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Macron and Scholz called on Putin to release captured soldiers from Azovstal

Scholz and Macron praised Putin's commitment to treating prisoners in accordance with international humanitarian law. The Austrian Chancellor also called for an exchange of prisoners with Kyiv, this possibility was allowed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jpg” alt=”Makron and Scholz urged Putin to release captured soldiers from Azovstal” />

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release about 2,500 Ukrainian servicemen who left the territory of the Azovstal plant. in Mariupol. This was reported by the press service of the Elysee Palace following a telephone conversation between politicians.

German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit, in turn, said that Scholz and Macron positively perceived “the commitment of the President of Russia to the treatment of prisoners in accordance with humanitarian international law, in particular the Geneva Convention.” He also said that representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross would provide access to the prisoners, the press service of the German Cabinet added.

The Kremlin statement does not say that Putin, Macron and Scholz discussed the exchange of prisoners with Ukraine. But they indicated that the Russian president told his interlocutors about the course of the military operation in Ukraine, “noting that the Russian Armed Forces strictly observe the norms of international humanitarian law.”

The telephone conversation took place on the afternoon of May 28 at the initiative of France and Germany; Scholz and Macron called on Putin for a ceasefire in Ukraine and direct negotiations with President Vladimir Zelensky.

The day before, Putin spoke by phone with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. As stated in Vienna, the Russian president promised that Moscow would intensify efforts to exchange prisoners with Kyiv, the Red Cross should participate in this process. The Kremlin message does not mention this topic.

On May 20, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the territory of Azovstal “completely released” from the Ukrainian military, who were blocked at the metallurgical plant. On this day, according to the ministry, the last group of 531 people left; from May 16 & mdash; 2439. The department calls them “Nazis” Azov ” (the symbols of the unit are recognized as extremist in Russia and are prohibited) and military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now, according to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin, they are in the DPR.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the military had surrendered; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for his part, said that they received a “signal” from the command of the Ukrainian army about the right to “go out and save your life.” He stressed that the military from Azovstal Ukraine needs them alive and the authorities are working to return them to the territory controlled by Kyiv.

on Russian servicemen, said that such a scenario is allowed. At the same time, the State Duma is discussing the issue of a ban on the exchange of “Nazi criminals” so that they can be brought to justice (the Russian authorities have repeatedly called the Azov regiment a neo-Nazi association), and Pushilin insists on a tribunal, arguing that this is what ordinary people want and ” sane part of the world community».

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Poland accused the EU of lack of funds for refugees from Ukraine

Warsaw was supposed to receive €144.6 million from the EU. However, Poland pointed out that the country's expenses for Ukrainian refugees amount to billions of euros, so assistance from the EU should also go in billions, not millions

The European Union has not yet transferred to Poland the funds necessary to help Ukrainian refugees. This was stated by the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs Pavel Shefernaker, PAP reports.

“The costs we incur are in billions of euros, not millions. Therefore, EU aid for countries that help refugees should also go in billions of euros,— he added.

Schafernaker noted that the Polish government constantly reminds of the need for an additional fund for refugees from Ukraine.

According to the agency, Warsaw should have received €144.6 from the EU million to help Ukrainian refugees, but funds have not yet been received.

The European Commission told PAP that the subsidy agreements would be signed “in the coming weeks”, but before that, the commission should talk with the Polish authorities on this issue.

In mid-May, Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz said that Warsaw is seeking from the European Commission the allocation of additional funds to support refugees from Ukraine.

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At the end of March, German and Polish Interior Ministers Nancy Feser and Mariusz Kaminski asked the EC to review the distribution of refugees by country and provide additional financial assistance to Berlin and Warsaw, pointing out the lack of resources.

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In Germany, it was considered impossible to satisfy all the desires of Kyiv in arms

In the near future, Berlin will supply Kyiv with PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers, said German Vice Chancellor Habek, rejecting accusations that the country does not support Ukraine enough

Germany helps Ukraine with arms supplies, but cannot satisfy all desires Kyiv. This was stated by the Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany Robert Habek in an interview with Die Welt.

“As we speak, Ukrainian soldiers are being trained to handle PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers. This is one of the most modern artillery pieces,” — he stressed.

According to him, in the near future, Berlin will deliver these weapons to Kyiv. Habek denied accusations against Germany that the country is not making enough efforts to support the Ukrainian side.

“The point is not that Germany supplies nothing or too little. Correct— Berlin cannot fulfill all the desires of Ukraine»,— added the Vice Chancellor. He said that in connection with this there is a “certain tension in relations”; Kyiv and Berlin.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk has repeatedly criticized the German authorities for not supplying heavy weapons to Kyiv.

So, on May 27, he said that he was disappointed with the speech of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the forum in Davos. Kyiv hoped to hear about concrete steps taken by the German government to provide Ukraine with “big support for victory”; in hostilities, but this did not happen.

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In mid-April, the German Chancellor, after negotiations with leaders of other Western countries, announced that the Bundeswehr had exhausted the limit of arms supplies to Ukraine from reserves. The German government then sent a request to arms manufacturers about how quickly they could provide a new batch.

According to Scholz, first of all, Ukraine asked Germany for anti-tank guns and air defense systems. When asked if Germany would supply Kyiv with Leopard tanks, Scholz replied that it would be better to send Soviet weapons to Ukraine, which the Ukrainian military is familiar with.

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The Crimean diocese decided to remain subordinate to Patriarch Kirill

The Simferopol and Crimean diocese voted against the decision on the independence of the UOC from the Moscow Patriarchate, saying that the current status of the Ukrainian Church “is optimal”

The Simferopol and Crimean diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church did not support the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on independence from the Moscow Patriarchate, according to its website. The diocese will remain under the omophorion (in church jurisdiction, under the auspices of — RBK) Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

The delegation of the diocese, which participated in the meeting of bishops, priests, monks and laity on May 27, unanimously voted against the adoption of the decision of the Council and the proposed amendments to the charter of the UOC. Metropolitan Lazar of Simferopol and Crimea stated “that the current canonical status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as a self-governing part of the Russian Orthodox Church is optimal.”

On the eve of the Council of the UOC expressed disagreement with the position of Patriarch Kirill regarding the military operation in Ukraine, saying that the fighting violates the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” The clergy appealed to the Russian authorities with a request to continue negotiations with Ukraine and “search for a strong and reasonable word that could stop the bloodshed.” The UOC declared “full autonomy and independence”.

The Donetsk diocese stated that the decision of the UOC will not affect everyone: “That is, church life in the Donetsk diocese will not be subject to any changes.”

The chairman of the Synodal Information and Education Department of the UOC, Metropolitan Kliment, explained to RBC that the decision taken by the Council does not mean a break in relations with the ROC. According to him, the status of an independent and self-governing church of the UOC has been for almost 30 years. “It’s just that the Council once again emphasized [this status]. And we continue to maintain spiritual unity not only with the Russian Orthodox Church, but also with other Orthodox Churches, — noted the metropolitan.

The head of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoyda, refused to comment on the decision of the Council of the UOC “in a situation where external forces are trying to destroy the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church.” Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, said that the UOC “does not depend on Moscow either administratively or financially, or in any other respects,” and added that the ROC maintains unity with the Ukrainian Church.

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UOC— self-governing church within the Moscow Patriarchate. At the end of 2018, an autocephalous church was formed in Ukraine as a result of the merger of two non-canonical church structures— Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. It was called the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). In the Moscow Patriarchate, this decision was called “canonically insignificant”.

On May 26, the primate of the OCU, Epiphanius, called for the removal of Patriarch Kirill from the throne for supporting the military operation. The UOC also asked to stop hostilities in Ukraine; the priests of some dioceses stopped commemorating Patriarch Kirill in divine services, after which the head of the Russian Orthodox Church reproached them for weakness.

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The Kremlin called the format of further contacts between Putin, Macron and Scholz

Olaf Scholz

Russian President Vladimir Putin, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed to continue negotiations by phone, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, TASS reports.

“[ The heads of state will continue to communicate] by phone,— he answered the question about the format of further contacts.

