremlin website hosts an article titled “Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership” written by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the eve of his official visit to Beijing.

In the text of the article, the Russian leader emphasizes that Moscow is determined to continue effective economic cooperation with China, and the development of Siberia and the Far East, regions that border China, is one of the priorities of the Russian authorities.

Putin recalls that Russia and China are powers with thousands of years of original traditions and colossal cultural heritage. Moscow highly appreciates that bilateral relations between the countries, strategic interaction has entered a new era, reaching an unprecedented level.

Last year, trade between the countries reached a record $140 billion, Moscow hopes to increase trade volume to $200 billion in Putin added.

The Russian authorities intend to attract Chinese investment and technology for the development of the Far East region and Siberia, and plans to expand global transport routes.

In addition, Putin noted the special role of Beijing in stabilization of the world situation through the coordination of foreign policy.

“The foreign policy coordination of Russia and China is based on close, coinciding approaches to solving global and regional problems. Moscow and Beijing play an important stabilizing role in the current, far from simple, international situation, giving the system of interstate relations a fairer, more inclusive character,” Mr. Putin wrote.


Serbian prosecutor’s office says Djokovic’s COVID-19 test is valid

The Serbian prosecutor's office has said there is no evidence that tennis player Novak Djokovic provided falsified COVID-19 testing certificates to Australian authorities, BBC News reports.

The prosecutor's office said in a statement that “electronic database” has been checked. It shows that Djokovic's initial positive test and his subsequent negative result were valid.

It is noted that the Serbian Ministry of Health confirmed the authenticity of the documents.

34-year-old Djokovic opposes mandatory vaccination against coronavirus . At the end of last year, according to media reports, he contracted covid.

Earlier, the Australian authorities canceled the Serbian athlete's visa and deported him from the country due to lack of vaccination. Thus, the Australian Open tennis tournament, which Novak Djokovic won nine times, passed without the first racket of the world.


S-400 “Triumph” air defense system arrived in Belarus on combat duty

S-400 anti-aircraft missile system “Triumph” arrived in Belarus on combat duty, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the air defense system is involved in checking the response forces of the Union State.

The personnel of the complex will have to march to the training ground in Brestskaya region.

Upon arrival at the site, the crews will carry out engineering equipment and camouflage of launch positions, as well as maintenance of equipment.

Recall that earlier the Russian side also completed the relocation of Su-35 fighters to the territory of the republic .


In the Russian Federation, the number of correctional centers for convicts will be multiplied – Izvestia

The Federal Penitentiary Service announced that Russia would multiply the number of correctional centers for convicts, writes the Izvestiya newspaper.

It is reported that by now 186 correctional centers have been created in the country for those sentenced to forced labor. They are designed for 15.5 thousand people.

It is noted that by the end of 2022 it is planned to create another 35 thousand such places. By 2024, they intend to increase their number to 100 thousand, and then — up to 110 thousand.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation supported the introduction of electronic recording through the State Services portal for dates in pre-trial detention centers and colonies, this was discussed at a meeting of the Federation Council on November 9.

According to According to the head of the department in the profile department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation Sergey Lebedev, this system can be created in 2023.

It is expected that the electronic record will reduce the manifestations of corruption, the facts of which are being revealed now. 


Snow and ice expected in Moscow on Thursday

Cloudy weather with clearings, in some places light snow and sleet are expected in Moscow on Thursday, February 3, according to the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

According to weather forecasts, the daytime air temperature in the capital will be four to six degrees below zero. On Friday night, the temperature in the city can drop to minus nine.

In the Moscow region, it is expected to be from minus four to minus nine degrees during the day. At night, the thermometers in the region can drop to minus 12 degrees.

Southeast wind at a speed of up to seven meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be 745 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand said that frosts of up to minus 20 degrees are expected in the capital region and central Russia in February.


The official of the Kremlin became a candidate for the post of governor of the Tomsk region

Vladimir Mazur, deputy head of the Kremlin department for domestic policy, is being considered for the post of governor of the Tomsk region. His candidacy is the main one, RBC sources told RBC became a candidate for the post of governor of the Tomsk region” />

Vladimir Mazur

The main candidate

Vladimir Mazur, deputy head of the Kremlin department for domestic policy (UVP), told RBC two sources familiar with the discussion of the issue. He is considered as the main candidate, both interlocutors of RBC specified. At the same time, there is no final decision yet.

