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From January 1, 2022, one-time and monthly payments will increase: who will receive and how much?

The media found out who and how much can receive in 2022.

Payments to retirees in December in 2021: the latest news

In 2022, Russians will be able to receive new payments, and the existing ones will increase.

So, Russians who have pension savings, even before the New Year, in December, can receive 19,000 rubles. Moreover, citizens will be able to receive them either immediately, at a time, or in parts in the form of small amounts for several months.

Recipients can be women over 55 and men over 60. The amount is different and depends on the length of service and the number of pension points.

Payments for children from January 1, 2022: who is entitled

In 2022, the amount of benefits for families with children, both monthly and lump sum, will be indexed.

Starting January 1, 2022, the minimum wage will increase, which will amount to 13,890 rubles, so some social benefits will increase, which depend on average earnings Russians.

As Life specifies, the allowance for caring for a child up to 1.5 years, which is calculated depending on the average salary of a parent for two years (40%, but not less than the minimum wage) will grow. In February, the payment at birth will also be indexed & # 8211; 19,981 rubles.

Payments of maternity benefits, maternity capital and the use of benefits in 2022

The amount of maternity benefits for unemployed women, depending on the minimum wage, will also grow & # 8211; it can be 13 890 rubles.

By the way, both the pregnancy allowance and the lump sum payment at the birth of a child will be charged without a claim.

In addition, according to the rules for subsidizing family air travel, families with children can purchase air tickets at low-cost special rates.

In order to use the privilege, you need to buy tickets with a common reservation for an adult and a child, from the documents for this you will need a passport and a birth certificate.

Experts of the publication clarify that the maximum possible ticket price is 4 600 & # 8211; 10,900 rubles depending on the route, the total number of which is within the benefit & # 8211; 46 internal directions.

From February 1, 2022, the size of the mother capital will be increased, which will amount to 503,237 rubles for the first child, and up to 665,009 for the second baby. > Payments to low-income families from January 1, 2022

The FIU also introduces a monthly payment to low-income families in which a second child was born or was adopted in the period from January 1, 2018. It is made from the funds of the mother capital, and is provided until the baby is three years old. The measure will take effect from January 1. Its size will be equal to the subsistence minimum for children, which is set in the region at the time of application.

The document can be submitted during all three years of the child's infancy. After a year, the procedure will need to be repeated. The condition for parents is permanent residence in the Russian Federation, Russian citizenship of the mother and second child, the date of birth of the baby not earlier than January 1, 2018 and the total family income is not more than twice the subsistence level in the region.

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As previously reported by Topnews , the FIU explained how to get a lump sum from pension savings.


Media learned about unexpected consequences of US LNG tanker turnover from Asia to Europe

The current situation with the tankers was ridiculed by the host of Channel One, Artem Sheinin.

Recently, the Western press began to actively write that the United States will save Europe from the gas crisis.

The reason for such joy was the turn of American LNG tankers from Asia to Europe, to which the market immediately responded by falling prices for gas. However, after a few hours, prices went up again.

According to media reports, the EU met the news about the turnover of tankers, and the press fell on & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; with accusations of another round of price increases amid the termination of supplies through the Polish pipe.

However, then it became clear that the morning drop in gas prices on the market was due precisely to the reaction of investors to the reversal of American tankers.

Initially, this was seen as a new trent in deliveries, but in reality it is not.

As stated by the deputy director of the Institute of National Energy Alexander Frolov, & # 8220; mass reversal & # 8221; tankers actually happened at only two vessels.

In addition, he stressed that even with astronomical gas prices in Europe, American LNG will not be able to provide Europe in full.

Asian consumers, in turn, reinsured themselves by entering into long-term contracts so that what is now observed in Europe does not happen to them.

It is known that three-quarters of all LNG is supplied to Asia, and only the rest can end up in The EU, however, does not exert a significant influence on the energy situation there, reports & # 8220; Vzglyad & # 8221 ;.

The situation with the turn of tankers and the reaction to this in Europe has caused ridicule of the host of & # 8220; Channel One & # 8221; Artem Sheinin.

He considered the situation absurd and said that the Europeans provoked their own fuel crisis by not wanting to sign long-term contracts with & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221 ;. Now, according to the TV presenter, he noted the absurdity of the situation.

& # 8220; Well, they bred Indians into beads. Why do they breed you as Indians? & # 8221; & # 8211; gave Chenini a historical example in the studio of the show & # 8220; Time will tell & # 8221 ;.

To this, the Czech expert Jiri Yust accused Moscow of gas supply violations and said that the US was allegedly trying to level the gas shortage in Europe.

However, Shenin recalled how Putin called on Europe to sign long-term contracts, but since this did not happen, Europe's gas storages were literally empty.

Previously, TopNews wrote about that & # 8220; Gazprom & # 8221; suspended the transit of gas to Germany. The temporary interruption of supplies occurred on the gas pipeline & # 8220; Yamal-Europe & # 8221 ;.

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Why do they want to collect 13 billion rubles from ex-State Duma deputy Sergei Petrov?

The Khimki City Court accepted the claim of the First Deputy Prosecutor General & nbsp; Anatoly Razinkin & nbsp; to recover 12.85 billion rubles. from the former State Duma deputy, founder of the company & nbsp; & quot; Rolf & quot; & nbsp; Sergei Petrov .

Earlier in relation to the founder of the group of companies Rolf; a criminal case was opened on currency fraud. & nbsp; Petrov was accused of illegally withdrawing almost 4 billion rubles abroad in 2015. In July 2019, the businessman was expelled from the board of directors of Rolf, although he himself insists that he left of his own accord.

Photo: AiF

What is the essence of the claim? & nbsp;

The prosecutor's office believes that after being a State Duma deputy for nine years, Petrov was illegally engaged in business, which brought him and “ Rolf '' impressive profit. The lawsuit says that in 2010 Petrov became a guarantor for a loan for 12.6 billion rubles. for the Rolf company at Sberbank.

Razinkin learned about the illegal entrepreneurial activity of Petrova while investigating a case against the founder of Rolf. a criminal case on charges of committing foreign exchange transactions using forged documents (part 3 of article 193.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

In 2014, Rolf through the Cypriot offshore Panabel Ltd, which was the parent company of the holding, bought for 3.9 billion rubles. shares of CJSC Rolf Estate. The company explained the need for the deal by simplifying the structure of the holding and increasing its transparency. However, the ICR considered that the transaction was fictitious and served only as a cover for the withdrawal of money abroad, to accounts controlled by Petrov. According to the ICR, the shares of Rolf Estate, despite their sale, did not actually change their owner, but remained inside the holding.