The fact that the heads of state agreed to continue contacts was previously reported by the Kremlin press service after a telephone conversation between Macron, Scholz and Putin.

Putin's talks with Scholz and Macron took place earlier on May 28 at the initiative of the German and French sides. They called on Putin for a ceasefire in Ukraine and asked him to start direct talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. The heads of state also called on the Russian president to release about 2.5 thousand Ukrainian servicemen who left the territory of the Azovstal plant. in Mariupol.

The Russian military seized the Starlink complex in Krasny Liman

Servicemen of the RF Armed Forces have seized Elon Musk                 complex of the satellite global system Starlink        liberated Krasny Liman  according to him, the trophy from the company  Elon Musk SpaceX was captured by the fighters of the group "O" Russian Armed Forces. It is reported that Ukrainian nationalists used it.

«As far as I know, this is the first such complex taken by our fighters. I hope they will be honored for this, – stressed the military commander.

He also noted that militants from the Azovstal plant used the satellite Internet complex of the Starlink global system. With the help of it, the nationalists held press conferences and published records.

Earlier  Dmitry Rogozin said that the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, “will have to answer like an adult” for the supply of Ukrainian forces with military communications.

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The boy Alyosha from the Belgorod region was dedicated to the Youth Army

The boy Lesha Pavlichenko from the Belgorod region, who meets the participants of the special military operation, was accepted into the Yunarmiya. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The ceremony was held as part of the Yunarmiya ZA forum. The head of the main headquarters of the movement, Nikita Nagorny, initiated the boy into the ranks of the Youth Army.

Alyosha was thanked by the DPR and LPR for his “incredibly important and responsible volunteer work.” The boy himself said that he makes the military happy.

“I want the military to feel good. They are far from home, they are sad, & ndash; the child explained.

The eight-year-old Lesha became known after Victory Day. The child lives in the village of Veselaia Lopan, Belgorod Region, near the border with Ukraine. There, for two months, he meets the Russian military, heading for a special operation.

The boy has become a real symbol of support for the SVO. Graffiti with his image began to appear in various Russian cities.

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Russian Defense Ministry: Ukrainian militants are planning a provocation with chemical weapons in Sumy

The Armed Forces are preparing a provocation in Sumy with the use of toxic substances, followed by accusation of the Russian Armed Forces. This was stated by the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev.

According to him, Ukrainian militants plan to open fire on the border territory of Russia from the residential area of ​​Sumy in order to provoke the Russian Armed Forces to retaliate . After that, the nationalists intend to blow up containers with chemically hazardous substances and blame Russia for this.

Mizintsev also said that foreign media journalists are in Sumy, who should take photos and videos of what happened. The Colonel-General warned Western countries and international humanitarian organizations that it is planned to spread the upcoming fakes through Ukrainian and Western news agencies.

Earlier it was reported that the air defense forces of the Russian Federation prevented a provocation from Ukraine in the Kursk region. It also became known that in the border zone of the Kursk region, Russian forces air defense shot down a Ukrainian drone.

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How is a tribunal different from a court?

It is known that within the framework of the special operation in Ukraine, it is planned to establish an international military tribunal over the Ukrainian military of the Azov battalion*. While the procedure is in the  development stage, but the decision has already been made.

How does the tribunal differ from court and what consequences await the defendants.

What is a court?

Court — an integral and permanent part of the legal system of the state. Courts consider issues of various categories that arise in everyday life: civil, criminal, cases of administrative offenses.

Any — a citizen or a company to resolve a variety of disputes: from returning money for a low-quality product to bringing to criminal responsibility for crime.

The status of courts, judges and their powers are enshrined at legislative level.

What is a tribunal?

In unlike courts, the tribunal — non-obligatory part of the judicial system of the state. It may be established by the authorities as needed or be a permanent organization.

The powers of the tribunal include consideration of emergency and specific issues. The reasons for his meeting may be very different, but most often he deals with the consideration of military and international crimes. The tribunal considers crimes and other violations that are special in their scope or severity, require prompt resolution and cannot be considered in an ordinary court.

The procedure for establishing a tribunal is prescribed in the charter, which is developed for a specific situation. So, for example, if in & nbsp; the tribunal over the "Azov" not only representatives of the LPR and DPR will take part, or if the trial takes place on the territory of other states due to the large number of defendants — this should be reflected in the bylaws.

An important difference between the tribunal and the  court also lies in the fact that the decisions of the courts are binding and there is a mechanism for enforcement — there are no such rules for a tribunal.

What is an international tribunal?

An international tribunal — one of varieties of the tribunal.

It can be urgently collected, for example, in the case when the state does not have the resources to protect its citizens from mass crimes, or is directly involved in the commission of them. The most famous international tribunal on this issue was the trial of the former leaders of Nazi Germany in Nuremberg.

A number of permanent tribunals have been established under the UN, including the UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. The main issue of his competence — immediate release of the detained ship and its crew. The composition includes 21 participants of the countries — members of the UN, which gives it the status of an international one.

It is important that no punishment will follow for non-compliance with the decisions of the international tribunal. It is assumed that the countries participating in international relations voluntarily adhere to the mandatory principle of international law — “contracts must be fulfilled.”

*organization is prohibited in RF

  • What do you think should be the fate of the prisoners?

    • 1% First of all, they must publicly repent
    • 20% Sentence different prison terms depending on their deeds
    • 46% Sentence to maximum punishment, up to capital punishment
    • 20% Send to restore Mariupol and other cities of Ukraine
    • 14% Exchange for all Russian prisoners of war

Total: 4317 All polls


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How to return benefits written off by the bank for debts?

Social payments are often written off by banks to pay off the debts of their clients. However, banks do not always do this legally — a year ago, President of Russia Vladimir Putin banned writing off social funds for debts.

Why money is written off, what payments cannot be written off and how to return the withheld benefits, says AiF.

Is it possible to write off benefits for debts in enforcement proceedings?

The law imposes a ban on writing off social payments to debts in enforcement proceedings.

Banks are prohibited from transferring to bailiffs all possible social payments and allowances — a complete list is enshrined in Article 101 of the Federal Law "On Executive Proceedings".

In 2022, the list was expanded — it includes:

  • payments to pregnant women and citizens with children;
  • payments to the poor, including social contract funds;
  • presidential and government payments, such as extra payments for children from 8 to 17 years.

You can write off only old-age pensions, disability pensions, the funded part of the pension, and also sick leave payments.

From June 1, 2020, banks determine the assignment of proceeds to the debtor by the income code. If the income is marked with the code “2”, this money is inviolable.

How to return illegally deducted benefits?

Despite the measure taken to protect social benefits, benefits continue to be written off, including due to the mistakes of bank employees.

Here's what you need to do to get your money back:

  • Request a copy of the bailiff's order from the bank on seizure of accounts and certificate of transfer of social payments to the account of bailiffs.
  • Get a certificate of accrued allowances from FSS with indication date, size of transfers and details of the account to to which the money was sent.
  • Apply for the return of illegally withheld funds to the senior bailiff in the department of the FSSP at the place of residence. Documents from the bank, Social Insurance Fund and a copy of the passport, bank details for the return must be attached to the application.

The application can be submitted in several ways:

  • in person;
  • by mail;
  • on public services portal;
  • through the FSSP Internet reception.

These actions will only help if the money is on the FSSP account and has not been transferred to the claimant. Otherwise, you will have to apply to the court with a claim against the bank for the recovery of funds.

The Supreme Court clarified that it is the bank   — he should check the purpose of the payment and control the debit process.

What should I do if benefits are written off due to an error in the purpose of payment?

Write-off social payments can occur and without the fault of the recipient bank — both the sender and their bank can make a mistake in the income code.

In  such cases, financial organizations meet the needs of clients and return the money upon presentation of documents that confirm the social nature of the transfer. Such documents include certificates from social security authorities on the purpose of payments, their size, the date of transfer of the payment, the details of the recipient.

If it was not possible to reach an agreement with the bank, the client can also apply to court.

Is it legal to write off benefits to account for repayment of the current loan debt?

The borrower can allow the bank to use social benefits to repay the current loan debt. The permission applies to any receipts to accounts, regardless of their purpose.