Vladimir Mazur has been working at the UVP since 2020, he oversees the topic of local self-government. Prior to joining the presidential administration, the official was the vice-governor of the Kaluga region. The then head of the region, Anatoly Artamonov, wanted to see him as his successor in the governor's post, sources told RBC earlier. However, the Kremlin made a bet on another candidate— Mayor of Obninsk Vladislav Shapshu.

When Mazur moved to the presidential administration, it was assumed that this job might be temporary for him, and in the future he would head one of the regions, an acquaintance of the official told RBC.

Mazur is 55 years old, he is a native of the Tomsk region. After school, he graduated from a vocational school with a degree in Gas and Electric Welder, in 1992 he graduated from Tomsk State University with a degree in Jurisprudence, and in 2003 — Russian Academy of Civil Service.

From 2004 to 2007, Mazur worked as deputy mayor of Tomsk for information policy, head of the committee on public relations and information policy, in 2008 he became the general director of a Gazprom subsidiary. OJSC “Zapsibgazprom”.

In 2011, he was appointed vice-governor of the Tyumen region for investment policy, ecology and subsoil use. From October 2012 to April 2019, Mazur headed the administration of Tobolsk. After resigning, he became the vice-governor of the Kaluga region.

About 1.1 million people live in the Tomsk region. In 2019, the gross regional product (GRP) of the region, according to the most up-to-date data from Rosstat, amounted to about 623 billion rubles. (about 0.7% of the total GRP of all Russian subjects). Almost a third of the territory of the region is not inhabited due to the large area of ​​swamps and forests, the ACRA rating agency noted.

The economy of the Tomsk region is highly dependent on oil production: in 2019, 27.5% of its GRP came from mining. In recent years, oil production in the region has been declining. Per capita GRP remains below the national average by 10.6% (according to 2019 data). In 2020, the real incomes of residents of the Tomsk Region decreased by 2.3%, while in the Siberian Federal District as a whole, the decline in incomes turned out to be less— 1.2%. In the third quarter of 2021 (the latest data from Rosstat), real incomes in the region decreased by 0.1% compared to the same period of the previous year (with an increase of 3.5% in the Siberian District as a whole). ACRA indicates that Tomsk is a major educational center— Tomsk region in terms of the number of students per 10 thousand people in 2019 was in third place after St. Petersburg and Moscow.

ACRA assesses Tomsk Oblast's budget profile as moderate: current revenues are sufficient to cover operating expenses, but borrowings are required to finance capital expenditures. The debt burden is also assessed as moderate. According to the Federal Tax Service, the tax revenues of the Tomsk Region in January & November 2021 increased by 16% compared to the same period in 202, to 52.8 billion rubles. Subsidies to the regional budget from the federal budget in 2020 amounted to 12.7 billion rubles— according to this indicator, the region is in the middle of the list of regions— recipients of subsidies (42nd place).

Protest region

Currently, the Tomsk region is headed by Sergey Zhvachkin. As RBC previously reported, he may leave his post. Zhvachkin is 65 years old, he is completing his second term. The powers of the governor of the Tomsk region expire this autumn.

As the main reasons for the possible resignation of Zhvachkin, experts called the age of the head of the region and the unsuccessful results of the elections to the Tomsk City Duma in 2020 for the authorities. Then, in 19 out of 27 constituencies, candidates supported by Alexei Navalny won. In particular, the coordinator of Navalny's headquarters (recognized as an extremist organization, their activities are prohibited in Russia) Ksenia Fadeeva became a deputy.

According to two sources close to the presidential administration, Zhvachkin has a low rating.

«Tomsk Region— a region with high risks of protest voting. This was shown by the elections to the Tomsk City Duma, including the activity of Navalny's supporters. In addition, there is an actual anarchy in the regional center in connection with the court verdict of Mayor Klein [sentenced to two years in a penal colony on charges of abuse of power]»,— says regional policy expert Rostislav Turovsky. The current governor Zhvachkin— an experienced business executive with connections at Gazprom, the expert adds, but he does not fit into the trend of renewing regional authorities: “From this point of view, the Tomsk region is almost the main contender for rotation.”