The investigation also found that Petrov, after being elected to the State Duma in 2007 from Fair Russia, was not only the initiator of this deal, but also, despite the prohibitions provided for by anti-corruption legislation, continued to exercise general management of Rolf, receive remuneration for this, which he did not declare. & nbsp;

Mr. Petrov's total illegal income in the prosecutor's office was estimated at almost 13 billion rubles. The supervisory authority believes that the deputy took most of this amount abroad. & Nbsp; As stated in the lawsuit, from 2014 to 2016 “ Rolf '' transferred under the guise of dividends 8.9 billion rubles. to the accounts of the Petrov family through Panabel Ltd, Delance Ltd and Rolf Motors. & nbsp;

Where is Petrov now? & nbsp;

Petrov was put on the international wanted list about two years ago, but Austria, whose citizenship he has, refused to extradite him. & Nbsp; Petrov is now unavailable to law enforcement agencies. His representative & nbsp; Alexey Kupriyanov & nbsp; told TASS that Petrov denies the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation against him and JSC Rolf & nbsp; for 12.85 billion rubles. & Nbsp;

& laquo ; We asked the court to schedule a hearing for January in order to have time to write a review, get acquainted with the materials, of which there are five volumes '', & mdash; explained Kupriyanov. & nbsp;

He also said that on December 23, the court will consider the question of the mode in which the claim will be heard – open or closed for listeners and the media. “ We will ask the court to consider the claim in an open process '', & mdash; & nbsp; said Kupriyanov.

What is known about Sergei Petrov? & nbsp;

Sergei Petrov was born in 1954 in the city Chkalov (now Orenburg). & Nbsp;

After leaving school, Petrov entered the Orenburg Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots. In 1975 he was awarded the qualification of an officer with a military special education pilot-engineer. & Nbsp;

In 1982, with the rank of major, Petrov was arrested for anti-Soviet agitation and participation in the creation of an unofficial democratic organization. & Nbsp; In 1982-1987. he received his second higher education at the Correspondence Institute of Soviet Trade (now the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics) with a degree in labor economics. In 1989-1991, Petrov was the director of the car rental division of the Rozek-Kar company, and in August 1991 he created his own company, Rolf. Today the company is & mdash; & nbsp; the largest car dealer in the Russian Federation. In 2020, the company sold cars in the amount of RUB 258.3 billion. (up 2%). In terms of the number of new cars sold (almost 80 thousand units), the company took the first place in the rating of car dealers.

In 2004, Petrov left the post of president of the company and until 2007 was engaged in the long-term development strategy of the company. In the period from 2007 to 2016, he was a State Duma deputy from the Fair Russia party, worked in the committee on budget and taxes. On October 5, 2016, he terminated the powers of a deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation.

In 2019, the businessman took 114th place in the Forbes rating, the entrepreneur's fortune was estimated at $ 900 million.

Petrov is married. Has two sons. Recently he has been permanently living in Austria.

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& nbsp;


Founder of VimpelCom and philanthropist Dmitry Zimin. Dossier

On December 22, in Switzerland, at the age of 89, the founder of VimpelCom died. Dmitry Zimin . The death of the entrepreneur was reported on Facebook by his son Boris. According to Boris Zimin, his father had cancer. & Nbsp;

Dmitry Zimin. Photo: Kremer

“He left fully conscious, serenely, a little sad about us and about life, but still with relief & mdash; he has been seriously ill in recent months '', & mdash; written by Zimin Jr.

Until 2001, Zimin was the CEO of VimpelCom. He also established foundations and prizes to support science and popularize scientific knowledge. On his initiative, the prestigious literary prize Premya Prosvetitel (“ Enlightener Prize '') was created, which annually awards prizes to the best authors of popular science books on the Russian language. Dmitry Borisovich also founded the Dynasty Foundation for Non-Profit Programs, which supported Russian fundamental science and education, and was also involved in the popularization of scientific knowledge in society.

Zimin was awarded the RF State Prize for his contribution to defense radar systems. He was the first and only Russian citizen to be awarded the Carnegie Medal for Social Investment. & Nbsp;

Biography & nbsp;

Dmitry Borisovich Zimin was born on April 28, 1933 in Moscow, in the family of an associate professor Institute named after N.E. Bauman (now the Bauman Moscow State Technical University) Boris Nikolaevich Zimin … In 1935, his father was repressed, in 1958 he was rehabilitated posthumously. Mother, Berta Borisovna , worked as a typist.

In 1957 Zimin graduated from the Faculty of Aircraft Radio Electronics of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). After graduation, he worked for five years in a laboratory at the Moscow Aviation Institute, in 1962 he went to work at the Radio Engineering Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences (now the Academician A.L. Mints Radio Engineering Institute, Moscow). He worked as the head of the laboratory, the head of the scientific department, the director of the center for the development of radio technical support.

In the spring of 1963 he defended his thesis, and in 1984 & mdash; his doctoral dissertation.

As a researcher of phased antenna arrays, he was appointed deputy chief designer of the Don-2N ground-based radar station, which is part of the anti-missile defense system of the Central Industrial Region.

In 1993, as part of a team of developers of phased array antennas, he became a laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. During the period of his research activity, he published more than 100 scientific works and inventions.

In the early 1990s, Zimin created the KB Impulse enterprise. on the design and production of civilian radio equipment.

In 1992, together with the American investor Augie K. Fabela II founded the company Vympel-Communications OJSC (now PJSC VimpelCom). In 1993, she received a license to provide mobile communications in the center of Moscow and began work under the Beeline brand. In the company, Zimin took over as president and CEO. In 1996 VimpelCom became the first company from Russia to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, Zimin sold almost his entire block of shares, resigned from its management, remaining the honorary president of the company.

In 1997, Zimin founded the Be-Line Foundation for Non-Profit Programs. In 2002, it was renamed into the Dmitry Zimin Non-Profit Programs Foundation Dynasty. The purpose of the & nbsp; fund & mdash; finding and supporting young researchers in the natural and social sciences. On May 25, 2015, the fund was included in the register of non-profit organizations & mdash; foreign agents. A month and a half later, the foundation's council decided to liquidate it.