In order for the bank to write off lump-sum payments to the loan repayment account, for example, transferred to collection of schoolchildren to school by September, the borrower must give your written consent.

This rule does not apply to monthly allowances — permission to write off is given once. The order for automatic transfer of benefits to loan repayment account is usually part of the package of documents that the client signs at the stage of processing the loan agreement.

credit score?

The changes made to the Federal Law “On Consumer Credit (Loan)” allow citizens whose social payments were written off to repay the loan to return the money. The money will be returned even if the payer himself agreed to such an operation.

You must have time to submit an application for withdrawal of consent within 14 days from the moment the money was debited. The bank has only three working days from the day of registration of the application to return social benefits.

Until 1 July 2022, the law allows you to return not only the nearest transfers, but and all benefits written off in  ;loan account for   1 January 2021 to 30 April 2022  The term for the return of money in in this case is increased to 7 days.

The return of social payments will entail an increase in the debt loan. It must be paid within seven days, otherwise the bank will charge a fine and forfeit.


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At the epicenter of pain. Why do surgeons from Russia go to the frontline hospital?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 25/05/2022 Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and on Ukraine

Today is difficult for many. True, it's “difficult”  everyone is very different. Some people worry that they won't be able to spend their holidays where they used to. And others silently take vacations at their own expense to go to help those who are even more difficult.

Professor, doctor of the highest category, surgeon Andrey Guryanov returned to native Barnaul From Donbass 5 May. Another volunteer of the same team — surgeon Alexei Vetrovfrom Tobolsk.  Guryanov has over 30 years of medical experience, Vetrov — 22 & nbsp; years. Both of them responded to the  call of their Donetsk colleagues to help treat wounded soldiers and injured civilians. .jpg” height=”600″ width=”449″ style=”display: block;” />

Surgeon A. Vetrov bandages the patient he operated on. Photo: Photo from the archive of A. Vetrov

Everything was decided seconds

The doctors took a leave of absence from work at their own expense, in order to work for a month free of charge in the front-line hospital in Novoazovsk, which is 40 km from Mariupol. “Having returned home, I couldn’t watch news related to Donbass for a week. It was hard. That  emotional wave covered me, which at the scene was restrained by focusing on work. There, all the forces went only to help the wounded», — says Alexey Vetrov.

Within an hour after arriving in Novoazovsk, the surgeons were working in the operating room: “Severe penetrating wound in the abdominal cavity. Operated. The fighter survived. The hospital received the wounded from Mariupol. At that time, there was a cleansing of the city, fighting around „Azovstal“, around the Ilyich plant, — says Alexey Vetrov. — The cases were all severe: severed parts of the body, damage to several abdominal organs at once. There were a lot of wounded, several cars a day. We did triage right in the car, deciding who to take immediately to the operating room. It was about seconds: it was necessary to stop the bleeding and  operate quickly. Save life. The next day, the operated Russian fighters were sent by helicopter to Rostov. Local DPR fighters — to a hospital in Donetsk. We we had a mixed team — six local doctors and we two, volunteers from Russia. We performed 3–4 operations per day».

Surgeons and local residents operated. Aleksey Vetrov recalls his grandfather, who was wounded by a Ukrainian sniper: “He and his wife went out for water from the basement of a house in Mariupol, where he was hiding. A Ukrainian sniper shot him in the leg. Already wounded, he covered his wife with his body, the second sniper's bullet hit him in the stomach. Our team operated on this elderly man. Then in the ward he told how our soldiers were able to evacuate him».

One of the dozens of surgeries performed at the hospital by surgeons Guryanov and Vetrov. Photo: Photo from the archive of A. Vetrov

Courage and mercy

“After this incident, we heard other stories about Ukrainian snipers shooting at locals — — Alexey Vetrov continues. — Shortly before our arrival, a 5-year-old girl died. A sniper wounded her in the belly while she was walking in the street. The wounded girl spent a day in the basement, they could not take her out. And when she got to the hospital in Novoazovsk, there was practically no chance of rescue. She died on the operating table. Doctors recalled this case with pain. The locals hate the Nazis — they shot at them, killed their children, bombed them. When we were in Donetsk on the last day before departure, a Ukrainian Tochka-U missile was shot down over Makiivka. An injured man was brought to the city hospital. He with wife and child entered the porch and, hearing a bang, closed the family with his body. All the fragments hit him in the back. He has been operated on. His family didn suffer".

During the month that the volunteer doctors spent in Novoazovsk, they almost never left the territory of the hospital. It became their home. “We, surgeons, lived in the same common ward. We ate local hospital food. There was an opportunity to sleep. The wounded usually arrived during the day. But, it happened, and they operated at night. Once a fighter was brought in, who ended up in a strike area, and it was only in darkness they managed to take him out of the battlefield  — Alexey tells.

When Alexei Vetrov entered the medical institute after school, he already knew then that he would choose the specialty of a surgeon: “Among all medical specializations, this is the most courageous.” Courage and mercy — these two concepts are inextricably linked with the profession of a doctor. Therefore, in  the hospital of Novoazovsk they operated and continue to operate not only on our guys, but and and surrendered soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Donetsk colleagues are now treating those who surrendered to  captivity at „Azovstal“, seriously wounded patients were admitted there. During my business trip, I operated on two of the 12 seriously wounded Ukrainian marines who surrendered at the Ilyich plant in Mariupol. Already in the hospital beds, having come to themselves, they said that they were forced to go to fight, that they regret what happened. How sincere these words are, I cannot say. I went to Donbass to rescue our fighters. But since there were captured Ukrainian military among the patients, he also provided them with all the necessary assistance».

20 potatoes stretched for a month

Andrei Guryanov also speaks about the fact that the hospital did not make a difference between our soldiers and prisoners: “The Donbass colleagues, who suffered from the actions of the Ukrainian army all these 8 years, provided the prisoners with maximum assistance. I can testify to this as a doctor who saw everything with his own eyes.

Professor Andrey Guryanov from Barnaul has many scientific regalia, teaches students and at the same time operates in the local hospital. The decision to go to the Donbass is explained by “an impulse of the soul, a desire to help people and an understanding that, due to his qualifications, he” can provide this assistance.

This trip turned out to be a kind of test for professional suitability for surgeons. The severity of combat injuries of patients in the Novoazovsk hospital was incomparable with what was encountered in Guryanov's peaceful practice. "With                       can be compared only one single case — when a man was brought to the operating room, on whom an arrow from a tower crane fell. A in hospital — gunshot-bullet, mine-explosive injuries, shrapnel wounds and  concussion injuries, burns from  cumulative projectiles».

Civilians of Mariupol entered the hospital, exhausted from hunger and cold, with frostbite of limbs, exacerbation of chronic diseases. “An elderly man came to us with a perforated ulcer. Everything — due to hunger.         these these three people in the basement had 20 potatoes and several eggs, which they stretched out for a month. They drank rain water. The patient was successfully operated on. When his condition returned to normal, he told what they had to endure», — says Professor Guryanov. He recalls his Donetsk colleagues with warmth: “These are open, good-natured people with whom we” became friends, we correspond. ” He also noted the nature of the region:  In in contrast to Altai in Donbass, nature blooms a month earlier in spring. Once, during a free hour, we reached the Sea of ​​Azov and even swam, which caused a shock among locals. No one enters the water so early. And we said that in Siberia there is always such water».

Before the volunteers left home, their colleagues gave them a tour of Donetsk: “I really liked the city. Despite the constant shelling of Donetsk for 8 years, the city is clean, the lawns are mowed, there are many flower beds with roses. This is his medical specialty. And I agreed with colleagues to maintain working relations with an eye on peaceful life.

And for now, according to Aleksey Vetrov, the fifth and sixth groups of volunteers are working in Donbass. Volunteer doctors have already lined up who want to work in the frontline zone. Surgeons with regalia, aces in their profession, are ready to take a “vacation” in Donbass to pass your personal human and professional exam.

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The temptation of ancient laws. Torture and killing of captives is a pagan past

What are the laws and customs of war? How did modern ethical norms of armed conflicts develop? How should prisoners be treated?