As for Mazur , then he has good relations with the presidential administration: “He is in a kind of personnel reserve, since he was previously planned for the Kaluga governor, but he did not become one,” & mdash; Turovsky thinks.

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The DPR announced the use of weapons received from the West by Kiev

DPR Foreign Minister Nikonorova: Kiev used ammunition from NATO in the shelling of a substation The Armed Forces of Ukraine used NATO-supplied ammunition for shelling in the Donbass, said the Foreign Minister of the self-proclaimed republic. She once again pointed to Kiev's pulling of Western military equipment to the line of contact alt=”The DPR announced the use of weapons received from the West by Kiev” />

Kiev fired at the substation in Yelenovka with NATO-supplied ammunition, said Natalia Nikonorova, head of the DPR Foreign Ministry, the self-proclaimed republic's envoy to the contact group to resolve the conflict in Donbass in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“In Yelenovka, an electrical substation was fired upon with 60mm caliber ammunition — this is the NATO standard,— she declared. Nikonorova added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) had never used such a caliber before.

The fact that Ukraine is putting into service 60-mm mortars, back in 2016 in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine; Oleksandr Turchynov, who held the post of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of the country at that time, reported. At the weapons exhibition at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the same year, mortars of this caliber “Tuning fork” produced in Ukraine were presented. Kiev plant “Mayak” prepared the launch of their mass production. In August 2020, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine purchased locally produced 60mm mortars.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic, the supply of Western weapons to Kiev leads to new shelling of Donbass. “So far we see that these weapons are being pulled to the line of contact. Ukraine is pulling more and more of the weapons that it receives from Western countries to the line of contact with the Donbass,— the minister said.

Earlier, representatives of the DPR reported that Ukraine had deployed multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and tank formations to the territory of Donbass to form strike groups. The People's Militia of the self-proclaimed republic announced plans for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to send the 14th separate mechanized brigade to Donbass in the near future.

Eduard Basurin, deputy head of the People's Militia Department of the DPR, spoke about the preparation by the Ukrainian security forces of an armed offensive in the joint forces operation zone.

The LPR also announced the transfer of troops and military equipment to the line of contact in the Donbass.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in turn, pointed to the deployment in the LPR and DPR of “Russian military equipment <…> in violation of the Minsk Treaty”: tanks, armored combat vehicles, self-propelled and artillery installations.

On January 28, Basurin claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were developing “under the guidance of American advisers” a plan for an offensive operation in the Donbass.

The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov also spoke about the high threat of an armed offensive by Ukraine in the Donbass. According to him, the Ukrainian authorities are concentrating “a huge amount of forces and means” on the border with the self-proclaimed republics. Peskov noted that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine “once again inspires hotheads in Kiev to start this operation.” After that, the head of the United Russia faction Vladimir Vasiliev and First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Andrey Turchak suggested that the Russian authorities supply the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass with weapons to increase their defense capability.

The Ukrainian authorities blame the growing tension on Moscow, which, according to them, provokes the emergence of “disinformation , manipulations and fakes” that lead to “destabilization of the internal situation in Ukraine”.

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Turkish TV channel called possible dates for Putin’s visit to Turkey

TV channel A Haber: Putin may visit Turkey in the second half of February Putin may visit the republic in the second half of February. Erdogan invited him to Turkey to discuss bilateral relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Turkey may take place in the second half of February, A Haber TV channel reports.

The exact date of the visit will be determined after the Olympic Games, which will be held in Beijing from February 4 to 20, and which Putin plans to visit.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited Putin to the republic on January 26 to discuss bilateral relations. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on January 27 that Putin would take advantage of the invitation when the epidemiological situation and the schedules of the heads of state allowed.

Earlier in January, Erdogan invited not only Putin but also Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Turkey so they could “settle their differences.” The representative of the head of state, Ibrahim Kalyn, emphasized that Turkey is ready to “act in any role to reduce tension between Russia and Ukraine.”