In 2018, Zimin and his son Boris registered the Zimin Family Foundation in Bermuda, which started financing various scientific projects in different countries of the world. & Nbsp;

Throughout his life, Zimin was engaged in research work, published more than 100 scientific works, including those on his inventions.

Zimin was married to Maya Zimin (Shakhmatova) . He has a son & mdash; Boris Dmitrievich Zimin, President of the investment company BMT Management, as well as six grandchildren.



What kind of rare diamond dust appeared in the atmosphere of Moscow?

Expert response 0 + –

A rare phenomenon for the climate of the capital arose in the atmosphere of Moscow & mdash; diamond dust. This was reported on Instagram by a leading employee of the Phobos weather center. Evgeny Tishkovets .

What is diamond dust?

As Tishkovets explained, diamond dust & mdash; it is a type of solid precipitation, tiny ice crystals floating in the air. Diamond dust is noticed due to the brief flashes that occur when light is reflected by ice crystals. The phenomenon is so named because it looks like a multitude of tiny diamonds are shimmering in the air.

Diamond dust is similar to fog, but unlike it does not consist of liquid water droplets, but of ice crystals. In addition, unlike fog, this phenomenon reduces visibility occasionally and only slightly.

In what weather does diamond dust occur?

Ice crystals appear in the air during severe frosts and high humidity. Diamond dust forms during temperature inversion: when warmer and more humid air spreads in the higher layers of the atmosphere, which mixes with cold air in the lower boundary layer, the forecaster noted.

This phenomenon can usually be seen in clear or almost clear sky, so it is sometimes also called clear sky precipitation. In Russian meteorology, diamond dust is also known as the ice needle.

Where does diamond dust occur most often?

Diamond dust & mdash; a rare phenomenon for Central Russia. According to Tishkovets, most often such precipitation occurs in the Antarctic and Arctic. In some interior regions of Antarctica, this phenomenon is recorded on average 316 days a year, where more than 70% of precipitation falls in the form of diamond dust.

Is diamond dust dangerous?

The forecaster noted that ice the needles are not dangerous to people. However, ice dust in the case of visibility and cloud base measurements can pose problems for automated airport weather stations.

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1,002 people died from coronavirus in Russia in 24 hours

Plot The fourth wave of coronavirus in Russia

Over the past day, 25,667 new cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Russia in 85 regions, according to the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Of these, 1,971 cases (or 7 , 7%) had no clinical manifestations of the disease. In addition, 41,645 people recovered per day and 1,002 died. Mortality in the country is gradually decreasing and has reached the indicators of the end of October.

Most of the new diagnoses over the past 24 hours were made in Moscow & mdash; 3 292, St. Petersburg & mdash; 2 633, Moscow region & mdash; 2,062.

In total, 10,318,650 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the Russian Federation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 301,271 cases have died, 9,139,166 people have recovered.

Earlier it became known that more than 275 million people were infected with the coronavirus in the world. More than 5.3 million of them have died.


Russians expressed their opinion about online excursions

Almost 80% of Russians expressed the opinion that online excursions cannot replace face-to-face presence in museums. These data are cited by VTsIOM after polling 1600 citizens of the country aged 18 and over.

It turned out that 34% of respondents first heard that excursions are conducted online. 66% were aware of this, while about 16% said they were well aware of such excursions.

Among those who were informed about online excursions, 76% said that they were interested in it has not changed during the pandemic. Another 15% said that they have become more interested in such events, and 3% expressed the opinion that interest in such excursions has decreased. & Nbsp;

34% of respondents found advantages in the online format, 37% stated their absence. Those who found advantages, noted convenience and comfort, the opportunity to save money, the lack of the need to spend time on the road. & Nbsp;

Among the shortcomings, Russians first of all noted that it is better to see an exhibit once live. The respondents also believe that in the online format there is no possibility of full perception, there is a lack of emotions and impressions, and it is also impossible to talk to the guide live and ask him a question. 14% of respondents stated that there were no shortcomings. & Nbsp;

Earlier it was reported that about 87% of Russians are of the opinion that it is necessary to block trash streams on the Internet.


Got a profit – clean up after yourself. The State Duma obliged the owners to do this

Respond to owner

AiF monitors the situation in Usolye-Sibirskiy & mdash; a city in the Irkutsk region, which became an area of ​​ecological disaster after the closure of a huge chemical plant. Now there is no longer any danger of the release of acid fog, mercury contamination of groundwater or the ingress of oil products into the Angara and the Bratsk reservoir. This is thanks to the efforts of specialists from the Federal Environmental Operator (FEO) & mdash; a subdivision of the state corporation Rosatom, specializing in the neutralization and processing of wastes of I and II hazard classes, and the reclamation of their storage sites. On behalf of the president, they neutralized the most serious threats. The Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, and the Russian Guard have also joined in. & Nbsp;

The work is carried out within the framework of the federal project “ Clean Country '' (included in the national project “ Ecology ''). A similar situation is at other sites & mdash; by 2024, 88 dangerous objects must be eliminated in the country. Plus one more project & mdash; “ General cleaning '', which includes an inventory of objects of accumulated harm on the territory of the country, an assessment of their impact on the life and health of people, as well as their subsequent elimination.

That is, they are putting things in order at the expense of budget money. And the harm that brought the situation both at the site of the former chemical plant in Usolye-Sibirskoye and at other facilities to the state of environmental disaster, was caused by private owners. & Nbsp;

The Law on Environmental Protection, which in people call “ Usolsky '', should put an end to this. It obliges business owners to eliminate environmental damage from their businesses.

“ The federal law adopted today is a landmark. In the future, we will start more complex bills related to the fact that now the environment comes out on top – & mdash; this is a trend not only for the Russian Federation, but also for the whole world & raquo ;, & mdash; commented Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Dmitry Kobylkin .