These questions have become relevant again. Especially after, at the end of March, the world media bypassed the evidence of how the APU fighters mock Russian prisoners of war. Recent events look like a clear contrast against this background, when the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves began to surrender en masse. Ukrainian captives do not complain about the conditions of detention, they are provided with medical assistance… In a word, everything is in accordance with the norms of international law.

In Stone Age?

Emphasize — current standards. Because the actions of the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in relation to Russian prisoners of war, in general, comply with international standards. True, to the standards of the early Bronze Age, and then and at all the Stone Age.

War as such — a product of precisely those ancient and & nbsp; rather terrible times. The times when the life of human societies was permeated with “magical” rituals. And woe to the one who dares to deviate from these rules — such an apostate brought the wrath of the gods upon the whole tribe. And, therefore, deserved punishment, sometimes up to & nbsp; death. The war same in those times was conducted as if under the direct guidance of these same gods. And prisoners, according to that logic, were their legitimate property. About  to treat prisoners, release or exchange, and there was no  — it was like trying to rob God. So everyone taken in battle was sacrificed. That is they killed — with varying degrees of fantasy. They could hang them, they could cut their throats and sprinkle them with “sacred blood” altars, could crucify…

Only with the passage of time and the development of the economy, the attitude towards prisoners became a little more humane. In the times of antiquity, that is, in the period of the early Iron Age, it became clear that it was not very productive to take the life of all captives. It is much better and more profitable to “give” a smaller part to the gods, and turn the lion's share into slavery. Which became the norm for many centuries. All the peoples of the Earth have gone through this. Say, Ancient Roman historian and writer I c. A e. Tacitusspeaks with disgust of the Germans, who “condemn the enemy in advance as a sacrifice to the deities of battles, and” then the vanquished side is exterminated. However, Tacitus himself was a contemporary of the Jewish War, having won in Emperor Titus treated captives no better than  "barbarians": "In honor of the birthday of the Emperor's brother, many captured Jews were put to death . Only the number of those killed in battles with animals and burnt exceeded 2500…»

Our Slavic ancestors were not alien to such things. Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, fighting in X c. with Byzantium, made sacrifices literally in the eyes of the enemy:  Buriing their fallen, the soldiers of Svyatoslav stabbed, according to the custom of their ancestors, many prisoners — and men and women…»

The Breath of Christianity

With the custom of sacrifices and slavery of captives theoretically should have ended the adoption of Christianity. But it didn't turn out as as expected.

It was easier with victims. As soon as the new religion abolished the old gods, then the legitimate basis for killing captives disappeared. Since the adoption of Christianity, such actions have been considered dishonorable and shameful. In any case, they were officially condemned.

Slavery was somewhat worse. It took several centuries of work of what would later be called the “cathedrals of the world” to somehow limit this lawlessness. As a result, the Narbonne Cathedral of 1054  decided that captive Christians should not be tortured, and sell in slavery is completely prohibited.

Ironically, this council took place in the same year as the Great Schism, which divided Christianity into East and West, into Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Since that moment, the Orthodox have become very dubious Christians in the eyes of the West. You can say — heretics. This set the stage for a bad tradition. If in the  wars among themselves, the Europeans still looked back at the Church and  the prisoners tried not to kill, then conflicts with the Orthodox believed it to be a kind of 'vent'. So, “Livonian rhymed chronicle” about the war of the Order and Rus 1240-1242  says this: “In the Russian land, great lamentation began everywhere. Who defended himself was killed. Who fled was overtaken and killed. Whoever laid down their arms was taken prisoner and killed.

However, this continued only until until Europe itself was shaken by a powerful religious schism — Reformation. Then it seemed that the old pagan times had returned. Catholics tortured and killed Protestant prisoners. Protestants — Catholic. A series of “faith wars” ended with grandiose bloodletting — The Thirty Years' War of 1618-1648, sometimes referred to as “World Zero”.       the scale can be judged from one example — The population of Bohemia decreased from 3 million to 750 thousand. people

Only then did Europe change its mind. B 1625  Dutch lawyer Hugo Grotiuspublishes the work “On” the law of war and “peace”, where, among other things, he explains that prisoners cannot not be killed or tortured, but even robbed. It was this work that formed the basis of current international law. Somewhere from the end of the 17th c. this attitude towards prisoners became generally accepted.

Perversion and norm

Another thing is that from time to time the ancient terrible instincts nevertheless broke through to the surface. So, in the course of the Northern War, the “Journal of Peter the Great” after the defeat of the Russian-Saxon army in the Battle of Fraustadt on February 13, 1706 fixes the terrible death of 4,000 Russian prisoners: “Which of the” Russian soldiers were taken in & nbsp; full, and & nbsp; with those the enemy acted mercilessly, according to & nbsp; the royal decree issued about them before, so that they & nbsp; not to give them sorry, and & nbsp; scoldingly putting a person on 2 and on 3 one on another, pricked them with spears and baginets».

But such exhausts, firstly, were not a system, and, secondly, they were condemned. The entire 18th and significant part of the 19th centuries. are considered in this regard a relatively humane time. B 1864  established the Red Cross, in & nbsp; 1899 & nbsp; The Hague Conference finally approved the “Regulations on prisoners of war”…

And here in 1933  something happened that no one expected. With the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany, official, at state level, stakes were placed on "the revival of the truly Aryan Nordic spirit". A sharp turn to the ethics of pre-Christian times. And first of all, to the ethics of war. What? Humane treatment of prisoners? No, you haven't. More corpses for the glory of one-eyed Wotan, god of war! Long live the furor teutonicus, the famous “Teutonic fury”, from which Ancient Rome trembled!

As you know, nothing good ever came of this. If in a return to the past still brought some fruits to Nazi Germany, then in    it all ended in military defeat and Nuremberg Trials.

But the temptation to release and legitimize the ancient dormant instincts is still too great. Unfortunately, this is the path followed by Ukraine, creating the Azov special unit, whose employees tortured and killed prisoners. Yes not for no reason, but for the glory of "ancestral Slavic-Aryan gods" — it is known that many fighters of “Azov” passed the initiation ceremony at the homemade temple of Perun, and on the fact that their insignia and tattoos are dominated by Germanic runes, only the lazy don know.

Once our common ancestors were pagans , worshiped Perun and sacrificed people. But  consciously return to those realities now, cherish and cherish the bloody cult of "gods of war" — means to trample and humiliate the memory of those of your ancestors who had the strength and courage to renounce atrocities and barbarism.

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Unlucky lucky man. How the star of John F. Kennedy rose and went out

Future 35th US President John Fitzgerald Kennedywas born on May 29, 1917 in the Boston suburb of Brookline, into a wealthy family of Irish origin. His father was a well-known political figure, and his mother was involved in charity work and raised children, of whom there were nine in the family. According to legend, John's maternal grandfather, himself a prominent politician, predicted to his grandson that he would become president. Kennedy was the youngest president, helped by his good looks and athletic nature. Despite the fact that since childhood he was haunted by health problems.

“Happy birthday, Mr. President!”

John grew up as a sickly child and almost died of scarlet fever at an early age. After scarlet fever, there were other debilitating ailments — sometimes the boy was so weak that he could not even stand. At school, he also often got sick. And it happened that John spent most of the school year in the hospital. During his student years, he was even diagnosed with leukemia. True, it soon became clear that the diagnosis was erroneous.

Despite  illness, Kennedy persistently engaged in athletics, baseball, and basketball. And having entered Harvard, he became an active participant in all university sports sections and very quickly turned into the star of the university swimming team.

John's strong-willed qualities and attractive appearance contributed to his success with women throughout his life. His beautiful wife Jacqueline knew about the infidelities of her husband, but forgave him. The president's loudest novel was his relationship with the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Her rendition of the famous song “Happy Birthday, Mr. President!” at a concert dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Kennedy, made a splash. The press then wrote that she did it as if she was “making love to” the president in front of forty million Americans. John had a lot of hobbies and in youth. There were also doubtful connections. So, during the war, he befriended the Danish journalist Inga Arvad, who visited the Olympic Games with Hitler.