Peskov then said that Russia would only welcome if Turkey could push Ukraine to comply Minsk agreements. Moscow, he said, approves the efforts of any countries that can help resolve the conflict in the Donbass.

Earlier, Erdogan spoke about Turkey's desire to become a mediator in resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the fall. Peskov said that a summit on Donbass with the participation of Putin, Zelensky and Erdogan makes no sense, because Moscow is not a party to the conflict.

On February 3, Erdogan will visit Ukraine. The visit is timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries. In Kiev, he will meet with Zelensky, the presidents will sign agreements and memorandums of understanding, including in the defense sphere.

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Kadyrov called the rally against the Yangulbaevs a step towards “jihad of the sword”

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called the participants in the rally against the Yangulbaevs the defenders of Islam. He said that the demonstrators were the defenders of Islam and their every step “was taken on the path of the gazavat.” According to Grozny-inform, about 400,000 people attended an unauthorized rally against the ex-judge's family

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, on Thursday night thanked the participants of an unauthorized rally against the family of a retired member of the Supreme Court of the republic, Saidi Yangulbaev, calling the demonstrators defenders of Islam. The entry was published on his page in “VKontakte”.

“Every step they took today was taken on the path of ghazavat”,— written by Kadyrov. Ghazavat— “jihad of the sword”, the holy war of Muslims against the infidels.


The head of the republic said that everyone who had ever tried to split the Chechen society “suffered the same fate.” “And the same fate will await everyone who encroaches on our world, our religion, our honor and our consent,” — Kadyrov stressed.

The rally took place on Grozny's central square. According to the agency «Grozny-inform» and the publication “Chechnya Today”, more than 400 thousand people gathered for the action. The demonstrators took to the square with posters depicting members of the Yangulbaev family and the inscriptions “shame on the nation”, trampled them and burned them.

The chairman of the Public Chamber of Chechnya, Ismail Denilkhanov, took part in the rally. He is “on behalf of all those assembled” appealed to President Vladimir Putin and the government, accusing the Yangulbaevs of justifying terrorism and calling for “destroy virtually the entire Chechen people,” Grozny-inform reports. Mufti of Chechnya Salah-Khadji Mezhiev said that the Yangulbaev family “offended the feelings of believers.”

According to Chechnya Today, the event was not authorized. In the local department of Rospotrebnadzor “Kommersant” reported that it was impossible to identify the organizers of the rally in order to hold them accountable for violating anti-epidemiological restrictions.

A group of Chechen officials recorded a video message threatening Saydi Yangulbaev. “We will kill you, we will cut off your head, we will tear off your tongue and hang you somewhere,” — it is spoken by Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya Abuzaid Vismuradov (quote from the BBC). State Duma deputy from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov also wrote down the appeal. “Knowing no rest day or night, our bodies, souls, property, offspring— After you. Tearing off your heads, working on you, killing you,— cites the BBC translation of his words from Chechen.

After the rally, Kadyrov's press service published a message about his meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The news is illustrated with a photograph taken in 2017. The meeting is not reported on the website of the head of state. CHGTRK «Grozny» On the morning of February 3, he published a video shot by Kadyrov in the Kremlin.

Saydi Yangulbaev— father of human rights activist Ibragim Yangulbaev. His Chechen authorities are suspected of administering the 1ADAT Telegram channel. Earlier, Kadyrov accused the family of involvement in terrorism. He stated that they must be detained, and in case of resistance, destroyed. A case of incitement to terrorism was opened against Ibragim Yangulbaev.

On January 20, Chechen security forces detained Saydi Yangulbaev's wife Zarema Musaeva in Nizhny Novgorod and took her to Grozny. The authorities of the republic stated that she ignored several subpoenas to the investigator in the case of fraud, in which she is a witness. On February 2, the court arrested her for two months for using violence against a government official. Kadyrov said that Musayeva, after being detained, “attacked a police officer and almost took his eye.” He promised the Yangulbaev family a place “in prison or underground”.

Saidi Yangulbaev and his daughter Aliya then left the country.

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