Industrial buildings of the former chemical plant 'Usoliekhimprom' in & nbsp; Usolye-Sibirskiy. Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Kryazhev

So that there are no disasters

Since the new law turned out to be at the junction of environmental protection and production activities, it was refined by deputies from two specialized committees & mdash; on ecology and industry and trade. & nbsp;

Maria Vasilkova, deputy from the Irkutsk region & mdash; member of industry and trade. She says that for her, work on this fateful law for her region has become an important stage in her activities.

plant & bdquo; Usoliekhimprom & ldquo ;, & mdash; she explains. & mdash; The former owner of the site disappeared without a trace, without burying the waste, and work on the removal of materials and reclamation had to be carried out at the expense of the state budget. ''

The deputy is sure: the law defining the responsibilities of the owners of enterprises that have accumulated environmental damage was necessary. & Nbsp;

“ In his April address to the Federal Assembly, the president said a phrase that has already become a winged one: account of nature & mdash; clean up after you & ldquo ;, & mdash; notes Maria Vasilkova. & mdash; Now the state has an effective instrument that will regulate the sphere of hazardous production facilities, which generate toxic and highly toxic substances, and oblige their owners to eliminate the accumulated environmental damage. ''

In her opinion, it is important that the bill colors environmental payments. That is, they will be targeted & mdash; they can only be directed towards nature conservation purposes. And which ones will be decided taking into account the views of the affected regions.

And the environmental committee adds that the provisions of the bill also apply to coal mines, which is also important after the tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine. in the Kemerovo region.


Twitter in Russia fined another three million rubles

The Magistrate's Court of Tagansky District & nbsp; Moscow & nbsp; again fined the American social network & nbsp; Twitter, which refused to remove prohibited content. Writes about this & nbsp; RIA Novosti.

This time the amount of the administrative fine was three million rubles. On December 16, Twitter was fined 10 million rubles.

The total amount of fines on the social network is 66 million rubles. They were issued for failure to remove prohibited content and refusal to localize personal data of Russians on servers in the Russian Federation. Facebook, Google, Telegram and other companies received similar penalties.

Earlier it became known that Facebook has already paid 17 million rubles in fine.


India received the first S-400 Triumph

India received the first regimental set of the Russian-made S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system.

Complex will be deployed in the north of the country in the state of Punjab to protect against possible attacks from Pakistan and China.

Earlier, in a joint statement following the talks between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi, it was said that military-technical cooperation between Russia and India would be reoriented for joint research and development, development and production of advanced defense technologies and systems.


The Royal Saudi Air Force strikes at the airport in the capital of Yemen

The Royal Saudi Air Force attacked the airport in the city of Sana'a, controlled by the Ansar Allah Shiite movement.

The reason for the operation was the use of the air harbor infrastructure by the Houthis to deploy kamikaze UAVs and air defense systems.

There is no data on the victims and destruction.


Rzeczpospolita: Putin has already decided to invade Ukraine


The author of the Polish edition of Rzeczpospolita, Edzhei Beletskiy, published a material in which he put forward a version that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already decided to conduct a military operation against Ukraine. Beletsky justifies his conclusions by the fact that Russia has put forward demands on the United States and NATO that cannot be met. It should be noted that the Kremlin has repeatedly denied publications by Western media that Moscow is allegedly preparing to invade Ukraine.

The material emphasizes that if NATO meets Russia's demands, it will mean the alliance's surrender. According to the author of the material, Moscow understands this.

Beletsky writes that Washington and NATO have not yet rejected the possibility of negotiating with Russia on this issue, but have already made it clear that they will not agree to fulfill the basic conditions of the Russians. including those concerning the obligation not to accept Ukraine into the alliance.

The author argues that, perhaps, these impracticable requirements have been put forward as a tactical technique, when the bar is raised as much as possible before negotiations, so that later it will be possible to do something. then give in. But he comes to the conclusion that, most likely, the point is different. “It is much more likely, however, that Putin decided to declare his readiness to engage in a decisive battle for the division of spheres of influence in Central Europe,” Beletsky writes.

The article also suggests that US President Joe is believed in Moscow Biden, who authorized the humiliating evacuation from Afghanistan, is a weak figure and therefore they expect that they will force him to make concessions.

“But perhaps Putin has already made the decision to invade, and now he just wants to show that there is nothing to talk about, “Beletsky noted at the end of his note.


“Let’s put a pistol to the temple of the USA”: Kiselev warned the West about Ukraine

Dmitry Kiselev. A still from the TV show “Russia 1”.

Well-known Russian TV journalist Dmitry Kiselev said in an interview with the BBC about what Russia's actions could be if the West continues to draw Ukraine into NATO or deploy weapons on its territory.

is about Ukraine's accession to NATO or the military development of the territory of Ukraine, then we will put our gun barrel to the temple of the United States, “Kiselev said.

The Vesti Nedeli presenter stressed that Russia has such a military-technical capability , thanks to hypersonic weapons. According to Kiselev, Russian missiles will have the same flight time as American or British missiles from Ukraine to Russia.

“This will be the situation of the Cuban missile crisis, but with a different flight time,” he added .

Kiselev also noted that this will be the choice of the West, but Russia does not want such a development of the situation.


Zyuganov believes that “United Russia” “substitutes” Putin


Leader of the Communist Party of Russia Gennady Zyuganov is confident that the leadership of United Russia is substituting the head of the state of Vladimir Putin, not fulfilling all his instructions.

The work of the United Russia party Zyuganov assessed as an undermining of the country's stability, warning that if they don’t come to their senses, the country will face trouble.

“I I think that all the current activities of United Russia are an undermining of stability in the country and a personal blow to Putin. They are pursuing, without exaggeration, a sabotage policy, not fulfilling the directives repeatedly stated in the president's addresses. Their work leads the country to exactly the opposite results, “- said Zyuganov, his words are quoted on the official website of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

The Communist leader also said that if Putin and his entourage” do not come to their senses, we can expect big trouble. ” .


Media: the United States sent a team of cyber experts to Kiev

The US authorities have sent their cybersecurity experts to Ukraine to help Kiev defend the country from Russian threats. According to the New York Times, the United States has information that Russia is allegedly preparing large-scale cyberattacks against the energy system, banking organizations and government bodies of Ukraine.

“The goal of Russia is to show that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky is inept and defenseless – and, possibly, provide a pretext for invading the country, “the newspaper writes.

NYT recalls that in 2015, hackers from Russia hacked into the Ukrainian energy system, seizing the control center of an electric utility company. Then they turned off one power plant after another, and the operators had no choice but to look helplessly at the monitors.

The White House explained to the publication that the United States has long been helping the Ukrainian authorities in strengthening cyber defense and increasing cyber resilience .