Volunteer Hero

After receiving a Harvard diploma, Kennedy applied to the Yale University admissions office, then — Stanford. But even before America's entry into the war he tried to enroll in the army. He did not pass the medical examination and still achieved it with the help of a familiar father, Admiral Alan Kirkto be sent to Washington, D.C., to the Office of Naval Intelligence. John did not like staff work, he transferred to a military shipyard, and learned how to operate torpedo boats according to an accelerated program. And in the spring of 1943 of the year, having taken command of one of such boats, he found himself in the Pacific Ocean, where hostilities were in full swing.

Once, after the Japanese attack, Kennedy's boat was sunk, and he himself  suffered a back injury after hitting the deck in a fall. The team (only 11 sailors remained alive) reached the shore by swimming, and the commander helped the seriously wounded sailor to swim. Leading American newspapers wrote about the feat of Kennedy and the crew of his boat, he was awarded the Purple Heart, Navy and Marine Corps medals.

From the army, Lieutenant Kennedy was demobilized before the end of the war: his health was greatly shaken, his injured back ached, and he was tormented by bouts of malaria. John's father helped his son again. He used his friendship with media mogul William Randolph Hearst to find Kennedy Jr. a job as a reporter. John informed readers about significant events — the beginning of the work of the UN, the Potsdam Conference, the re-election of Churchill.

On Political Olympus

When John decided to enter politics, his father again came to the rescue. He contacted a congressman, who was offered to vacate a seat in the House of Representatives in exchange for solving some of the politician's problems. And then everything went like clockwork. In the Congressional primaries in 1946, John received twice as many votes as his opponent, and in the electoral elections themselves he garnered about three-quarters of the popular vote. The heroic front-line past played a role.

Leading the country in early 1961 the year, Kennedy, unlike his predecessor Dwight Eisenhower, whose administration was predominantly made up of businessmen, relied on professional officials and university professors. The 35th President of the United States was known as a pragmatist both in everyday life and in politics. Before he imposed a ban on trade with Cuba, he made himself an impressive supply of Cuban cigars. Under him, relations between the USSR and the USA were improved. Nikita Khrushchev even gave Kennedy's daughter Carolinepuppy of the Soviet "space" Laika dogs. But in                      erupted in 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis which almost ended with a nuclear war between America and  the Soviet Union. Then, in response to the deployment of medium-range missiles by the Americans in Turkey, the USSR transferred its nuclear weapons to Cuba. But in ultimately — and here we must pay tribute to both Kennedy and Khrushchev — the two superpowers were able to agree and depart from the dangerous line. Washington guaranteed Cuba's security in in exchange for the withdrawal of Soviet missiles from the island, and soon the Americans withdrew theirs from Turkish bases.

Perhaps Kennedy would go down in US history as President- lucky man, if not was shot dead in Dallas on November 22, 1963 . According to the official version, he was killed by former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, who himself was killed two days later. There are dozens of conspiracy theories about the assassination of the 35th President of the United States. Among them, for example, even such a strange one that Kennedy was allegedly shot by Marilyn's ex-husband baseball player Joe Di Maggio, with whom Monroe lived in marriage for only nine months.

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Kadyrov announced the dispatch of another group of fighters to the Donbass

The head of Chechnya also said that Chechen fighters, together with the forces of the LPR, are carrying out a sweep on the streets of Severodonetsk and are busy moving deeper into the city

Another group of fighters moved from Grozny to the Donbass to participate in the Russian military operation in Ukraine. This was announced by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, on Telegram.

“A new surge of strength is very important in any difficult business. This also applies to the special operation that is being carried out on the territory of Donbass <…>. We saw off another group of fighters from Grozny the day before, & mdash; he said.

The video that Kadyrov released along with the message says that the volunteers are “heading towards Popasnaya”; in the Luhansk region.

In addition, the head of Chechnya said that the Chechen soldiers of the special forces “Akhmat” Together with the 2nd Corps of the People's Militia of the LPR, they are cleaning up the streets of Severodonetsk.

“At the moment, the fighters are busy moving deeper into the city. The enemy does not even think of holding their positions, — he wrote.

In mid-May, the head of Chechnya announced that more than 600 volunteers had been sent to Ukraine. Kadyrov recalled that they were faced with the goal of “quickly putting an end to bandit formations in Ukraine and calling the terrorists to account.”

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He assured that the tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin will be met.

Kadyrov on May 5 released a video of sending fighters to Ukraine, where it was reported that volunteers were paid for travel, accommodation and uniforms. They are also being trained at the Russian University of Special Forces in Gudermes. On the day of departure, volunteers receive 300,000 rubles, and then $53 a day from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Chechen servicemen have been taking part in the military operation since the end of February. Kadyrov said that they are involved in the most hot spots. In mid-March, he announced the dispatch of 1 thousand volunteers, in early April— 1 thousand more people.

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Kadyrov announced the capture of Severodonetsk under control

The head of Chechnya stressed that all positions of the Ukrainian military in Severodonetsk were destroyed. “The city has been liberated. Residents can breathe easy,” added Kadyrov

Russian troops took Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region in Ukraine under full control. This was announced by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

“Severodonetsk is under our complete control. The Nazis have been defeated. All their positions have been destroyed. The city has been liberated. Residents can breathe easy. From now on, nothing threatens them any more, — he wrote in Telegram.

According to Kadyrov, it was originally planned to liberate Severodonetsk in a week, but on May 28 he made changes to the plan and set the task of taking the city under control in three days. “As a result, our fighters coped even faster— in three hours, — he stressed.

Chechen fighters, the forces of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the forces of the People's Militia of the LPR took part in the attack on Severodonetsk. According to Kadyrov, as a result, there are prisoners.

On May 25, Kadyrov announced that the Russian military had entered Lisichansk, and also “almost entered” in Severodonetsk. The two cities form the Lisichansko-Severodonetsk agglomeration, which also includes Rubizhne, Kremennaya and other settlements. Lisichansk and Severodonetsk are located on different banks of the Seversky Donets River.

Two days later, the head of Chechnya announced the full control of the Russian military over the line of contact in Severodonetsk. At that time, the first quarters of the city were cleared, and the Ukrainian military, according to Kadyrov, were completely blocked.

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Lysichansk and Severodonetsk— the last two large cities that remained outside the control of the LPR authorities. Fighting in the area had been going on since March. Then the head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, claimed that the servicemen of the republic occupied up to 80% of the territory of the Lugansk region of Ukraine, within which they seek to establish the borders of the LPR.

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Welt learned about the reduction of Germany’s arms supplies to Ukraine to a minimum

In two months, only two batches of weapons left for Ukraine, they contained small devices – mines, parts of machine guns, radios, hand grenades, detonators, the newspaper writes

Over the past nine weeks, Germany has reduced arms supplies to Ukraine to minimum, according to the newspaper Welt, citing documents in its possession.

According to the publication, since the end of March, Berlin has not delivered to Kyiv “at least some significant weapons.” Between March 30 and May 26, only two shipments of weapons were sent to Ukraine, and both contained only small devices, the newspaper writes. One, sent in mid-May, contained anti-tank mines, the other, which went to Ukraine a month earlier,— machine gun parts, detonators, radios, hand grenades, explosives and mines.

The German Ministry of Defense Welt declined to comment on the deliveries, citing secrecy.

The newspaper also reported that the Gepard tanks promised to Ukraine are delayed due to the fact that the Ukrainian military needs to be prepared to work with them.

On the delivery of 30 Gepards announced at the end of April. Later it became known that the first 15 cars would arrive in Ukraine no earlier than the end of July. According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the delay was due to the need to prepare the tanks. However, Kyiv believes, writes Welt, citing sources in the Ukrainian government, that the delay is due to the training of the Ukrainian military. According to the newspaper, the training of the first 45 troops will begin no earlier than June 13 and end on July 22.

The second batch of tanks will arrive by the end of August, when the second group of military personnel will be prepared.

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The issue of arms supply is a source of tension in German relations and Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities, including Andriy Melnyk, the ambassador to Germany, have repeatedly criticized Berlin for the lack of heavy weapons supplies. Melnik, in particular, stated that Berlin “just fails” Ukraine militarily.

In Germany, in turn, they stated that they were helping Ukraine, but could not satisfy all its desires militarily. “The point is not that Germany supplies nothing or too little. Correct— Berlin cannot fulfill all the desires of Ukraine»,— Robert Habek, Vice Chancellor of Germany, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany, spoke.

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Rogozin reacted with words about vodka to the statement of the head of the EC about Russian oil

Ursula von der Leyen said that in the event of an embargo on Russian oil, Russia would earn even more from it in non-European markets. Rogozin suggested that another time in the EC they would offer to drink “all Russian vodka” .jpg” alt=”Rogozin reacted with words about vodka to the statement of the head of the EC about Russian oil” />

Dmitry Rogozin

Head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin commented on the warning of the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who said that the EU is forced to buy Russian oil for the time being, because otherwise President Vladimir Putin will be able to earn more on it in other, non-European markets. Rogozin suggested that next time the head of the EC would offer to “drink all Russian vodka.”

Von der Leyen said at the beginning of the week that the European Union could not impose a full and immediate embargo on Russian oil supplies, because that otherwise Putin will be able to transfer unsold oil to the world market, “where prices will rise, and get a large sum for it.” “It will fill his military treasury,” — she emphasized.

Commenting on the statement, Rogozin suggested that the next step on the part of the head of the EC would be a proposal to “drink all Russian vodka so that Putin could not earn even more on it.”

Bloomberg with a link According to analysts' calculations, Kpler wrote that Asian countries for the first time overtook Europe in terms of the volume of oil purchased from Russia. Analyst Jane Xie argued that India played a major role in boosting purchases to record levels.

According to Kpler, over the past week, tankers have transported between 74 and 79 million barrels of oil. Russian oil, which is three times more than in the period before February 24.

The fact that Russia will have to redirect oil exports to the Asian market in the event of a ban on the EU, experts interviewed by the Financial Times reported.

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At the same time, they argued that it is not yet clear whether Asia will be able to compensate for the loss of European markets. So, according to the junior specialist of the Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies. Davis of Harvard University Craig Kennedy, while the demand for Russian oil in Asia is unknown and whether it will be able to offset the losses from the European ban. Maria Shagina, a visiting senior fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, warned that Russia would face infrastructure challenges, demand uncertainty and logistical challenges. In her opinion, part of the income from the sale of oil will remain, but not in the same volumes.

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Bloomberg named issues on Ukraine that cause controversy in the EU

The agency writes that disagreements arise mainly between Eastern European and Western European countries. They cannot agree on sending weapons to Ukraine and the advisability of negotiations with Putin

EU member states are increasingly divided on issues related to Ukraine, including the imposition of sanctions against Russia, writes Bloomberg.

Differences appear everywhere: about what weapons to send to Ukraine, whether negotiations with President Vladimir Putin make sense, what conditions Kyiv should accept as part of a future peace agreement, the agency clarifies. According to him, the division mainly occurs between the countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

Bloomberg recalled that the EU countries managed to resolve contentious issues during the preparation of the first five sanctions packages. However, as part of the work on the sixth, it becomes more and more difficult for them to reach an agreement, the agency clarifies, since the sanctions in question require large financial costs from them.

But even if the package is agreed upon, the force of its pressure on the Russian economy has been weakened by some concessions, the newspaper notes. Thus, the proposed periods of refusal of Russian energy carriers were extended, and the clause on the prohibition of tanker transportation of Russian oil around the world was excluded under pressure from Greece.

In addition, Bloomberg sources argued that the EU may provide for the exclusion of supplies via the Druzhba pipeline; from the sanctions package. “Such a compromise would buy Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban time to agree on the technical details of a gradual halt to pipeline supplies to his country,” wrote the publication.

The agency clarifies that if this concession is included in the sixth package, the force of its pressure on Russia will decrease even more.

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Initially, the sixth package of sanctions was planned to include a ban on the purchase of all Russian oil, both crude and refined. This was announced in early May by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The European Union intended to abandon the supply of crude oil from Russia within six months, from petroleum products— by the end of 2022.

However, the package of measures could not be agreed upon, including because of the position of Hungary, which does not agree to abandon Russian oil. Budapest believes that this will have a detrimental effect on the country's economy, as well as damage its energy security.

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Abe told how it was possible to avoid the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky should have given a high degree of autonomy to the DPR and LPR or promised to abandon the aspiration to NATO, then the conflict in Ukraine could have been avoided, ex-Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said

Fighting in Ukraine could have been to avoid if the country's President Volodymyr Zelensky promised to abandon the aspiration to join NATO or grant a special status to the republics of Donbass, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in an interview with The Economist.

“[An escalation of the conflict could have been avoided] if Zelensky could be forced to promise that his country would not join NATO or be forced to grant a high degree of autonomy to two enclaves in the east. I understand that it would be difficult to do— perhaps the American leader could do it. But, of course, [Zelensky] would have refused, — Abe believes.

Touching upon the issue of the Kuril Islands, the former Japanese prime minister expressed the opinion that Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the few who supported the conclusion of a peace treaty on the Kuril Islands. “But, unfortunately, <…> even he can't decide everything,»— Abe said, noting that Putin “is not the kind of person who pursues ideals or makes sacrifices for the sake of ideas.”

When announcing the start of the military operation in Ukraine on February 24, Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to abuse, genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” Three days earlier, he signed decrees recognizing the independence of the republics of Donbass, explaining this by the need to avoid bloodshed in the region. According to Putin, Kyiv did not want to comply with the terms of the Minsk agreements, including a ceasefire, the provision by Kyiv of a special status to certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and the holding of local elections.

Both Kyiv and Moscow have repeatedly declared violations of the Minsk agreements. In Ukraine, they refused to conduct a dialogue with the Donbass republics directly, and the terms of the agreement were called unsatisfactory for Kyiv. Vice Prime Minister— Minister for Reintegration of Uncontrolled Territories of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk said that Kyiv would organize the referendum provided for by the Minsk agreements only if there were no other ways to resolve the conflict.

At the moment, the negotiation process to resolve the conflict in Ukraine has been suspended, Moscow blames Kyiv for this. In turn, adviser to the head of the presidential office of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, had previously stated that Kyiv would agree to resume peace talks with Russia when Russian troops left the country. Before that, at the end of March, the head of the Russian delegation, presidential adviser Vladimir Medinsky, said that Kyiv had agreed to declare Ukraine a neutral country and stop trying to return Crimea and Donbas by military means.

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Ukraine's non-participation in NATO was one of the points of the draft agreements on Russia's security guarantees, which the Foreign Ministry handed over to the United States and the alliance in mid-December. During several rounds of negotiations on this issue later in January, the parties failed to reach a consensus. At the same time, in early April, Zelensky complained that NATO was not going to accept Ukraine into the bloc.

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NASA reconnects with drone helicopter on Mars

The NASA press service reported that the controllers were able to fully restore communication with the Ingenuity drone helicopter on Mars, Interfax reports.

“Now that the helicopter is again in contact and gets enough power from his solar panel to charge six lithium-ion batteries, the crew is looking forward to his next flight, — The report says.

The helicopter previously went into power-saving mode when its batteries were unable to charge due to dust and cold.

On April 29, the helicopter made its 28th flight over the Red Planet . According to NASA, its 29th flight over the Red Planet is now being prepared.

Recall that the American Perseverance rover made successful landing on Mars in mid-February. 

Earlier it was reported that that an unmanned helicopter successfully made its first flight, rising to a height of three meters.

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The number of cases of coronavirus in the world exceeded the mark of 528 million

Story Coronavirus pandemic of a new type that spread from China

Experts from the American Johns Hopkins University reported that more than 586 million cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the world, RT reports.

It is reported that as of 03:01 on May 29, 528 were registered 661,032 cases.

It is noted that the United States is still the leader in the number of patients with coronavirus.

6,287,105 infected people have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

By According to Rospotrebnadzor, now more than 97% of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation are due to the omicron strain.