“What if I smack you in the face?” The doctor who beat the patient got off with a fine

A fine of 30 & nbsp; thousand for beating a patient. The Magistrate of the Odintsovo District sentenced the doctor Zaur Tsokolaev , who in & nbsp; November 2020, in one of the & nbsp; covid hospitals in Zvenigorod, beat a cancer patient Olga Spetsova . After the blow of the doctor, the patient stopped hearing from the & nbsp; left side. Now Spetsova is undergoing & nbsp; treatment, recently she had an operation on her & nbsp; ear.

While Olga does not & nbsp; know whether she will & nbsp; will appeal against the verdict: “ I am & nbsp; in & nbsp; & nbsp; shock from & nbsp; our judicial system and & nbsp; from how everything is decided by us. I am & nbsp; an oncological patient and & nbsp; tomorrow I go to & nbsp; a few days in & nbsp; hospital. I’ll get out of it, I’ll probably decide something. On the other hand, neither & nbsp; in & nbsp; that I don & nbsp; believe, there is & nbsp; does it make sense? It is unclear why the investigator changed the article. ''

According to the victim, the incident happened on November 20, 2020 & nbsp; year, when she was on treatment at the & nbsp; covid hospital. With & nbsp; the doctor himself, the woman & nbsp; saw only 3 & nbsp; times, but & nbsp; in the & nbsp; department everyone was afraid of him: “ Patients among themselves said that it was better not & nbsp; not to argue with him and & nbsp; not & nbsp; to talk, he was & nbsp; inadequate. & Nbsp; >

Olga recalls that the problems with the & nbsp; head of the department began immediately after admission: “ I & nbsp; got to the & nbsp; hospital on & nbsp; the night when Zaur Tsokolaev was on duty. He & nbsp; me and & nbsp; made out. I went into the & nbsp; ward, did not & nbsp; said hello, said & ldquo; Spetsova for & nbsp; me & rdquo; & nbsp; and & nbsp; left. I & nbsp; didn & nbsp; know where to go, just walked along the & nbsp; corridor, realizing that I was probably in the staff room. Then in the & nbsp; office already began to write down the history of my illness and & nbsp; talked on the & nbsp; verge of rudeness: & ldquo; What did you & nbsp; take? Antibiotics Who appointed them? My oncologist. Your oncologist & nbsp; & mdash; fool & rdquo ;. According to the & nbsp; woman, she didn & nbsp; pay attention to & nbsp; & ldquo; Everything is clear, the human factor, fatigue & rdquo;. At & nbsp; that moment, I had a temperature of about & nbsp; 40, and I began to faint. There was a bench on & nbsp; which I wanted to lie down on. He & nbsp; said, this is not a resort, sit down. I & nbsp; sat down and & nbsp; here & nbsp; lost consciousness & raquo;

The second time she met with the & nbsp; doctor, when she began to choke: “ My neighbors in the & nbsp; ward put a mask on me, the doctors came running, and he came. They brought an ECG machine, and & nbsp; it & nbsp; does not & nbsp; work. They talk to me about & nbsp; this. I & nbsp; next to me quietly try to breathe, on exhalation I moan a little, because it is easier to endure the pain this way. As a result, the device turned on, the cardiogram was done, and Tsokolaev said to me: are you singing or moaning? I & nbsp; on & nbsp; “ moan '' I nod. To & nbsp; that he & nbsp; answers me: “ And & nbsp; if I & nbsp; smack you on & nbsp; face ?! For him, this is normal communication with & nbsp; patients.

Photo: From personal archive

On the & nbsp; day of the incident, the & nbsp; victim and & nbsp; her & nbsp; roommate was assigned an ECG: “ In the morning, we got up, sat in line, and & nbsp; we were told that the study was canceled by the head. At & nbsp; at that moment I had severe pains in my & nbsp; chest, I could not & nbsp; sleep, nor & nbsp; breathe. And & nbsp; I & nbsp; decided to go and ask & nbsp; why he canceled. The neighbor immediately said that & nbsp; will not go, not & nbsp; will not contact & nbsp;.

From the & nbsp; words of the girl, she met Tsokolaev when he was leaving the staff room and & nbsp; greeted & nbsp; & nbsp; “ At & nbsp; my question, the head of the department said that he had no time. But & nbsp; I & nbsp; repeated that the question was for & nbsp; him, because he & nbsp; canceled the ECG. At & nbsp; this moment Tsokolaev turns around, and & nbsp; he & nbsp; huge 2 & nbsp; meters tall, and & nbsp; as he screams at & nbsp; me: & bdquo; Why & nbsp; did you, sheep, generally decide that I & nbsp; with & nbsp; you will talk? & Ldquo; It angered me: why are you & nbsp; behaving this way? ''

And & nbsp; further, Olga recalls, when he pushed her & nbsp; into the staff room, Tsokolaev noticed a phone in & nbsp; her & nbsp; hands: “ He & nbsp; thought I was recording it. & Nbsp; his face changed, he started yelling & bdquo; Are you & nbsp; what, are you writing me here? & Ldquo; He took away the phone, looked that it wasn’t & nbsp; able to enter & nbsp; it, and & nbsp; began to hit the & nbsp; face, their & nbsp; was 5-6. He & nbsp; beat me until & nbsp; until I & nbsp; flew to the & nbsp; wall, & nbsp; hit my head.

Then I & nbsp; remember that I was lying on the & nbsp; floor, was unconscious. In & nbsp; the staff room at & nbsp; at that moment there was my attending physician and & nbsp; still a man, he & nbsp; also a doctor, but & nbsp; I & nbsp; before & nbsp; this didn & nbsp; saw & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; they did not & nbsp; had any reaction to & nbsp; what was happening. & nbsp; So I concluded & nbsp; was & nbsp; in their & nbsp; order of things.

When I opened my eyes, she was sitting on her haunches next to me and & nbsp; said to me: hush, your task now is to get out of here. Then she began to lift me. At this moment Tsokolaev says, no, I'm not going anywhere. He closed the door, they put me on a & nbsp; bench. He poured two 1.5-liter bottles with & nbsp; water on my chest when I was & nbsp; already conscious. All my clothes were wet, the end of November, the windows were open. ''

Olga claims that after that, the beating continued: “ He & nbsp; continued to hit & nbsp; face, pulled out an EKG, spat at & nbsp; me, shouted that he & nbsp; saves my life. At some point, I shoved him away, kicked him in the groin. And & nbsp; then he & nbsp; hit me in the & nbsp; left ear, after which I & nbsp; ceased to hear this side. I turn to the attending physician, talking about & nbsp; this. She replies: it's okay, this is a shell shock, it will pass. '' .

After the beating, according to & nbsp; Olga Spetsova, he forced her to write & nbsp; a statement that she herself attacked & nbsp; him.

Both parties to the conflict then turned to the police.

As Olga says, when she was transferred to & nbsp; another hospital, after filing the application, nothing & nbsp; happened. Only after the victim appealed to the & nbsp; media, the Ministry of Health and the Prosecutor's Office began to check, opened a case under the & nbsp; article on & nbsp; abuse of office: “ Before & nbsp; August, there was an investigation. I & nbsp; passed a polygraph, did an examination, but & nbsp; & nbsp; it didn & nbsp; contain extracts from & nbsp; the hospital where I was treated. The investigator knew that I was & nbsp; undergoing treatment with & nbsp; my ear in a & nbsp; commercial clinic, although & nbsp; was registered in & nbsp; Moscow, but & nbsp; I live in & nbsp; Moscow region.

In & nbsp; at the end of July or in & nbsp; August, the investigator summoned me to get acquainted with the & nbsp; case, said that the doctor had confessed that he was beating me out of hooliganism. But & nbsp; at the same time, the article was re-qualified to & nbsp; 115 part & nbsp; 2, paragraph a & nbsp; & mdash; & bdquo; Intentional infliction of slight harm to health for & nbsp; hooligan motives & ldquo ;. I & nbsp; yet without a lawyer, and & nbsp; didn & nbsp; know that I should have written there, that I & nbsp; with & nbsp; do not agree with & nbsp; in the & nbsp; examination.

Already at the & nbsp; meeting, the prosecutor said that the documents from a & nbsp; commercial clinic are not & nbsp; accepted by the court, only from & nbsp; state. Then I & nbsp; already from & nbsp; brought papers about & nbsp; my treatment, documents about & nbsp; operation, petitioned the court to return the case for & nbsp; additional investigation. But & nbsp; the court rejected the petitions, terminated the criminal case and & nbsp; appointed to pay a fine of 30 & nbsp; thousand rubles to the Tsokolaev's treasury.

The doctor several times tried to contact the & nbsp; victim: “ Before the first trial, I received from & nbsp; 25 & nbsp; thousand, which I sent back through the bank. A few days later Tsokolaev already sent 30 & nbsp; thousand rubles, which she also returned to him. And & nbsp; after the first meeting, I & nbsp; by & nbsp; mail received a letter with & nbsp; apologies & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Olga recalls.

“ I want to assure you that the motive of my action, not thought out by me & nbsp; is not & nbsp; in & nbsp; attitude towards & nbsp; you, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; in & nbsp; suddenly flared up towards & nbsp; you ; rather, it is the result of the difficulties that have fallen over the & nbsp; two past years on the & nbsp; share of every doctor who fought with the & nbsp; injustice and & nbsp; ruthlessness of this terrible disease that broke out all over the earth. Apparently, the problem was forming deep in & nbsp; me, gradually rising to the & nbsp; surface, and & nbsp; splashed out so unsuccessfully in & nbsp; that unfortunate day & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; wrote her & nbsp; Tsokolaev.


The Pentagon intends to continue military operations in the Black Sea

The US military intends to continue operations in Black, as it is allowed by international law, RIA Novosti reports.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said this during a briefing.

“ We will continue to fly and walk where international law allows us to do so, '' he stressed.

Also, a representative of the US defense department noted that the Black Sea is part of international waters.

Recall that earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called & nbsp; the actions of NATO member states in the Black Sea region “ a game with fire '' and warned that Russia was ready to fight back.


Up to -18 degrees of frost is expected in Moscow on Tuesday

Cloudy weather, light snow and ice are predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Tuesday, December 21 & nbsp; the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

During the day, the air temperature in the city will be from 16 & nbsp; to 18 degrees below zero. North wind at a speed of six to 11 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure & ndash; 742 millimeters of mercury.

On Wednesday night, the capital is also expected to be cloudy, icy and light snow. Columns of thermometers & nbsp; can go down to & nbsp; mark & ​​nbsp; minus 24 degrees.

Northwest wind at a speed of five to ten meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be 744 millimeters of mercury.

Earlier it became known about the weather in Moscow on New Year's Eve. According to & nbsp; forecasts & nbsp; forecasters, thermometers & nbsp; can drop to minus 16 degrees.


US sends cybersecurity team to Ukraine – NYT

The United States has sent a group of cybersecurity specialists to Ukraine, The New York Times reports.

As the newspaper's correspondents note, the experts intend to help Ukrainian colleagues to strengthen the protection of energy networks, the banking system and other important infrastructure facilities of the country.

Also, according to the newspaper, American experts expect that cyberattacks on Ukraine may allegedly follow from Russia.

Note that the Russian side has repeatedly rejected unsubstantiated accusations of cyber attacks on Western countries. In addition, Moscow has repeatedly expressed its readiness to cooperate on cybersecurity issues.

A team of Pentagon representatives also visited Ukraine yesterday to assess the country's needs for air defense.


Scientists have created a new method of protecting underground structures from water

Lithuania urges NATO to pull troops to eastern front

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda called on NATO to strengthen its military potential on the eastern front The President of Lithuania, at a meeting with his Ukrainian and Polish counterparts, said that NATO needs to strengthen its military potential in Eastern Europe and develop an algorithm of actions in case of different threatening scenarios

Gitanas Nauseda

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda at a joint press conference with the Presidents of Ukraine and Poland Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Andrzej Duda in Guta (Ivano-Frankivsk region) said that NATO should have an algorithm of actions for any scenarios that could threaten the security of Eastern Europe, reports “ Interfax-Ukraine.

NATO should respond not only by concentrating its troops on the eastern front, but also by strengthening its military potential. Strengthening military potential & mdash; that's good, but we must have an algorithm of what to do if there is scenario A, scenario B, scenario C '', & mdash; said Nauseda.