The delta strain was detected only in a small part of the country's population (0.4%).

The agency recommended that Russians continue to follow preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of new outbreaks of the disease.

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Trump said about the strengthening of the ruble due to rising oil prices

According to him, Russia earns a “state” in the face of rising oil prices. To stop the conflict in Ukraine, Trump suggested, it is necessary to reduce the price of oil to $30-40 per barrel

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump said that the ruble strengthened “to a historic high” amid rising oil prices. He said this during a speech at a rally in Wyoming.

“Look at their currency” She is at an all-time high. Because the price of oil is rising to unprecedented levels before,— Trump explained, adding that Russia is making a “fortune” on the sale of oil at increased prices.

In his opinion, in order to stop the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to reduce the price of oil to $30-40 per barrel.

Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, explained the impossibility of introducing a complete and immediate ban on the purchase of Russian oil by the fact that Moscow could win more by reorienting to other markets. In the event of an immediate embargo, she said, President Vladimir Putin could “dump the oil he won't sell to the EU to the world market,” after which prices would rise and Russia would make more profit than it would with the EU. “It will fill his military treasury,” — von der Leyen claimed.

Oil prices rose sharply after the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine amid the imposition of Western sanctions. Then quotes in the moment exceeded $120 per barrel. Analysts argued that fears of a reduction in supplies from Russia and expectations of new sanctions played a key role in the rise in oil prices.

Later, the price of oil rolled back to less than $100, but then began to grow again. On May 27, a barrel of oil traded above $118 for the first time since March 9. This was influenced by signs of a shortage of fuel supply in the US ahead of the summer driving season. According to the US Department of Energy, gasoline inventories in the country have fallen to their lowest seasonal level since 2014.

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The exchange rate of the dollar and the euro also reacted sharply to the beginning of the military operation: the value of the dollar exceeded 120 rubles, the euro— 132 rub. However, against the backdrop of measures introduced by the government, the ruble began to strengthen up to the values ​​of 2015. On May 25, the dollar exchange rate was 55.8 rubles, the euro— a little less than 58 rubles. Later, however, the dollar rose to 67 rubles, the euro— up to 70 rubles

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Klishas spoke in favor of paying for the supply of grain and fertilizers in rubles

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture announced negotiations with the countries of the Middle East and African countries on the transfer of payments for grain into rubles. According to Minister Patrushev, the issue has not yet been resolved

Andrey Klishas

Deliveries of grain and fertilizers to other countries should be made in rubles, Andrey Klishas, ​​head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, said in his Telegram channel .

«Supplies of grain, fertilizer— all for rubles»,— he wrote.

So the senator commented on the message of the Ministry of Agriculture that it plans to discuss with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa the possibility of switching to settlements in rubles. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev on May 27.

According to him, this issue has been discussed for a long time, in particular, it was raised during negotiations with representatives of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. “But so far, unfortunately, this issue has not been resolved. But we will work in this direction,»,— assured the minister (quote from TASS).

Russia has already introduced payments in rubles when paying for gas supplies to unfriendly countries. Gas consumers must open two accounts with an authorized bank (in this case, Gazprombank): one in foreign currency and one in rubles. They credit the currency to the first account, after which the bank sells it and transfers the received rubles to the second account, in payment for the supplied gas.

European countries included in the list of unfriendly ones refused to pay for gas in rubles, arguing that most contracts require payment in dollars or euros. Nevertheless, on May 19, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that about half of the 54 companies that buy gas from Gazprom opened accounts.

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The head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov claimed that in March-April Russia increased wheat exports to neutral countries, as well as to unfriendly ones.

Western countries accuse Russia of worsening the food crisis, stating that due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports, grain stuck there (according to the UN, about 4.5 million tons) cannot get to the countries that need it. Moscow, in response, claims that the states that have taken sanctions measures against Russia are to blame for the worsening food situation.

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The EC will “spare” supplies through the “Druzhba” for the sake of Hungary’s consent to the embargo

Bloomberg: The European Commission has proposed to postpone the ban on oil supplies through the “Druzhba” The EC has proposed to postpone restrictions on oil imports via the pipeline to settle differences with Hungary, blocking the embargo on Russian raw materials. EU proposes to abandon oil imports by sea in six months “EC will “spare” deliveries through Druzhba for the sake of Hungary's consent to the embargo” />

The European Commission sent the governments of the EU countries a revised proposal for new sanctions against Russia, oil supplies through the Druzhba pipeline— Hungary's main source of crude oil imports, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

EU member states will gradually stop importing oil shipped by sea in six months, and petroleum products— eight months later, the interlocutors said. This will give Hungary, which opposes the oil embargo, more time to find a solution to meet its energy needs. It will also solve the problems of other landlocked countries, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, according to Bloomberg.


Under the revised proposal, Bulgaria would be given a transitional period until June or December 2024, with an exception for Croatia to be able to import vacuum gas oil. The EC has also proposed to limit the re-export of Russian oil supplied via the pipeline to other EU member states or third countries.

EU ambassadors are due to meet on Sunday to discuss the EC proposal.

In order for the sixth package of sanctions to be approved and enter into force, the support of all EU member states is needed. Several countries have previously opposed the separation of sea and pipeline supplies due to fears that it will be unfair, as it will disproportionately hit supplies.

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Earlier, the EU proposed to completely abandon the import of Russian oil by the beginning of next year. Hungary and Slovakia were given a delay until the end of 2024, and the Czech Republic— until June 2024.

Oil pipeline “Friendship” was built in the 1960s. It follows from Samara to Mozyr (Gomel region of Belarus), after which it is divided into two branches — north and south. The first goes through the territory of Belarus, Poland, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania, the second — on the territory of Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. The total length of pipelines — 8900 km.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the EU may make an exception for the Druzhba oil pipeline to settle differences with Hungary, which is blocking an embargo on Russian raw materials. Oil supplies through this pipeline were proposed to be released from the embargo for a certain time, which would allow “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to buy time to agree on the technical details of the gradual cessation of supplies through the pipeline to his country.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter As a compromise, Szijjarto suggested that the EU impose an embargo on offshore supplies of Russian oil, which account for most of the raw materials imported into the EU.

The Kremlin, speaking about a possible embargo on Russian oil by the EU, warned that such a decision “hit everyone.” According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, in the event of a ban, world prices for this raw material could jump to $300 per barrel. If this happens, Russia is ready to expand sea supplies. Moreover, the flows began to be redirected from west to east, to Asian markets, he said.

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Blinken called on the Chinese authorities to stop the genocide of the Uyghurs

The Secretary of State accused the Chinese authorities of interfering with the visit of UN Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. She came to the country after the publication of a database of police records of the persecution of Uighurs

Anthony Blinken

The Chinese authorities must stop the genocide and crimes against humanity in the Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang in the northwest of the country, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. His statement is published on the agency's website.

He pointed out that the US is deeply concerned about the human rights situation in China and reports of arbitrary detentions of more than 1 million Xinjiang residents. According to him, relatives of the detainees speak of torture, forced sterilization, sexual violence, state-supported forced labor, as well as the forced separation of children from their parents.

“We again call on China to immediately stop the atrocities in Xinjiang, release unfairly detained, give an answer to the missing,— Blinken said and added that the Chinese authorities should also respect the rights of Tibetans in Hong Kong.

The Secretary of State said that the Chinese authorities tried to prevent the visit of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to the country on May 28. Beijing created such conditions for her team that the commissioner was unable to conduct a full and independent assessment of the situation in the republic.

“The people of Xinjiang were warned not to complain or speak openly about the conditions in the region, about that the authorities do not provide any information about the whereabouts of hundreds of missing Uyghurs and the conditions of detention of more than 1 million people, — Blinken said.

He stressed that Bachelet was unable to communicate with people who were sent to other provinces in China under the labor transfer program. The politician demanded to allow confidential meetings of the Commissioner with relatives of the Uyghurs and other national minorities of Xinjiang, who are forbidden to travel outside the region.

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Bachelet herself said she had expressed concerns to the Chinese authorities about human rights violations, raised questions about the impact of counter-terrorism measures on the rights of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. A report of her trip was posted on the Human Rights Office's Twitter account.

The Chinese Communist Party annexed the Xinjiang area in 1949. Historically, it was inhabited by the Uighurs— indigenous people of East Turkestan. Unlike the Chinese, who profess Taoism and Buddhism, the Uighurs are Sunni Muslims. Since 2018, the UN and other Western countries have repeatedly accused the Chinese authorities of their oppression. They claimed that Uyghurs were sent to labor camps and forced to give up their religion and language, and imposed sanctions on government individuals. Beijing called this data a lie.

On May 24 of this year, an unknown hacker published files from the computer systems of the Xinjiang police departments, USA Today and the BBC wrote. They contained more than 5,000 photographs of Uyghurs from police departments in 2018. People were in custody or were detained for the collection of biometric data. The database contained photographs of prison guards carrying batons and rifles, as well as photographs of detainees with signs of beatings on their bodies.

In addition to photographs, transcripts of speeches were among the documents. One of the officials called for treating the Uyghurs as criminals. The database also contained information about the personnel of the camps, data on the imprisonment of more than 20 thousand Uyghurs. They were accused of listening to illegal lectures, extremist thoughts, strong religious inclinations, and detained because of family and social ties.

Chinese embassy spokesman in the United States Liu Pengyu said that the authorities are countering terrorism, radicalization and separatism, and the measures taken do not concern human rights and religion. He also suggested that the data on the database with the Uyghurs are fake.

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NYT learned about the fears of Western diplomats about Russia’s “bargaining chip”

NYT: West fears Russia is using Syrian humanitarian corridor as “bargaining chip” Russia may use UN Security Council vote to keep Syrian humanitarian corridor to make concessions on Western sanctions,

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the downed Ukrainian Su-25 and attacks on the arsenal

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the downed Ukrainian Su-25 and strikes on the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ukraine's losses from air strikes were estimated at 300 people *


The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the warehouse of the enterprise in Krivoy Rog , the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

They also launched air-launched missile strikes at three command posts, 25 areas with manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as two artillery batteries in firing positions, the agency said. Near the village of Nikolaevka in the DPR, the Russian military attacked the launcher of the Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile system, and near the village of Boguslavka in the Kharkiv region, they destroyed a radar station for detecting and tracking air targets.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on details of the military operation in Ukraine based on Russian official sources.

In the city of Krasnogorovka, the village of Pokrovskoye in the DPR, the city of Severodonetsk in the LPR, and the village of Bezrukov in the Kharkiv region, Russian forces attacked five ammunition depots. Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aircraft attacked two command posts and 53 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In total, more than 300 nationalists and up to 50 units of military and special equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine»,— said in the statement.

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In addition, Russian air defense systems shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft in the air near the village of Novogrigorovka in the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to the Ministry of Defense, they also shot down four Ukrainian drones near Maly Prohody and Pitomnik in the Dnepropetrovsk region and Nizhnyaya Krynka in the Donetsk region. ;,— stated in the department.

Rocket troops and artillery attacked another 62 command posts, 596 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, as well as 52 positions of artillery and mortar units of Ukraine.

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. The actions of the Russian authorities were condemned by representatives of 141 countries in the UN General Assembly. They demanded a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops. Ukraine declared mobilization, declared martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Russia.

According to the Russian Ministry, since the beginning of hostilities, the Armed Forces have destroyed 183 aircraft, 128 helicopters, 1049 drones, 325 anti-aircraft missiles complexes, 3,309 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 447 multiple rocket launchers, 1,722 field artillery and mortar guns, as well as 3,270 units of special military vehicles. During 95 days of hostilities, the Ministry of Defense reported at least seven downed Su-25 aircraft.

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In the Kherson region estimated the timing of a possible accession to Russia

The issue of joining the region to Russia will be resolved “closer to next year,” the pro-Russian administration of the Kherson region said. They admit that they can hold “some kind of vote or plebiscite” ” alt=” In the Kherson region, the timing of a possible accession to Russia was estimated” />


Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, who was appointed in April, told Reuters that the issue of joining the region to Russia would depend on the course of hostilities in Ukraine, and a decision on this would probably be made “by next year.”

Stremousov admitted that the process could include a referendum. At the same time, in early May, he said that “no referenda” will not, accusing the Ukrainian side of “thrown in fakes” about Moscow's intention to launch a vote on the creation of the Kherson People's Republic.

“We will announce later when some kind of vote or plebiscite is planned, but it will not be today or tomorrow, because our first task— restore order in the Kherson region»,— Stremousov said in an interview with Reuters. When asked by the agency about the timing of the possible entry of the region into Russia, he said that “by the autumn this will not happen.”

“We are preparing the administrative system, and then closer to the next let's see how things are, — added by Stremousov.

The Kherson region has been under the control of the Russian military since mid-March. They formed a military-civilian administration, introduced the ruble into circulation and launched the broadcasting of Russian TV channels. Stremousov promised to make Russian the state language in the region along with Ukrainian.

At the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that there was no question of the occupation of the country's territories and that Moscow recognized the right of all peoples to self-determination.

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On May 11, Stremousov announced his intention to turn to Putin with a request to annex the Kherson region to Russia; in his words, the region will not return under the control of Kyiv and will not be “a colony of Western partners who brought Ukraine to complete degradation.” The day before, the military-civilian administration decided to close the border from the Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk regions of Ukraine “for security purposes.”

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that the issue of including the Kherson region in Russia should be decided by residents region, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko spoke about this. The Kremlin pointed out that the issue should be “clearly and carefully verified by lawyers.” In turn, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin considered that the region would take its rightful place in the “Russian family”. On May 25, Putin simplified the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of the region.

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Bloomberg: Europe ready to make concessions to Putin

Half of the countries can agree to an ultimatum from the Russian president.

Analysts from Bloomberg reported a split among European countries over the issue of paying for gas in rubles. Some states made concessions and agreed to Vladimir Putin's ultimatum, which banned the supply of “blue fuel” for euros or dollars.

Observers John Follein and Alberto Nardelli note that Hungary refuses to support anti-Russian sanctions, but other countries are making concessions. As a result, there has been a split among the western and eastern states of the EU.

They do not agree on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, dialogue with Vladimir Putin, the conditions that Kyiv must accept as part of a peace treaty.

The issue of imposing an embargo on Russian oil imports has also dragged on.

Analysts suggest that countries are becoming more and more disappointed – the EU no longer has the opportunity to “deal a painful economic blow to Russia.”

Meanwhile, experts called the ruble the strongest currency in the world this year.

The reason for this was that countries began to pay for gas in rubles – this allowed the Russian economy to “resist” Western sanctions, CBS reported.

Journalists also said that Russia earns almost $ 20 billion monthly – and this is only for the export of energy resources.

German politicians oppose the embargo on Russian gas supplies. Hubertus Heil, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, spoke about the serious consequences for the German economy.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Poland was left without Russian gas due to its refusal to pay for it in rubles. After that, she stated that Norway should share with Ukraine “super profits” from gas.

In response, Norway recalled its obligations and that it is already helping Ukraine.

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The Investigative Committee completed an investigation into the father of the Khachaturian sisters

Plot The case of the Khachaturian sisters accused of murdering their father

A law enforcement source said that the Russian Investigative Committee had completed an investigation into a criminal case of sexual violence and beatings against Mikhail Khachaturyan, whose murder his daughters are accused of, TASS reports.

It is reported that the charge was toughened, it added the distribution of pornographic material with the participation of daughters.

It is noted that after the defense of the accused familiarizes himself with the case, it will be transferred to the supervisory authority for approval of the indictment.


After that, the case will be sent for consideration on the merits to the Butyrsky Court of Moscow.

Recall that the Khachaturian sisters are accused of the murder of their father, which occurred in the summer of 2018. The investigation admitted that the man systematically beat his daughters and used sexual violence against them, but refused to reclassify the actions of the sisters from murder to self-defense.

In March 2021, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the deceased under articles ” “Violent acts of a sexual nature”, “Coercion to acts of a sexual nature” and “Torture”.

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