The President of Lithuania noted that the events of recent months near the border of Ukraine indicate that “ we are losing balance in our region, '' therefore, actions must be taken to restore it. “ If the balance is now being lost, there must be some reaction from the other side for this balance to be restored. This applies to the European Union and NATO ', & mdash; noticed Naused.

In addition, the Lithuanian president said that the military integration of Russia and Belarus is already an indisputable fact that has been going on for a long time. “ NATO should react to this first of all, because it changes the security situation for the Baltic countries '', & mdash; he believes.

According to Nauseda, the security of Ukraine and the Baltic is interconnected. “ So that we discuss not only the Ukrainian, Polish or Lithuanian situation separately. And so that it was a discussion of regional security. And this should be a broad response at the regional level '', & mdash; he concluded.

Information about the accumulation of Russian troops on the borders of Ukraine began to appear in the Western media in October. In mid-November, Zelenskiy announced 100,000 Russian troops at the border. US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland said the “ invasion '' Russia to Ukraine could happen in early 2022. The United States and other Western countries admitted that they would introduce new sanctions against Russia if it tries to send troops to Ukraine.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied information about the impending offensive and named information about a possible intrusion to Ukraine by “ empty injection ''. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that it is NATO that is making “ dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory. ''

Last week, Russia demanded to exclude Ukraine from joining NATO and suggested that the alliance abandon military operations in countries neighboring Russia … The Foreign Ministry included the relevant provisions in the draft security treaty, which was sent to Washington.

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US sent experts to Ukraine to combat Russian cyber attacks

NYT learned that the US has sent experts to Ukraine to combat cyberattacks from Russia US intelligence believes that the goal of a possible cyberattack from Russia is to discredit the current president of Ukraine and get a pretext for a “military invasion”

Washington and London secretly dispatched cybersecurity specialists to Ukraine to help it prepare for a possible attack by Russian hackers. The New York Times (NYT) writes about this.

According to the newspaper, specialists should help strengthen the protection of power grids, the banking system and other important objects of the economy and government of Ukraine.

“ According to American intelligence estimates, Russia's target is '' to make the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy clumsy and defenseless & mdash; and possibly give a pretext for a [military] invasion ', & mdash; the newspaper writes.

NYT intelligence sources argue that if Russia “ does indeed undertake cyberattacks as an independent action, or as a harbinger of a physical attack, then most likely this will happen after Orthodox Christmas, at the end of the first week of January. ''

Intrusion Imminent Messages Russia began to enter the territory of Ukraine from Western media and politicians this fall. For example, the Associated Press, citing data from the US intelligence services, reported that Moscow plans to start hostilities in early 2022, sending 175,000 troops to Ukraine.

US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland admitted that Russia could strengthen military units by Ukrainian border with all troops west of the Urals.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied data on a buildup of forces near the Ukrainian borders and plans for an invasion. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said about the artificially whipped up “ hysteria '' Western media. The head of the SVR, Sergei Naryshkin, said that the United States, using statements about a possible “ invasion '' Moscow to Ukraine, they are trying to push Kiev to attack the Donbass.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, noted that it is NATO that is making “ dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory. ''

Against this background, on December 17, the Foreign Ministry sent the US and NATO proposals on security guarantees. In particular, Moscow insists that Washington should not establish military bases on the territory of countries that were formerly part of the USSR, and calls for the exclusion of further NATO expansion to the east.

The United States stated that negotiations on security guarantees are possible only under conditions de-escalation and should take place with the participation of US allies in Europe.

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Ex-President of Moldova Dodon was summoned to the prosecutor’s office in the case of embezzlement

Ex-President of Moldova Igor Dodon was summoned to the prosecutor's office in the case of embezzlement for $ 12 million Igor Dodon, who lost his presidency and refused the mandate of a deputy, is summoned for interrogation in the Energocom case. This company is engaged in providing Moldova with electricity

Igor Dodon

Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon was summoned to the country's Prosecutor General's Office for interrogation and conviction in the Energocom case, reports. According to the investigation, in 2008, a criminal scheme was created with the participation of this company, which provides Moldova with electricity. As a result, almost $ 12 million was stolen.

Dodon is due to appear in the prosecutor's office on December 27. The billionaire and ex-head of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plakhotnyuk received a summons in this case.

Investigators believe that in early 2008, decision-makers at Energocom, with prior approval from the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, and the National Energy Regulatory Agency, created a criminal scheme. The bottom line was in the unjustified overstatement of purchase prices for electricity and appropriation of the difference. This is a contract for the supply of electricity, concluded between Moldova and Ukraine in 2008. The Prosecutor General's Office opened a criminal case on the fact of embezzlement in September.

Dodon was the President of Moldova in 2016 – 2020. In November 2020, he lost the elections to pro-European supporter Maya Sandu with a score of 42.26 against 57.74%. Dodon himself advocated building up ties with Russia. In 2009 – 2016 and since July 2021, he was a member of the Moldovan parliament and one of the leaders of the socialist and communist bloc. In the summer, this bloc lost the elections to the pro-presidential Action Solidarity party. (PAS). As a result of the vote, the Sandu party won a majority and subsequently formed its own government. In October, Dodon resigned his mandate.

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FT learned of the lack of consensus in NATO on negotiations with Russia

FT: NATO has no consensus on negotiations with Russia on security issues

NATO members did not come to a consensus on negotiations with Russia on security guarantees. This is reported by The Financial Times, citing sources.

According to the report, the allies of the alliance have “ resigned themselves to the need ''; negotiate with Moscow to reach “ mutual agreement and calm the situation. '' At the same time, privately, Western officials reject almost all the proposals of the Russian side, calling them “ impossible. ''

will not & raquo;, & mdash; said a high-ranking NATO diplomat.

The material is being updated.

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Peskov: participation of CIS countries in partnership programs with NATO should be discussed

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the Kremlin shares the promotion of NATO infrastructure on the territory of the former Soviet republics and their participation in affiliate programs with an alliance. In particular, the closest allies of the Russian Federation, Armenia and Kazakhstan, are involved in such programs.

“Participation in partner programs is one thing, and integration into the alliance infrastructure is another thing. These are different things, “- said Peskov.

He recalled that with most of the CIS countries Moscow is bound by allied obligations within the framework of the CSTO. And on this platform “these substances” (that is, participation in partnership programs with NATO – “MK”) “were spoken out and continue to be discussed.”

Peskov stressed that the position of Russia regarding the participation of allies in the programs of the alliance depends on the specific program, “the depth and nature of participation.”

“It is necessary to discuss each individual program. It is impossible to draw general conclusions here, “the Kremlin speaker said.

Earlier, Russia submitted to the United States its proposals on security guarantees, which, in particular, require NATO to stop any military cooperation with the CIS countries.


The head of the corporation that developed the “Zircons” and “Vanguards” was awarded the title of Hero


The President, by his decree, awarded the title of Hero of Russia to Boris Obnosov, head of the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation. The presidential decree notes that the title was awarded “for a significant contribution to strengthening the country's defense and high professionalism shown in solving problems of special state importance.”

Tactical Missile Armament Corporation, which Obnosov has been in charge since 2003 of the year, is known for having implemented the largest projects in the field of hypersonic weapons. It includes NPO Mashinostroyenia, which has created the Avangard and Zircon hypersonic systems.

The Avangard gliding warhead is capable of penetrating any anti-missile defense systems. Sea missiles “Zircon” develop a speed 8 times higher than the speed of sound, and are also unattainable for any missile defense system.

Recall that earlier Herbert Alexandrovich Efremov, honorary general director, honorary General Designer of the MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia” with the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation in 2017, and Alexander Georgievich Leonov, General Director, General Designer of the “MIC” NPO Mashinostroyenia “with the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation in 2019.


President of Kazakhstan Tokayev dismisses Minister of Health of the country Tsoi

The decree was signed by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.


On the eve of the official website The President of Kazakhstan issued a decree according to which the Minister of Health of the Republic Aleksey Tsoi was relieved of his post.

The decree was signed by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.

At the moment, the reasons for the dismissal are not specified.

Earlier it was reported that Tsoi is ready to recognize Russian passports for vaccination against COVID-19.

Later it became known that Aleksey Tsoi left the post of Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the civil sector.

He commented on the decision on social networks and said that “today they supported my decision to move to the civil sector and develop healthcare through science and social initiatives.”


First photos of omicron coronavirus strain published

Plot The spread of a new strain of coronavirus “omicron”

Center “ Vector '' received real images of the omicron-strain of coronavirus, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor reports.

It is noted that specialists in laboratory conditions infected the Vero E6 cell culture with a new strain to study its shape, size and other morphological characteristics.

On the sixth day after infection, the cells were separated from the surface of special flasks where they were grown.

Scientists have noticed that the virus collects slowly and does not cause massive cell death on the sixth day, like other known strains.

“In general, the state of cells when infected with the omicron strain corresponds to what can be seen on the second or third day when infected with other strains”, “ndash; the message says.

Recall cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus “ omicron '' recorded in 89 countries of the world. Experts from the World Health Organization concluded that the strain is spreading especially rapidly in countries with a high level of immunity among the population.


What kind of drone is being tested in the Russian Federation for reconnaissance of ground targets?

In Russia, began testing a drone with an onboard radar station for reconnaissance of ground targets. An unmanned aerial vehicle for radar and radio-technical reconnaissance was created by the Kronstadt company. based on the Orion reconnaissance and strike drone. The image was posted on the company's official Instagram account. At the airfield of the flight test complex of the Kronstadt company near Ryazan, two new hangars were opened for promising drones, each with an area of ​​30 by 30 meters. found out information about the flight tests of the drone-radar.

Unmanned aerial vehicle 'Orion'. Photo: Kronshtadt Company


The drone is equipped with a multifunctional ventral radar, which allows reconnaissance of various ground targets, including electronic reconnaissance of radiation sources, for example, enemy anti-aircraft missile systems. The drone is still capable of performing target designation functions, including for attack UAVs. The introduction of the drone into the reconnaissance and strike contour of the unified tactical echelon control system is envisaged. & Nbsp;

Radar & nbsp;

Radar station & mdash; a class of modern ground-based radar systems for solving tactical tasks on the battlefield. These include automatic monitoring of the movement of enemy troops on the battlefield, determining coordinates for their destruction, adjusting shooting in poor visibility conditions, ensuring the protection of important lines and objects from unauthorized entry, identifying their units and controlling the movement of patrols if they have transponders. transmitting identification signals “ friend or foe ''. Recently, the task of detecting small-sized low-flying unmanned aerial vehicles over the battlefield has become highly relevant. & Nbsp;

The disadvantages of such systems include the possibility of their detection by the enemy at distances significantly exceeding the range, sensitivity to atmospheric precipitation and interference, the dependence of the station location on the topographic features of the area of ​​application, and vulnerability to enemy electronic warfare. On a drone, such a station will be relieved of the dependence on distance. However, it can only be used in good weather.

Created by whom and how

An unmanned aerial vehicle for radar and radio-technical reconnaissance was created by the Kronstadt company. based on the Orion reconnaissance drone. & nbsp;


Orion was created by the Kronshtadt company within the framework of the ROC 'pacer' under contract with the Ministry of Defense. Orion belongs to the class of medium-altitude drones of long flight duration. With a wingspan of more than 16 m and a length of 8 m, Orion has a takeoff weight of 1 ton. The maximum payload of the drone is 450 kg, which allows it to carry four missiles on board. Cruising speed is declared at 120 km/h, maximum is unknown. The device is capable of operating at altitudes up to 7.5 km. Depending on the load and configuration, the UAV can remain in the air for about a day. This device has a fairly high flight performance and a solid reserve of carrying capacity, which makes it a good platform for placing missile and bomb weapons.

Source :

https : //


A submarine of the Pacific Fleet launched a Kalibr rocket in the Sea of ​​Japan

The newest diesel submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky performed the launch of a cruise missile “ Caliber '' in the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan. This was announced by the information support department of the Pacific Fleet of the press service of the Eastern Military District.

The missile successfully hit a coastal target at the Surkum tactical field. The firing range exceeded 1000 kilometers.

It is noted that the submarine's crew worked out the algorithm of actions when conducting missile firing with high-precision weapons. Immediately before the launch, the submariners made a tactical maneuver of covert access to the mission area.

Recall that the Russian Navy recently conducted training launches of an advanced missile system “ Answer '', which is designed to combat enemy submarines.

It was also previously reported that the State Commission accepted the third diesel-electric submarine of a series of six “ Varshavyanka '' project 636.3 “ Magadan '', which will go into service with the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation.