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Is it worth it now to buy dollars and euros in 2022: factors + tips

Good day, dear readers of “”! In this article, we will consider the question of is it worth buying dollars and euros now, since in conditions of economic instability, many people want to invest their accumulated capital in foreign currencies.

From this article you will also learn:

  • what is the current situation with foreign currencies;
  • what factors lead to an increase or decrease in the exchange rate ;
  • advantages and disadvantages of buying dollars and euros now;
  • is it worth it to take dollars and euros in 2022;
  • where to invest when the national currency of Russia falls.

Also in the article you will find advice for investors on whether it is worth buying currency at all this year.

The presented publication will be useful absolutely everyone. Here you will find a lot of interesting information for both those who are already buying currency and those who are just planning to do so.

Why is foreign currency rising or falling, is it worth buying dollars and euros now, where is it better to invest in order to save – you will learn about this and more by reading the article to the end

1. What is the current situation with foreign currencies

When deciding to invest in dollars or euros, citizens set themselves the goal of reducing↓ risks. They are associated with the depreciation of the national currency due to the presence of inflation. In addition, some of them wish to increase↑ their existing capital. In such a situation, it is impossible to make the right decision without studying the currency trends.

For several years, the value of the European currency on the market has steadily increased↑. At the same time, the rate of the dollar gradually decreased↓. Just recently, financial experts bet on the American currency. However, at the moment, their opinion has changed dramatically.

The crisis in Ukraine, as well as hostilities, led to a decrease↓ of the dollar ($) exchange rate. Therefore, today experts recommend to refrain from investing in this currency.

First of all, the exchange rate is declining under the influence of political factors. However, experts believe that price fluctuations in the market are often due to artificial reasons. More than thatexperts warn against rash purchases of dollars and euros at the moment.

2. Why is a foreign currency growing: external and internal factors influencing the exchange rate

First of all, the cost of currencies is determined by supply and demand for them. Accordingly, the higher↑ demand, the higher↑ rate. In addition, the balance of payments, as well as trade, has a serious impact on it.

Balance of payments– this is the ratio of funds introduced into the state and withdrawn from it for a certain time period.

Trade balance – this is the ratio of goods that are imported into and exported from the country during a specific period of time.

The balance of trade is quite seriously affected by:

  • laws in the field of taxation, excises, customs duties;
  • various restrictions: import quotas, embargoes and sanctions.

A high level of domestic prices and a relatively low external one gradually leads to the strengthening of foreign currencies, while the national one weakens.

These balances can be:

  • active if imports of goods or services exceed exports;
  • passive if reverse situation.

From the point of view of the impact on the economic situation, a passive balance is undesirable. The fact is that it provokes a weakening of positions in the foreign exchange market. Therefore, the state always strives to keep both types of its balance sheets active.

According to economic theory, the value of currencies is in accordance with their purchasing power parity. In practice, this situation is extremely rare. This is because in real life the course is influenced by a huge number of external and internal factors. Moreover, the consumer basket in different countries varies significantly.

In other words,rather conditional is the definition of the status of the currency using purchasing power parity. It is much more important to understand what factors can influence the course. Therefore, further we will consider 2 groups of such criteria.

2.1. External factors

External factors of influence are criteria that periodically occur outside the issuing country of the currency and can seriously affect a large number of processes within the state, including the economy.

The most significant external factors are:

  • the situation in the market of raw materials;
  • the situation in the world;
  • gold reserves of foreign states;
  • international sanctions, as well as other major decisions in the field of finance.

In addition to these external factors, significant events in the global economy can be attributed.

It is important to understand:the larger and stronger the country, the more resistant its currency to external factors. Conversely, the smaller and weaker the state, the more adverse external factors influence it.

2.2. Internal factors

Internal factors that affect the foreign exchange rate are:

  • GDP size;
  • Inflation rate;
  • the unemployment rate;
  • what is the state of the securities and real estate markets.

Information about all the above indicators is freely available, all data are subject to periodic publication in open sources.

It is on the basis of this information that Central banks (or similar bodies) decide on the need to take any measures regarding the national currency.

It is also necessary to understand what distinguishes actual and forecast indicators. In situations where they are very different from each other, the exchange rate of foreign currencies can change quite sharply. In such situations, the Central Banks take certain measures. Most often, they use a change in the key rate.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Dollars and Euros Now ➕➖


Before deciding to buy dollars and European currencies, it is important to study all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. Only by carefully analyzing all the pluses (+) and minuses (-), you can understand how expedient it is to carry out the operation.

3.1. Advantages

Those who consider buying foreign currency a good way to protect their savings make the following arguments:

  • Investing in foreign currency is available to everyone. Even for a small a sum of money you can buy a currency whose exchange rate changes are more predictable;
  • If you buy foreign currencies for a long time, you can increase capital with a fairly high probability;
  • If you need to sell a small amount of currency, the transaction can be carried out at any time. Losses are minimal or non-existent.
  • 3.2. Disadvantages

    Despite the rather serious advantages of buying a currency, you should not rush and make a decision about making a deal. Do not idealize such transactions. In fact, they also have a number of disadvantages. They should be carefully studied before investing in a currency.

    The disadvantages of acquiring foreign currency are as follows:

  • Foreign exchange rates are extremely volatile. There is a fairly high probability that the acquisition will be made when the exchange rate is at its maximum. As a result, a fall follows, the buyer incurs losses. If currency transactions are carried out for a large amount, they are quite risky precisely because of the possibility of serious jumps.
  • There is always a difference between the purchase and sale prices. Therefore, already at the time of the transaction, a loss is formed, which can only be covered by an increase in the exchange rate. If you need to convert the currency back to rubles too early, you can lose quite large amounts due to the exchange rate difference.
  • The bank may not have the necessary amount available . This is a situation that large investors may face when trying to buy cash.
  • Experts believe that keeping capital in cash is inefficient. They believe that money should work. However, keeping large amounts of foreign currency in a bank is risky.
  • Only by carefully analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, one can make the right decision regarding the advisability of acquiring foreign currencies.

    4. What to take – dollars or euros?

    Often, ordinary citizens ask themselves: what is more profitable and reliable – dollars or euro.When making a decision, it is important to consider several factors. The main among them are the following:

  • the ratio of the market rates of the dollar and the euro at the moment;
  • what currency is the maximum demand in the region of the buyer's residence;
  • what currency is used as a means of payment.
  • Now the market value is euro higher↑ value dollar average 1.2 times. Their prices fluctuate throughout the day. However, there may be no significant jumps for quite a long time.

    Of course, you can skip the analysis and just buy both currencies. However, such an operation is quite risky and can lead to losses.

    For those who periodically visit different countries, it is important to consider where exactly they plan to go next time:

    • If you have to visit America or Asian countries, it makes sense to buy dollars.
    • If you are planning a trip to Europe, it is better to buy euros.

    Experts suggest that there are no plans to reduce the value of the dollar and the euro in the near future. Therefore, investing in foreign currency in the long run will help not only save capital, but also increase it. More importantly, they are able to protect savings from the harmful effects of inflation.

    It should also be taken into account that the dollar is used in most world countries. Due to this, there are few factors that can have an adverse effect on it. In this regard, the dollar is quite stable.

    5. Is it worth buying dollars and euros now – experts' expectations

    Even experts are not always able to make a correct forecast of the further movement of exchange rates and, ultimately, correctly determine in which of them it is worth keeping savings. Nevertheless, regular analysis of the market situation helps to identify certain patterns in the movements of the exchange rate.

    An important feature of the foreign exchange market is as follows: if at the current moment the value of the currency is not underestimated under the influence of economic and political crises, in the near future we can count on its growth↑.

    However, this year, experts suggest pressure on currencies from economic and political factors. They must be taken into account when choosing the monetary unit into which the savings will be transferred. Let's take a closer look at what situation experts expect with the dollar and the euro this year.

    5.1. Dollar

    Most financial analysts agreed that in 2022 we can expect a dramatic growth↑ of the dollar by world currency market. These assumptions are confirmed by the growth of the US domestic economy.

    Russian financiers claim that the dollar will rise against the ruble↑. They estimate that the increase in 2022 will be around 10%. We wrote more about the ruble exchange rate in the article.

    Moreover, experts from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation suggest that the dollar exchange rate will rise to 7080 rubles. For the most part, the reality of such a forecast is determined by the sanctions against Russia. Read more in the article – “What will happen to the dollar in the near future”.

    5.2. Euro

    When considering the situation with the euro, experts primarily focus on its instability. In general, the European Union is experiencing economic growth. However, experts warn that the weakening of the currency may begin at any time under the pressure of difficulties in the banking sector.

    Experts are surethat in the event of a successful election in Germany, the euro could rise. Moreover, if problems in European countries are resolved in the near future, this monetary unit will be able to successfully compete with the dollar.

    Regardless of the situation with exchange rates, the Governor of the Central Bank of Russia advises Russians today to keep savings in the national currency. He explains this advice by the fact that the rate of inflation in our country has decreased↓. At the same time, interest on bank deposits began to go beyond the depreciation range.

    By the way, about what inflation is, what causes and consequences of inflation, see an interesting video:

    However, it is important to understand: the dollar today maintains its own positions, euro remains unstable. At the same time, the ruble is predicted to depreciate against the dollar in the near future.

    But it should be borne in mind that the situation will be determined by how the political and economic situation develops as in the country and in the world. For example, if the price of oil falls, the dollar can rise even more.

    6. Under what conditions is it worth buying dollars and euros

    Before buying dollars and euros, you should analyze a number of criteria and answer questions for yourself. The most important ones are presented below.

    1) Which currency is overvalued

    You can understand which currency is currently overvalued by analyzing the current euro/dollar ratio. In January 2019, this indicator averaged 1.12.

    Looking at historical data, we can understand the following:

    • The size of the ratio less than 1.2 demonstrates the fact that dollar is expensive.
    • If the value of the ratio grows to 1.3, this allows us to conclude that the positions of euro.

    Actually, considering 2named currencies, they are not characterized by a long rise or fall. They constantly fluctuate in a certain range. When the dollar is overvalued, it makes sense to buy the euro, and vice versa.

    2) What type of currency is important for a particular region

    When deciding whether to prefer the dollar or the euro, the buyer must evaluate which of of these currencies is most common in the region of his residence.

    For example, for Kaliningrad, the maximum value is Eurodue to the geographical proximity of the European Union. For most other regions of Russia, the dollar is of fundamental importance.

    3) Will the purchased currency be used for settlements

    This question is also is of fundamental importance. There is no point in buying one currency if, literally in a few months, any calculations are planned in another. Such a situation may, for example, arise in the case of trips abroad.

    If you analyze the criteria presented above, study the forecasts of specialists, as well as changes in rates in recent years, you can make the right decision regarding transactions with currencies.

    7. Is it worth it now to buy currency (dollars and euros) – 4 moments for a transaction

    When deciding to purchase a foreign currency, it is important to pay attention to choosing the right moment for a transaction. On the one hand, even professionals do not always manage to make the right forecast. On the other side– you can identify a number of trends, the study of which helps to make the right decision.

    1) Analysis of supply and demand

    The main change in the exchange rate of a foreign currency occurs under the influence of the ratio of supply and demand.

    If you analyze the market, you can understand that:

    • in case of a shortage of currency on the market, its rate will rise↑;
    • if there is a surplus currency unit – the exchange rate starts to decline quite actively↓.

    You don't have to do the analysis yourself. Such reports are regularly published on certain Internet resources. They are freely available, and anyone can get acquainted with them.

    2) Buying at the time of the depreciation

    If the low foreign exchange rate is not associated with a crisis in the issuing country, in the nearest can be expected to grow in the future. Such periods do not last long. If you have time to buy currency at this time, you can get a good profit.

    3) Purchases during the month

    If we consider a time period equal to one month, the optimal moment for transactions can be considered the interval from the 15th to the 25th.

    At this time, organizations that implement products for foreign currency, pay taxes. Payments to the budget are made in rubles, so there is an increase↑ in the supply of foreign currencies.

    4) Currency transactions throughout the year

    If you analyze the exchange rate during the year, the most optimal time for shopping can be considered December and January. At this time, the states that buy raw materials from Russia make payments under contracts. As a result, a surplus of currency is formed.

    If you need to sell a currency, the best time to make transactions is beginning of the month, as well as end quarter. At this time, the demand for foreign currencies usually grows not only from organizations, but also from the state.

    Given the above factors, you can choose the right moment to make transactions. This will allow not only to avoid losses, but also to make a profit.

    8. Is it worth buying dollars in 2022: 4 valuable tips from experts

    Investors should not forget: if investments are planned for a sufficiently large amount, one should understand in advance what such a transaction will bring. That's why it's worth checking out the following tips from finance experts.

    Tip 1. Decide on the purpose of acquiring a currency

    First of all, you should decide whether you plan to save money or spend.

    • If the purpose of acquiring a currency is to preserve capital for a sufficiently long time period , there are no questions.
    • If the purchase is planned for a short period, such an operation is hardly advisable.

    The fact is that both during the acquisition and during currency sale time occurs exchange rate difference. In the end, this will nullify all efforts. The loss from the exchange rate difference can exceed the profit from the transaction.

    Tip 2. Practice moderation in transactions

    Specialists do not dissuade from investing in dollars. At the same time, they warn: this should be done as carefully as possible.

    Risks when buying dollars below↓, therefore, it is he who preferred in most cases. Euromore unpredictable, since the situation in the EU countries is unstable, there is a rather large difference between the Eastern states of this region and Germany and France.

    Advice 3. Invest only half of the capital in the currency

    Today, a number of experts suggests that due to the current policy in America, the dollar will rise in the near future↑. In an attempt to make money, many Russians begin to buy foreign currency in huge quantities.

    Howevernot everyone is inclined to believe that the dollar will seriously grow. Many experts believe that the ruble also has good chances today. And in the near future, it may start to grow↑. Some experts argue that the exchange rate will fluctuate in the range from 60 to 67 rubles per dollar.

    In order to win no matter which way the exchange rate goes, not worth itinvest all your money in one currency. Experts advise dividing them in equal proportions between different monetary units.

    Tip 4. Listen to the opinions of experts

    Many experts believe that they can make the right decision regarding the acquisition of currency on their own without having a specialized education , is practically impossible.

    Worth considering: if you need to purchase a currency for a large enough amount, if you make the wrong decision, the loss will be too high. Therefore, it is worth consulting with specialists.

    Experienced financiers are better versed in how the exchange rate behaves in a certain period of time. Experts can advise whether to hurry up with the purchase or whether it makes sense to wait.

    You can read the analytics, get acquainted with the calendar of economic events, find out expert forecasts and understand whether it is worth buying dollars now on specialized sites of forex brokers. For example, the Forex Club resource contains the listed sections.

    You can also open an account on the broker's resource and buy the currency of interest (be it the dollar, euro or bitcoin)

    Taking into account the above tips, you can avoid a huge number of mistakes. As a result, the probability of saving funds will be much higher.

    9. In what currency to save and increase savings

    Russians have gradually learned to make savings even with a small income. However, regardless of the amount of capital, knowing how best to store and increase savings is of great importance.

    It is important to remember the famous saying:He who owns the information owns the world. Therefore, it is worth reading regularly, trying to learn something new in the field of finance. It is useful to attend various educational programs of political and economic orientation.

    Getting experience in the field of entrepreneurship is no less important. Running your own business helps you learn to make effective decisions on your own, as well as analyze the situation

    Experts give a number of recommendations on how to properly preserve and increase savings:

  • You should not keep all your capital in one currency. Separation is a much more effective option. funds for a minimum of 3 parts. They must be invested in those currencies that seem to the owner of the capital the most stable and reliable.
  • When choosing a currency for investing your savings, you should pay attention to little-known monetary units that have certain prospects. Experts recommend yuan (¥), franc (£), as well as the currencies of the countries of the Middle East.
  • It makes sense to place part of the savings on a bank card or open a deposit in dollars or euros. However, in the context of a rapidly changing situation, not it is worth to open deposits for a period of more than 2years, even under very favorable conditions. In a few months, the situation can change radically, and what will happen in a few years is almost impossible to predict.
  • Experts advise investing the main amount in your own business. It is quite difficult for many to find the right idea. But today the Internet can help with this. Here you can find a whole list of options from which it remains to choose the right one.
  • It is important to choose only those areas that you understand and are interested in as an idea for your own business.You should not start development in a certain direction just because it is the most profitable. If there is no knowledge and interest, success is unlikely to be achieved.
  • It is worth allocating a small amount of money for experiments. It is necessary to try to implement certain ideas. If at the initial stage it was successful, and at the same time there are prospects for further development, it makes sense to invest a larger amount in the development of the project.
  • Not worth it take seriously, as a way to increase capital, various lotteries, betting companies, as well as financial pyramids.
  • If you need to purchase cash, you should not use the services of street money changers, even if they offer a very favorable exchange rate. There is a high probability of encountering scammers.
  • Finally, here is another important rule: money should be treated with the utmost seriousness, without being afraid to dispose of it.

    10. Where to invest money during periods of currency growth – TOP 11 ways to save money

    During the fall of the national currency (ruble, other national currency), many citizens ask themselves: where to invest money so as not to lose it. Below are the most effective ways to invest.

    Method 1. Education

    Many experts believe that the best investment option is your own education. However, it should be borne in mind that it will only be possible to achieve a return on such investments if you carefully study the labor market and wage levels.

    ☝ It is not enough to identify a prestigious line of activity, it is important that the chosen the profession was in demand in the region of residence. In addition, you should clarify in advance what income you can expect in the end.

    It is not necessary to spend money and time on getting a higher education, especially when it already exists. You can use all sorts of courses to improve your skills, trainings and seminars.

    In any case, it should be understood that education is a long-term investment. However, with proper use of it, you can ensure financial stability in the future.

    Method 2. Business

    Investing in a business can be divided into 2 main groups: investment in someone else or own business. The first option can be used only if there is free capital. Such investments do not provide any guarantee of profit.

    If you decide to invest in a newly created organization, you should carefully analyze its business plan. In this case, special attention should be paid to the payback period of investments. In any case, the chosen activity should be of interest to the investor and be understandable to him. In this case, it will be much easier to correctly assess the situation.

    If investments in someone else's business are successful, the investor will be able to receive passive income. The amount of profit in this case will be determined primarily by the amount of investments.

    If you invest in your own business, more serious skills and knowledge will be required. It is important to choose a business in which you are interested, otherwise you are unlikely to succeed. For more information about investing in a business, read the article at the link.

    Method 3. Savings account

    Savings account– this is an account opened with a banking organization that does not have a term. You can replenish it at any time, withdrawal of funds is also carried out without restrictions. The bank accrues interest on the funds deposited in the savings account.

    This investment option does not make it possible to earn a lot, since the interest on such an account is verylow. However, it allows you to save savings and even receive a small income from them. A savings account should not be confused with a bank deposit (deposit).

    Method 4. Bank deposit

    Deposits opened in the bank – one of the most popular options for obtaining passive income. In this case, the investor only needs to choose a bank that offers the most favorable conditions for deposits. Read more about bank deposits in our last issue.

    You can conclude an agreement:

    • online;
    • by contacting the office.

    The depositor provides the banking organization with his funds for a predetermined period. For this, interest is charged to him. Income can be paid every month or at the end of the deposit term. With monthly accrual, if the investor does not withdraw interest, income can also be accrued on them.

    Method 5. Forex

    The Forex currency market with independent trading allows you to earn quite quickly and a lot. However, such activities are associated with a high↑ level of risk. Therefore, you can quickly lose all invested funds.

    If you do not have enough knowledge for independent trading, experts advise transferring capital to trust management. This can be done, among other things, by using the PAMM-accounts service.

    To make money on Forex, you will have to register with one of the Forex brokers. In order not to become a victim of scammers, it is important to treat the choice of such a company with maximum responsibility. A trusted broker with positive online reviews is a broker – Forex Club.

    Method 6. Shares

    Shares name the type of securities, the buyer of which receives a part of the company's property, as well as the right to a share of its profits, paid in the form of dividends.

    The amount of income from them is not known in advance. It is determined by how successful the company will be. In this case, the result is determined only at the end of the financial year. However, there is a way to get a fixed income from such securities – to purchase preferred stock.

    When investing in stocks, it is important to consider that the fact that they can decrease in value at any given time. Therefore, specialists recommend dividing capital between securities of several companies in order to diversify risks.

    To purchase shares, you will have to not only study the features of the exchange and the current situation on the stock market, but also choose a reliable broker. Ideally, it should be licensed by the Central Bank of Russia.

    Method 7. Federal bonds

    The issuer of federal loan bonds is the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The essence of such securities is that their buyer lends funds to the state at interest.

    The yield on government bonds is almost equal to the interest on bank deposits. But at the same time, federal securities are more reliable than deposits. Their buyer can be sure that he will make a profit.

    Method 8. ETF-fund

    Investing in ETF-fund involves acquisition of a ready-made block of shares in an exchange-traded fund. The portfolio of such a fund consists of securities of several organizations. Therefore, the probability of receiving a small but guaranteed profit is quite high.

    Method 9. Individual investment account

    An individual investment account is one of the types of capital investments that generate income. It allows you to invest money in the stock market by purchasing stocks, bonds or shares. Even if the owner of the IIA does not place capital in this way, he in any case receives interest on the amount invested.

    Take note! When opening an individual investment account, the depositor can use deduction from personal income tax within the limits of 52,000 rubles annually. But you can use it only if the funds lie for at least 3 years.

    Method 10. Property for rent

    Investing in real estate is a win-win way of investing. BenefitThe method of investment under consideration is that, regardless of the circumstances, the investor remains with an apartment. In addition, over time, real estate grows ↑ in price.

    However, there are several disadvantages:

    • the payback period with this method is sufficient long;
    • the size of the initial investment is relatively high and not everyone has a similar amount to buy. To be able to rent out real estate, you will have to spend several million rubles. However, there is always the option of acquiring an apartment on a mortgage;
    • there are periods of downtime,since it is far from always possible to quickly find new tenants when the old ones have moved out.

    We wrote about investing in real estate in detail in the last issue, where we considered the main pros and cons of investing in real estate.


    Method 11. Acquiring an apartment during the construction phase

    One of the most profitable investment options, experts call the purchase of apartments at the initial stage of construction, when their price is minimal. Property value can rise↑ by approximately by 30-50%.

    It is important to understand: before Before investing, you should conduct a thorough analysis of the real estate market at the place of purchase. If you buy an apartment in an unsuccessful building, you are unlikely to get income.

    Experts do not recommend buying large apartments, as the demand for them is much lower↓. Selling them may take time. In addition, experts advise contacting a reliable real estate agency, which has experienced lawyers on staff. They will be able to offer options from trusted developers.

    When using this type of investment, there is a risk that the house will not be completed. In addition, the economic situation may change, and a crisis may begin. As a result, the demand will fall, the purchased apartment will be quite difficult to sell. However, it will be possible to rent out the property until the price rises again.

    A table will help you compare the options presented, which describes their main characteristics.

    Table: “Main investment methods, their risk levels and periods of income”

    Investment method Return Period Risk Level Own education From several months to several years, depending on how long it takes to put the acquired knowledge into practice High – while you are studying, the situation on the labor market may change significantly or the profession will become uninteresting Business Several years, depending on payback period High Savings account One ​​month after depositing funds into the account Minimum if the account is opened with a reliable bank

    Bank deposit Determined by the term, for which the funds are placed If you select a bank that participates in the deposit insurance system and deposit an amount not exceeding 1.4 million rubles, there is no risk Shares Time from purchase to sale at a higher price

    At the end of the financial year in the form of dividends High due to the high probability of a fall in the value of shares Federal bonds

    Equal to the maturity of the security being purchased Minimum ETF Depends on which fund you invest in Medium IIS At least 3 years or you will not be able to use the personal income tax deduction High, since investments are not subject to state insurance Forex After closing the first trade High Property for rent In 12 months Low if reliable tenants can be found Purchasing an apartment under construction On average 12 years depending on completion date Depends on the reliability of the developer 11. Conclusion + useful video

    It is impossible to find a definite answer to the question: whether to buy dollars and euros now. We'll have to analyze, explore possible options. The opinion of experts is also of great importance.

    In conclusion, we recommend watching the video – “Is it worth buying currency (dollars and euros) this year”:

    An interesting video about the fall of the ruble:

    Many citizens buy/sell dollars and euros (other currencies) to make money. Therefore, in the conclusion of the article, we recommend watching a video about forex trading and ways to make money on the foreign exchange market:

    And why the dollar rose:

    We wish our readers financial well-being, regardless of the economic situation!

    Dear readers of, we will be with you very grateful if you share your and opinions and comments on the topic of publication in the comments below. See you soon on the pages of our online magazine!


    How to choose the most profitable mortgage loan and where it is more profitable to get a mortgage: an overview of the TOP-5 banks

    Good afternoon, dear readers of the financial magazine “”! Today we will talk about a profitable mortgage loan (cheap mortgage).

    From this article you will learn:

    • What mortgage loan conditions can be called favorable;
    • Who has the opportunity to get a preferential mortgage;
    • What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing a profitable mortgage loan;
    • Where (in which bank) is it more profitable to get a mortgage;
    • Who will help you get the best mortgage.

    At the end of the publication, answers to frequently asked questions about mortgages are provided.

    The information provided will be useful to those who plan to buy a home on a mortgage loan and selects the best conditions. If you belong to this category, don't waste time, read our article right now!

    This publication is about a profitable/cheap mortgage: how to choose it, where it is more profitable to get it, in which bank you can get it at a low interest

    1. What conditions can be considered favorable when applying for mortgage loans?

    In our country, mortgage has become the only option that allows you to move into your own home today without wasting time and the strength to accumulate money in the amount of the cost of the apartment. Our website has a separate article on how to earn money for an apartment on your own and become the owner of your own home.

    Mortgages secured by real estate have been popular all over the world as a way to purchase a home for many years. In our country, this option of buying an apartment began to develop only 15 years ago.

    Nevertheless, a fairly large number of Russian citizens have managed to take advantage of a mortgage. Moreover, many have already been able to successfully repay such loans.

    1.1. Main features of loans secured by real estate

    To understand what kind of mortgage can be considered profitable, first of all, it is worth understanding what are the features of such loans.

    The main characteristics of a mortgage are:

  • Targeted character. That is, the funds received in a mortgage can only be spent on purchase of real estate. Much less often they are issued for construction.
  • Real estate remains pledged to the bank,despite the fact that upon purchase it becomes the property of the borrower. That is, until the mortgage loan is fully repaid, it will be impossible to sell or donate real estate without notifying the bank. Often, even to register relatives here, a separate permit is required.
  • Long term. Most often, mortgages are issued for at least 5 years. The maximum term can exceed 30. Here everything largely depends on the age of the borrower.
  • There are a number of advantages of a mortgage:

    • high speed of receiving money and buying an apartment, especially when it comes to registration through professionals, the so-called brokers;
    • a large number of programs on the market, the choice of which depends on the specific situation;
    • a profitable investment option.

    Choosing between rent and mortgage, it should be understood that over time, apartments almost never fall in price. What's more, rents often go up, while mortgage payments often stay the same.

    It turns out that in the long run, renting is usually more expensive than paying off a loan for your own home.

    Naturally, in addition to advantages, mortgage loans also have disadvantages . The main consequences are those that occur in case of impossibility to pay a mortgage loan. In other words, in such situations, the credit institution has the right to take the collateral.

    Do not forget that getting a loan is not so easy. To do this, you must meet certain requirements of credit organizations that apply to borrowers for mortgage loans.

    The basic requirements for a borrower in most credit organizations are the same:

    • minimum age 21 years, maximum age around 4045;
    • quality credit standing;
    • a stable job;
    • sufficient monthly income.

    Only if all the necessary conditions are met at the same time, the applicant can count on a positive decision on the mortgage.

    In a separate article, we also wrote how and where to get a loan with a bad credit history without refusal and which banks are ready to give a loan in this case .

    1.2. What kind of mortgage can be considered profitable

    Everyone knows that with a mortgage you have to live in debt for a long period. The result is a significant amount of overpayment. That is why those who wish to buy an apartment on credit react very sharply to the phrase profitable mortgage.

    The amount of a mortgage loan is usually quite impressive. In combination with a solid loan term, as well as various commissions and payments for insurance, this gives a huge overpayment, which is usually at least 2 times the original loan amount.

    The main goal when choosing a loan program in such conditions is to find the most profitable mortgage program.

    It is important to understand that not always the most profitable mortgage can be called the one which is the minimum rate. It is very rare for a bank to agree to a reduction in profits. Therefore, most often the losses associated with lowering the rate, the credit institution reimburses by charging various commissions.

    Many consider the option of a mortgage without a down payment to be beneficial for themselves. On the one hand, there is no need to wait and save. But do not forget that you will have to pay this amount of money in any case.

    At the same time, since it will be included in the loan issued, interest will also be charged on it. In the end, the overpayment will be much more than when making a down payment.

    Professional financiers agree that a profitable mortgage is a relative concept . Its parameters are determined by the personal opinion of the borrower, as well as the financial circumstances prevailing at the moment.

    In fact, if you carefully study the characteristics of mortgage programs, most of the advantages cease to be such. At the same time, those conditions that seem inconvenient, as well as the least profitable, actually turn out to be the most suitable and best in specific conditions.

    Most often, those who make certain sacrifices receive the greatest benefit from a mortgage, to gain seemingly insignificant benefits.

    2. Who is eligible to receive a mortgage on preferential terms? ?

    If we still consider a mortgage from the point of view of benefits, it can be received by those who have the right to obtain a loan on preferential terms.

    Traditionally, the following categories of benefits are distinguished:

    • reduced mortgage rate;
    • no need to make a down payment;
    • loan holidays – upon the occurrence of certain events (for example, the birth of a child), the borrower is allowed not to repay the loan for 13 years.

    The purpose of obtaining mortgage loans on preferential terms is to enable low-income citizens to purchase housing.

    What you need to consider when looking for a profitable mortgage loan – the most important factors affecting the “profitability” of the mortgage

    3. How to choose a profitable mortgage loan – 6 main conditions that you need to pay special attention to?


    In order to understand which mortgage is the most profitable, it is important to analyze and compare existing offers on the market.

    Remember that the mortgage loan agreement requires the borrower to maximumattention. All text should be carefully studied, especially the so-called small print.

    Specialists recommend paying special attention to the following conditions:

    • loan currency ;
    • amount of down payment;
    • interest rate;
    • availability of insurance and the amount of payments on them;
    • amount of commissions;
    • Peculiarities of early repayment.

    Condition 1. Loan currency

    Often, banks try to lure customers into applying for a mortgage in foreign currency, reducing interest rates on such loans. Experts not recommend giving in to such a temptation.

    The term of mortgage loans is very long, during this time the national currency may depreciate so much that the amount of winnings on rates will be insignificant. Moreover, in our country, the exchange rate of foreign currencies often changes unpredictably. The result is difficulties with paying off the mortgage.

    However, in some situations it is still more profitable to take a mortgage in foreign currency. This is typical for cases where the main income is calculated in this monetary unit.

    Professionals recommend following the rule: Mortgages should be issued in the currency in which the borrower receives wages .

    Condition 2. The amount of the down payment

    Most often, a mortgage is issued with an down payment. This indicator reflects information about how much the borrower must pay as soon as the contract is signed.

    Traditionally, the amount of the down payment is calculated in the range of from 10 to 30% of the total cost of the apartment.

    In monetary terms, the amount is rather big. Some find it hard to save up. However, in essence, it demonstrates to the credit institution that the borrower has the most serious intentions. Anyone who manages to raise money for a down payment will most likely be able to pay off the amount of mortgage debt in the future.

    Some borrowers spend time looking for loan programs with a minimum or no down payment. At the same time, they forget that such loans are often issued with other conditions that are less favorable.

    Moreover, this amount will have to be repaid anyway. Only taking into account the accrued interest, it will turn out to be much higher.

    Condition 3. Interest rate

    Despite the fact that experts do not recommend putting the interest rate at the forefront, most borrowers pay attention to it in the first place. However, this parameter is far from always the most significant.

    Most credit organizations are perfectly able to play on the psychology of the borrower. To get his attention, banks set a minimum rate. At the same time, it is quite natural that no credit institution will worry about saving customers more than about their own benefit.

    Therefore, do not bribe the promise of a low interest rate. It is possible that with further study of all the parameters of the mortgage program, it will become clear that this is just a trick to attract more customers.

    Moreover, it would be useful know that at the moment in Russia the average mortgage rate is 12-15 percent per annum. When promising a lower percentage, it is worth studying other conditions even more carefully.

    Condition 4. The availability of insurance and the amount of payments on them

    Some borrowers forget about the availability of insurance when applying for mortgage loans. Meanwhile, this parameter has a significant impact on the size of the future overpayment.

    It is legally established that loan payments are insured without fail. The borrower has the right to refuse all other types of insurance programs.

    Pay attention!Often, it is the client's consent to voluntary insurance that affects the mortgage rate.

    For credit institutions, it is important that the risk of issuing a loan is as low as possible. In order to protect themselves, they try in every possible way to convince customers to insure not only payments, but also health, performance, and the property itself.

    In these circumstances, the borrower should carefully consider the benefits of agreeing to certain insurances.

    Condition 5. Amount of other commissions

    Often, borrowers do not pay due attention to the presence of commissions when applying for a mortgage. Meanwhile, there are various types of additional payments that affect the interest rate as well as mortgage overpayments.

    Often the first fee a borrower faces is payment for registration and issuance of a mortgage. Some banks have several lending programs that differ in the amount of this payment (usually from 1 to 4% of the loan amount). At the same time, the higher the commission, the lower the interest rate.

    Not everyone can immediately understand which option is more profitable. To determine this, you will have to compare the fee with the overpayment for the entire loan term. Only then can you make the right choice.

    The commission for issuing a mortgage is far from the only one. For each loan program, inquire about the presence of additional payments and carefully analyze their impact on repayments.

    Thus, borrowers often forget about the existence of account maintenance fees . Meanwhile, they are charged monthly. As a result, the benefit of lowering the interest rate is often insignificant or non-existent.

    In order not to find that there are unexpected overpayments on the mortgage, you should carefully study all the terms of the contract more BEFOREsigning it.

    Often, information about additional payments is indicated in the middle of an impressive body of agreements. As a result, it can be difficult to notice it.

    It is also important to carefully look at how often one or another payment will have to be paid – once a year or monthly.

    Condition 6. Features of early repayment

    An equally important parameter of a mortgage is the ability to repay it ahead of schedule. Many borrowers make every effort to get rid of the burden of payments as quickly as possible. However, for banks this not is beneficial, because they are deprived of profit from the loan in the future.

    This state of affairs leads to the fact that some credit organizations are trying to limit the ability to repay the mortgage ahead of schedule . They charge commissions for such actions, and also prevent them for a certain period of time.

    However, most banks offer customers the option of paying off their mortgage early. In this case, there are 2 options:

  • Repay the remaining amount of the debt;
  • Deposit only a part.
  • Both of these methods allow you to gradually reduce the amount of overpayment on a mortgage. That is why the possibility of early repayment can be regarded as a sign of a profitable mortgage loan.

    Thus, there are a number of parameters that have a significant impact on the profitability of mortgage programs. They should be analyzed complex. This is the only way to determine which option to prefer.

    4. The nuances of a profitable mortgage + the opinion of professionals on whether it is profitable to take a mortgage now?

    If we talk about whether it is profitable to take a mortgage now, when the economic situation in Russia and in the world is extremely unstable, then in these conditions, financiers do not dissuade from drawing up mortgage agreements at all. But they focus the attention of citizens that the lending program should be chosen as carefully as possible. In principle, this rule is relevant in any time period.

    One of the basic principles recommended by financial analysts is getting a mortgage in the currency of income.

    A huge number of Russians have fallen into a trap. They were seduced by attractive rates and took out a loan to buy a home in foreign currency.

    At the same time, the difference in the annual rate is not that big – about 2-3%. It would seem that in terms of a large loan in rubles, the overpayment would be significant. But no one is immune from fluctuations in the rate of foreign currency mortgages.

    So, in 2016 in Russia, the cost of foreign currencies increased by about 2 times. As a result, those who took out a mortgage in rubles continue to make a fixed monthly payment. At the same time, for those who took out a loan in foreign currency, it increased in proportion to the exchange rate, that is, by 2 times.

    Such situations were repeated more than once. The result is an extremely difficult situation for the borrower, when it becomes impossible to pay the mortgage.

    Specialists also name other mortgage lending conditions that banks use to lure customers. They look very attractive, but in practice they do not bring real benefits to borrowers. Below we describe the most common of them.

    1) Floating interest rate

    Often, bank employees try to convince their customers that a floating interest rate on a mortgage loan is an incredibly beneficial option for the borrower, as it guarantees changes in the size of payments depending on the market situation. In practice, all risks from changes in the economic situation fall on the shoulders of borrowers.

    Pay attention!Some experts compare the degree of danger of a mortgage with a floating rate with that which is issued in foreign currency.

    In addition, analysts say that in the near future, improvements in economic indicators, to which the rate is tied, will not expected.

    In addition, experts predict further growth in inflation. For borrowers, this will result in an increase of the floating rate. It should be borne in mind that such an increase is not limited to absolutely anything, therefore, as a result, for the debtor, this may turn into a situation where it will be impossible to pay the loan.

    There is an opinion that a floating interest rate is beneficial when applying for a mortgage for a short period . That is, if you pay off the loan within 5 years, it does not threaten you with trouble. Moreover, it will be possible to save on the amount of the overpayment.

    But history says otherwise. Many borrowers who took out floating-rate mortgages in 2006 were determined to pay them off as soon as possible. However, in 2008 the economic crisis set in, which led to a significant rate increase on such loans. As a result, the hopes were not justified, and the payment increased significantly.

    2) Reducing the interest on mortgages in the future

    Recently, programs have appeared on the mortgage lending market that promise borrowers for a certain commission further reduction in interest.

    In practice, you have to pay huge sums for this opportunity. Typically, the commission is 27% of the total amount received in the mortgage.

    Banks provide calculations that convince customers that savings from such rate cuts will be substantial.

    In practice, most borrowers tend to pay off their mortgages as quickly as possible. In this case, the economy loses its meaning. Therefore, professionals do not recommend overpaying extra money for such conditions.

    3) Mortgage refinancing

    Currently, more and more credit organizations offer mortgages with combined rate. In this case, the loan is initially issued at a reduced rate, and after a certain period, mortgage loan refinancing will be carried out.

    On the one hand, there is a certain the benefit of refinancing, which consists in getting more favorable terms. As a result, when applying for a mortgage, the client hopes that at the first stage he will benefit from a low rate, and subsequently refinance the loan at the average market interest.

    In practice, banks are reluctant to provide refinancing. As a result, in most cases, borrowers are not given the opportunity to exercise this right.

    Most often, borrowers are not provided with better mortgage conditions, they simply receive an adjustable rate loan.

    It should be noted that at the beginning, only interest is always paid on a mortgage, while the amount of the principal debt remains practically untouched. As a result, the level of overpayment is practically the same as a traditional loan, and the promise of savings remains nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    Thus, when applying for a mortgage, the borrower must carefully select its conditions. Today, the market offers a huge number of different programs, most of which lure customers with a non-existent opportunity to save money.

    You should not take such promises at their word. It is better to study the opinion of professionals about certain proposals.

    5. In which bank is the most profitable mortgage – an overview of the TOP-5 banks where is it more profitable to get a mortgage?

    Today, a mortgage can be issued in almost any bank. At the same time, you can find many interesting and quite profitable programs on the lending market.

    It can be difficult to choose the best one on your own. Therefore, it is best to use ratings compiled by experts.

    The table shows banks with the most favorable lending conditions:

    # Credit organization Loan program name Maximum loan amount Maximum Rate 1. Moscow Credit Bank State-supported mortgage 8 million rubles 20 years 7-12% 2 . PrimSotsbank Design your rate 20 million rubles 27 years 10% 3. Sberbank Acquisition of finished housing for young families 8 million rubles 30 years 11% 4. VTB 24 More meters – less rate (purchase of large apartments) 60 million rubles 30 years 11.5% 5. Rosselkhozbank For reliable clients 20 million rubles 30 years 12.5%

    It should be borne in mind that you can count on the minimum rate when applying for a state-supported mortgage.

    6. Whom to turn to for help in obtaining profitable mortgage loans – will mortgage brokers help?

    Not everyone is able to understand all the features of mortgage programs. For many, such an analysis takes a huge amount of time.

    However, there is no guarantee that after spending days and weeks searching for the most favorable conditions, it will be possible to arrange the most suitable option with a minimum overpayment.

    professionals should help you to avoid paying off your mortgage.

    is engaged in analyzing existing offers on the market, as well as choosing the ideal program for specific conditions. mortgage brokers.

    Popular Moscow mortgage brokers are: “Credit Laboratory”, “Alphabet of Housing”, “Credit Solutions Service”, Flash Credit

    In megacities, such functions are performed by entire specialized organizations. But even in small towns, you can find a mortgage broker. Most often they work in popular real estate agencies.

    7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

    The topic of mortgage lending is vast and multifaceted, so often those who are looking for the best program have a huge number of questions.

    It is not always possible to spend time looking for answers on the internet. To make life easier for our readers, we provide answers to the most common questions.

    Question 1. How profitable is it to take a mortgage on housing?

    In order to get a mortgage loan as profitably as possible, you will first need to conduct a thorough analysis of the programs offered in the city of residence of the future borrower. In more detail about how to get a mortgage on an apartment, house or land, we already talked about in the last article.

    In this case, you should pay attention to a number of indicators, the main ones are:

    • loan amount;
    • the term for which it is planned to issue a mortgage;
    • interest rate.

    Do not forget about various commissions, as well as insurance .

    When looking for a profitable mortgage, you should first pay attention to programs in banks where the future borrower is already a client. This may be a credit institution, on the card of which the applicant receives a salary, or where another loan was issued and successfully repaid.

    Credit institutions usually treat these categories of customers more loyally. In addition, it is in these cases that you can count on more favorable terms, for example, reducing the interest rate.

    Count on more favorable terms on a mortgage loan also those who have a substantial down payment. If the borrower has 50% of the value of the apartment, the bank will offer him a minimum rate.

    And vice versa, in the absence or insignificance of the down payment, the loan rate will be maximum. This rule allows credit institutions to insure the risks of non-repayment of funds, as well as the onset of a collapse in the economy.

    Another indicator that has a significant impact on the profitability of a mortgage is loan term. On the one hand, the execution of a mortgage loan for maximumthe term leads to the fact that the monthly payment will be small. As a result, it will be much easier for the borrower to fulfill obligations.

    It is important to consider that the longer the loan term, the higher the overpayment will be. When applying for a loan for a period of more than 10 years, it may exceed the original loan amount. It turns out that the cost of the apartment will increase significantly.

    At the same time, obtaining a mortgage at the minimumterm leads to the fact that the monthly payment will be much higher. Therefore, the borrower should find the optimal balance between term and size payment. Ideally, the monthly mortgage payment should not exceed 40% of total household income. Using our calculator, you can calculate a mortgage online:

    Cost of housing: ₽ (rub.) Down payment ₽ (rub.) Loan term months years Interest rate% per year% per month Repayment scheme

  • annuity
  • classic
  • payment ₽ (rub.) Monthly commission ₽ (rub.) Overpayment in monetary terms ₽ (rub.) includingLoan interest ₽ (RUB) Monthly interest payments ₽ (RUB) One-time commission ₽ (RUB) Monthly commission ₽ (RUB) Annual payments ₽ (RUB) Percentage overpayment % Total amount to be returned ₽ (rub.)

    Those who do not have time to independently analyze mortgage programs can be advised to use Internet services, which help you choose the best offer online. Moreover, on many sites it is possible to immediately submit an applicationto the offer you are interested in.

    It is also possible to contact a specialized agency for help. Here they will help not only to analyze the mortgage programs existing on the market, but also to choose the most profitable one for a particular borrower.

    Specialists analyze the financial situation for each case, openly talk about the pitfalls of each program. However, keep in mind that these services are not cheap. Depending on the region of residence, the borrower will have to pay 10,00050,000 rubles.

    Question 2. What is more profitable to get a mortgage or a consumer loan when buying an apartment ?

    Today, many people seek to buy an apartment in any way possible. In most cases, an mortgage loan can be an ideal option.. Today, many banks offer such programs. By the way, we talked about how to buy an apartment on a mortgage – how to start the process of buying a home, in the last issue.

    However, some citizens are of the opinion that it is much more profitable to buy real estate by registering unearmarked loans. They believe that in many respects consumer loans are more profitable than mortgages.

    A huge number of people dream of buying an apartment. First of all, this is practically the only way to get rid of the need to rent an apartment. Secondly, real estate almost never depreciates. Even when there is a decline in prices for apartments, subsequently the cost returns to its former level.

    Despite the fact that the demand for apartments is at a consistently high level, not everyone wants to get involved with mortgage lending for several reasons:

    • delayed decision-making by the bank;
    • many consider mortgages to be bondage for life;
    • difficulties with paperwork.
    • li>

    More and more borrowers prefer to get a consumer loan instead of a mortgage, which they spend on buying an apartment. Despite the fact that the percentage in this case is higher, they consider non-targeted loans more profitable, explaining this with the following advantages:

  • To obtain a non-targeted loan, the required package of documents much less.Usually it is enough to present a passport and a second document, a copy of the work book, a salary certificate. In some cases, collateral will be required.
  • It takes several days from the moment of application to the receipt of money when applying for a consumer loan. At the same time, obtaining a mortgage is a much longer process. It often drags on for several months.
  • In case of a non-targeted loan, an encumbrance is not imposed on the property. If an apartment is acquired through a mortgage, it is issued as a pledge.
  • The lowest mortgage interest rate was set in 2016 in Czech Republic. On average, this figure for the country's banks amounted to 1.89%.

    Thus, the country broke its own record set a year earlier. Then the rate was 1.94%. Under the terms of the Czech mortgage, the interest is fixed and does not change during the term of the contract.

    It is quite natural that the inhabitants of this European country are actively using this opportunity to improve their living conditions.

    In May last year alone, eleven thousand mortgage agreements were concluded there for an amount equivalent to 55 billion rubles. The average size of each loan corresponds to five million rubles. Favorable mortgage conditions lead to an increase in demand for real estate, so its value is constantly growing.

    Other states also offer favorable mortgage loans to citizens and visitors. In Switzerland, the rate for such offers is at the level of 2%.

    Some countries such as England, Finland, Germany and In Austria this figure is 3.5%. The percentage is slightly higher where you can buy real estate on the sea coast – in Cyprus, in Italy, Greece, Spain .

    8. Conclusion + video on the topic?

    Thus, the question of choosing the most profitable mortgage program is complex and multifaceted. You should not bribe low interest rates and assume that this parameter determines the most favorable conditions.

    When making a choice, it is important to analyze all mortgage programs, comparing not only the percentage, but also other conditions. Don't forget the ones that aren't quite as obvious.

    For those who don't have enough time to gather information about all the programs that are running, you can use the free online services that help you compare offers from different banks.

    If you also need professional advice on which program will be ideal for a particular borrower, you can turn to mortgage broker.

    We advise you to watch a video on how to take a mortgage, what are the main points you should pay attention to when drawing up a mortgage agreement and choosing real estate:

    We hope you find this article helpful! We wish readers to get the most profitable mortgage loan.


  • Finland stopped sending mail to Russia and Belarus


    The Finnish state company Posti has announced the termination of postal communications with Russia and Belarus. The decision, taken in “exceptional circumstances in accordance with agreements within the framework of the Universal Postal Union”, entered into force on April 11 and will remain in effect until further notice.

    It is specified that letters and parcels that have been received will be returned to recipients to post offices.

    Recall that since March 15, Posti has refused to deliver express parcels and urgent letters to Russia and Belarus. Previously, the suspension of postal activities due to sanctions imposed by the European Union was also reported by the Swedish-Danish postal operator Post Nord, logistics companies United Parcel Service and FedEx.

    Earlier, the Times newspaper, citing informed sources, reported that NATO in the summer of this year, it can be replenished with two new participants – Sweden and Finland. These discussions are already underway by the Alliance and the authorities of the two countries.


    Ilya Kiva explained the uselessness of negotiations with Kiev

    Photo source: video screenshot.

    Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva said that a group of Ukrainian military arrived in Kyiv from the United States, who were trained at a special forces school in Mississippi. They began to train them to control the newest killer drone Switchblade long before the start of the Russian special operation.

    Consequently, Washington has long wanted to unleash a war. Russia is ahead of him, which is now very infuriating the Anglo-Saxon world

    “Therefore, there will be no progress in the negotiations – neither America nor Great Britain needs it, but the tactics chosen, for the Ukrainian side – war to the last Ukrainian, and than the bloodier the consequences, the better,” Kiva stressed.

    The topics of talks between Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 11 will be humanitarian corridors in Ukraine, a ceasefire and a full investigation of war crimes.


    In the Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine handed over to Russia new tanks with full ammunition

    Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense

    During the liberation of the village of Topolskoye in the Izyumsky district of the Kharkiv region, the Russian military seized tanks belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that all vehicles are new, fully equipped.

    The footage published by the department shows a maneuvering battle between a tank company of the Western Military District in the Topolsky region with Ukrainians. The Russian crews successfully used the local terrain and natural shelters. They were assisted by motorized rifle units in armored personnel carriers.

    Officers say their task was to provide a corridor for Russian forces to move south. The commander of a tank company says that during the battle, the opponents did not resist and ran away. “When they saw us, they raised the guns on the tanks, and there was no firing,” he says.

    The Russian Defense Ministry added that Russian units continue to march in the Kharkiv region.


    Kosachev said that it makes no sense for Russia to return to the Council of Europe and PACE

    Photo: Artem Makeev

    There is no point in returning to the Council of Europe and PACE in their current configuration, over time new politicians will appear, then and dialogue with Moscow will be more in demand. Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev shared his point of view.

    He believes that Russia ended up in these structures in the 90s on “rather romantic ideas and expectations”, but in a completely different historical context.

    As the parliamentarian noted, Russia was moving towards another Europe, which we knew around the end of the 20th century with its ideological and media diversity, openness to interaction, universalism in respect for human rights and other attractive features.

    At the same time, today it is rather rigidly ideologically colored, intolerant of dissent societies of “postmodern values”, where the nominal principles have lost their universality, Kosachev believes. In his opinion, freedom of the media is becoming more conditional, and the multi-party system, previously existing Christian or social democratic parties, have been replaced by “50 shades of gray” liberalism.


    The French MP said about the threat to agriculture due to sanctions


    The RT TV channel, referring to the statement of the member of the National Assembly of France, Pierre Watin, said that farmers due to shortage of nitrogen fertilizers allowed production to decline next year.

    “European producers of nitrogen solutions depend on gas. At the same time, the cost of blue fuel after the EU sanctions against Russia has reached record levels,” Vaten said.

    He specified that a shortage of fertilizers could affect the reduction in production, sowing and lower quality of plants. All this can lead to serious consequences for agriculture in general.

    It was previously reported that the Finnish state company Posti announced the termination of postal communications with Russia and Belarus.


    US analyst Scott Ritter: Europe is over

    Photo: Global Look Press

    No European government will survive the next election unless current positions on Russia change. This was stated by American military analyst Scott Ritter.

    He is ready to bet that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will not stay in his post until the end of the year. Ritter stressed that, according to German economists, Europe will receive irreparable damage, which has not been seen since the end of World War II. According to the expert, in such a situation, not a single politician can stay afloat. Even French President Emmanuel Macron.

    Scott Ritter admitted that the parties responsible for the economic crisis will leave their seats.

    “People who clearly understand how to change course will come into politics, which led to economic difficulties. The situation will unfold, we will see politicians fleeing the ship, and I will not be surprised if Germany leaves this ship in full force, ”the Pool # 3 Telegram channel quotes him as saying.

    Earlier Scott Ritter said that local residents in Bucha were killed by the Ukrainian military. He recalled that on April 1, Kyiv officially announced that it was starting “purge and liquidation of collaborators” in the city.


    Zelensky linked negotiations between Russia and Ukraine with the outcome of the battle for Mariupol

    Photo source: video screenshot.

    The continuation of Russia's military special operation is disastrous for Ukraine. Therefore, it is necessary to continue peace talks with Moscow.

    This was stated by President of the Republic Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with The Associated Press. He stressed that it is difficult to negotiate, but necessary. The head of Ukraine also acknowledged that the outcome of the battle for Mariupol would affect the negotiating positions of the parties.

    He also thanked the European Commission and Canada for raising funds to help Ukrainian refugees. A total of $11 billion was raised.

    Zelensky also reiterated his call for a total embargo on Russian oil and gas despite the heavy dependence of some European countries on energy imports from Moscow.

    According to experts, and the Mariupol “cauldron” Kyiv is trying to take out the leaders of the national battalions or foreign military advisers from NATO countries.


    Daily Mail readers criticize Zelensky for words about Britain’s leadership

    Photo source: Office of the President of Ukraine.

    Following a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that London's leadership in military assistance to Kiev “will go down in history.” However, this prospect did not please the British.

    Readers of the Daily Mail in the comments to the news emphasized that they would not want to be remembered as “financiers of Nazism.” Some participants in the discussion noted that Johnson has already gone down in history as the most deceitful, clumsy and useless prime minister.

    In their opinion, the main problem in voting for a jester is that in a crisis he becomes a dangerous jester.


    “This is definitely the first prime minister in the history of Britain who openly supports and finances the Nazis,” wrote one of the commentators.

    Another user agreed with him, calling the head of the British Cabinet “the meanest traitor of the British people” throughout its history. Another commentator called Johnson a “political slob.”

    Johnson previously bragged to voters that he got to meet Zelensky on a “fantastic Ukrainian train.”


    Reuters: Frexit will follow if Marine Le Pen wins elections

    Photo: Global Look Press

    Incumbent French leader Emmanuel Macron and National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen prepare for the second round presidential elections. It will take place on April 24.

    In the first round, Macron won 28.1-29.5% of the vote, and Le Pen – 23.3-24.4%. This was reported by Reuters with reference to opinion polls by Ifop, OpinionWay, Elabe and Ipsos.

    In the second round, a duel is expected between a liberal with globalist views and a convinced Eurosceptic and economic nationalist. Defiant France leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who won 20% of the vote in the first round, urged his supporters to vote for Le Pen in the second.

    Le Pen's victory on April 24 will be as shocking to the establishment as the vote Britain on Brexit for leaving the European Union (EU) or Donald Trump entering the White House in 2017.

    France, the EU's second largest economy, could be led by a Euroskeptic who is also very suspicious of NATO. Perhaps Le Pen will abandon the idea of ​​”frexite”. But it will always view the EU as a mere union of sovereign states.

    It is curious that no French president has been re-elected in the past two decades.

    Read also: “Macron scored in the first round of elections 28.5% of the votes”


    The Greeks handed over to the Russian Embassy a written apology for the actions of their government

    The Russian Embassy in Athens received a petition from the citizens of Greece, in which they apologized for the decision of the Greek government to expel Russian diplomats.


    The authors of the petition were representatives of the public organization "Network of Hellenism".

    "We apologize for the insulting actions of the government, which, by expelling Russian diplomats from Greece, insults the Greeks as democrats and as Orthodox Christians… Our hearts, our thoughts are together with the fraternal Russian people. , in defense of justice,” the petition says.

    It is specified that the document was handed over to the Russian embassy on Sunday, April 10.


    Kadyrov threatened Ukraine with tactical nuclear weapons

    He announced offensive operations in Ukraine and explained why Russian troops retreated from Kyiv

    The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced on the night of April 11 that the commanders of the units reported to him about the course of the special operation on the territory of Ukraine. All points are marked, the tasks are clear, Kadyrov noted.

    In his address, he noted that there are now many mercenaries in Ukraine, the West is sending large quantities of weapons to Kiev. But Russian President Vladimir Putin reacts with restraint to this, Kadyrov stressed. According to him, if it were his will, he would have used tactical nuclear weapons in this situation.

    The head of Chechnya also announced the start of preparations for offensive operations not only in Mariupol, but also in other settlements of Ukraine, primarily in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Such a task was set by Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin, Kadyrov specified.

    “Next, we will take Kyiv. But our goal is not to take the cities, but to destroy Bandera, Nazis and shaitans. The Almighty gave us this gift by bringing them all together, and we must use it. Many people ask why the army retreated from Kyiv, they say that Russia gave in. As an infantryman, I assure you that we will not take a single step back. But there was a misunderstanding, it happens that the military strategy is changing. Our goodwill gesture was misunderstood. If Kyiv does not fulfill all the conditions proposed by the Russian commander in chief, the operation will not be stopped. Many Ukrainian soldiers are depressed morally, there is a bunker at the Azovstal enterprise, where 170 people are wounded, they already stink. We will finish them one of these days,” Kadyrov said.

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    Russian military operation in Ukraine: online broadcast April 11

    Europe is waiting for the death of the petrodollar, Kyiv again used Tochka-U

    The EU countries have not been able to agree on an embargo on oil from Russia, but have hinted at the possibility of Ukraine joining union. There are new versions of who is hiding in the catacombs of the Azovstal plant. The Austrian Chancellor will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Protests were held in Greece and Slovakia against sending weapons to Ukraine. In Germany, the chancellor was booed for his words about Putin. Read the previous broadcast here.

    Photo: Global Look Press

    09:27 During the liberation of the village of Topolskoye in the Izyumsky district of the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian military raised tanks on guns and did not shoot at the enemy. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that it was possible to capture completely new equipped combat vehicles.

    09:20Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva said that there would be no results from the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The West has already chosen the only right tactic for Kyiv – war to the last Ukrainian.

    09:19 Finland announced that in accordance with the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, the state-owned company Posti communication with these countries. Letters and parcels will be returned to the addressees.

    09:00 The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced the preparation of an attack on all cities of Ukraine. He stressed that if Kyiv does not fulfill all the requirements of Moscow, hostilities will continue.

    08:54The Russian military cleared a kindergarten in the Kherson region, which the Ukrainian marines turned into their command post. They created dugouts, trenches and firing points, surrounding them with wire.

    08:35 In the logic of the current confrontation, the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions should not be expected. The West “after the victory over Russia” will not want to lose dominance in the world. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

    08:27 In South Korea, the supply of weapons to Ukraine was considered difficult. In particular, air defense systems. Seoul has already refused to provide Kiev with lethal weapons, but sent dry rations, blankets and first-aid kits worth $804,000.

    06:28 American businessman David Sachs called US policy the reason for starting Ukraine a special military operation of Russia. Washington never intended to accept Kyiv into NATO, but ignored the position of Moscow, which demanded official recognition of this fact.


    Finland suspended sending mail to Russia and Belarus

    Restrictions will be in effect from April 11 until further notice. The letters and parcels left in the departments, which are now impossible to deliver, will be returned to the senders ” alt=”Finland has suspended mail to Russia and Belarus” />

    Finland has suspended mail to Russia and Belarus on April 11 until further notice, state-owned Posti said. The decision was made “in exceptional circumstances in accordance with agreements within the Universal Postal Union.”

    Letters and parcels received by the departments, which cannot be sent due to the restrictions imposed, will be returned to the senders.

    Since March 15, Posti has not delivered urgent letters and express parcels to Russia and Belarus, according to the statement.

    On March 24, the Swedish Danish postal operator Post Nord. At the end of February, the logistics companies FedEx and United Parcel Service announced the suspension of deliveries of goods to Russia due to the military operation in Ukraine.

    Russian Post On February 28, she warned that she could stop accepting international shipments if the sorting terminals were filled to critical levels. The company noted that due to the closure of the airspace of states for Russian aircraft, the delivery time for parcels from other countries will increase.

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    Reuters learned about the surveillance of members of the European Commission using spyware

    According to the agency, several members of the EC, including the European Commissioner for Justice, were victims of Israeli spyware last year. /2/31/756496590122312.jpg” alt=”Reuters learned about the surveillance of members of the European Commission using spyware” />

    Didier Reynders

    Last year, several high-ranking European Commission (EC) officials were targeted with spyware developed by Israeli firm NSO Group. This is reported by Reuters, citing sources and documents on the investigation of the incident.

    According to one of the victims of surveillance was a Belgian politician, European Commissioner for Justice and Rule of Law Didier Reynders. In addition, non-spyware was found on the gadgets of at least four other high-ranking officials of the European Commission. These Reuters figures were confirmed by two sources close to the EC.

    The commission became aware of the attacks after Apple sent messages to some iPhone owners in November last year that they were “the target of an attack by intruders,” the agency's interlocutors said.

    Last July, Forbidden Stories, a non-profit journalism organization and The Washington Post, The Guardian, Haaretz and Les Echos who joined the investigation, reported that authorities in some countries used NSO Group software to hack the phones of politicians, journalists and activists around the world. The surveillance used Pegasus, a remotely deployed spyware program that is restricted to governments and government agencies.

    The investigation showed that one of the leaked lists of tapped phones contained 50,000 numbers. Wiretapping was conducted from Mexico, India and Hungary. Also among the countries whose governments have authorized the use of Pegasus against the press are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The targets of the hack were journalists from both local and international publications, including CNN, Associated Press, New York Times and Bloomberg.

    NSO Group was subsequently blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce for actions in cyberspace “threatening the interests of national security and foreign policy”; countries, and Apple sued the company. According to the corporation, NSO Group and its clients hacked smartphones of private users and gained access to a microphone, camera and personal data.

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    Sobyanin allowed cafe owners not to clean summer verandas

    Among the support measures for businesses, Sobyanin also announced the extension of more than 1,000 contracts for trade in non-stationary facilities, the indexation of payments and the simplification of the coordination of redevelopment on the ground floors

    In Moscow, cafe and restaurant owners will be allowed not to dismantle summer verandas at the end of the season , if the structures do not interfere in the winter, said the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin.

    “At the request of the cafe owners, they were allowed not to dismantle the summer verandas at the end of the current season. Not all, of course, but only those who will not interfere with anyone in winter— approximately 200 designs»,— he wrote.

    To avoid dismantling, the veranda should be located on:

    • yard areas of non-residential buildings;
    • private land plots;
    • on the outer surfaces of buildings;
    • in city parks.

    At the same time, according to the mayor, the main measure to support non-stationary trade will be the abolition of indexation of payments. “For the right to work in 2022, entrepreneurs will pay at last year’s rates. In addition, we will give a deferment until December 31, 2022 for payment for the second quarter. These solutions will help keep the business of the owners of 4,000 street kiosks in all districts of Moscow,— Sobyanin pointed out.

    He also announced that more than 1 thousand contracts for trade in non-stationary objects, which expire before the end of this year, will be extended to 2023, and redevelopment for business owners on the ground floors will be possible do without coordination with the Moscow Committee for Architecture.

    In addition, Sobyanin announced a long-term order for the supply of electric buses and metro cars. He noted that despite the difficulties with Western components, not a single Russian supplier has abandoned its obligations. “In the near future, we will form a long-term program for the supply of rolling stock until 2026. Thus, domestic machine builders and component suppliers will receive guarantees of stable operation in the long term,— noted the mayor.

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    At the end of March, Sobyanin sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, asking him to cancel or reduce the mandatory requirements for businesses by 1.5 trillion rubles. per year, Vedomosti reported. The measures proposed by the mayor relate to the sphere of labor, motor transport, catering, education, food production, tourism and fire safety.

    Earlier, Sobyanin also announced the launch of a soft lending program for small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow . According to him, organizations will be able to receive loans at a rate of 15% for replenishment of working capital and investments, and for investment purposes for projects in the field of science and IT will be given loans at a rate of 7%. Moscow authorities will provide grants for the creation of import-substituting industries in any sectors of the economy, the maximum amount & mdash; 100 million rubles, and a quarter of the amount can be received in advance, the mayor pointed out.

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    In Crimea, reported the fall of the wreckage of a drone on a residential building

    Law enforcement officers are working on the spot, there are no casualties as a result of the incident

    The wreckage of a Ukrainian drone shot down in Crimea damaged one of the residential buildings, the administration of the Krasnoperekopsky district of the peninsula reports in its Telegram.

    “Ukrainian drone shot down in northern Crimea” near the village of Tauride, Krasnoperekopsky district. The wreckage of the drone damaged one of the houses, — The report said.

    The specific drone in question is not specified.

    According to the authorities, there were no casualties as a result of the incident. Representatives of law enforcement agencies of the region are working on the spot.

    Source “RIA Novosti” clarified that the drone was shot down by an air defense system in the north of Crimea.

    RBC sent a request to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and also asked the press service of the Crimean government for comment.

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    Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24, which President Vladimir Putin called “demilitarization and denazification” as its goal. neighboring state and protecting the population of the DPR and LPR from the “genocide of the Kiev regime.” The Ukrainian authorities have severed diplomatic relations with Russia, and martial law has been introduced in the country.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly called on Western countries to transfer weapons to Ukraine. On March 16, US President Joe Biden announced that as part of military assistance totaling $1 billion, the States would supply Ukraine with air defense systems and drones. NBC reported that we are talking about American Switchblade kamikaze drones.

    In addition, Turkish Bayraktar drones and Soviet Tu-141 drones are in service with Ukraine.

    Russia has repeatedly opposed the “inflating Ukraine with weapons. As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, this indicates the disinterest of the United States and its allies in resolving the situation in this country.

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    The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of S-300 transferred to Ukraine from abroad

    The attack on the S-300 division was carried out by Kalibr missiles on the southern outskirts of the Dnieper. In addition, the military destroyed the weapons repair base, ammunition depots, shot down several Ukrainian planes and drones, the Defense Ministry said


    Sheltered in a hangar equipment of the S-300 division, “supplied to the Kiev regime of one of the European countries”, was destroyed on April 10 by Kalibr missiles; on the southern outskirts of the Dnieper, Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

    the agency said in a statement.

    Near the village of Velikaya Novoselovka (Donetsk region), a base for the repair of weapons and military equipment of the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the Buk-M1 air defense system, was destroyed. and OSA-AKM. In the districts of Nikolaev and the settlement of Zhovtneve, two ammunition depots were destroyed, and in the area of ​​Uspenovka (in different regions of Ukraine there are several settlements with the same name, as well as with the name Zhovtneve)— S-300 illumination and guidance radar, the statement notes.

    At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

    Russian air defense systems shot down two Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft near Izyum. Three drones were shot down near the cities of Balakleya (Kharkiv region), Gulyaipole (Zaporozhye region) and Volnovakha. An unmanned aerial vehicle of the “Valkyrie” type was shot down in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Kalininskoye (Nikolaev region). In the area of ​​​​the settlement of Posad-Pokrovskoye (Kherson region), a Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-24 was shot down from small arms in the air. nine tanks, five 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery mounts, five BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems; and more than 60 nationalists»,— added in the ministry.

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    Russian operational-tactical aviation hit 78 Ukrainian military facilities: three command posts, a radar for illumination and guidance, three positions of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, four ammunition depots , 58 strongholds and areas of concentration of military equipment.

    Since the beginning of the special military operation, 129 aircraft, 99 helicopters, 243 S-300, Buk-M1, Osa AKM anti-aircraft missile systems, 441 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2079 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 239 rocket launchers have been destroyed. volley fire systems, 909 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 2003 units of special military vehicles.

    The military operation in Ukraine began on February 24, the authorities call it “demilitarization and denazification” neighboring state. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Russia.

    Slovakia announced on April 8 that it had handed over its only S-300 system to Ukraine. On April 10, the Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian military had destroyed S-300 launchers in the Mykolaiv region and at the Chuguev military airfield. The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Eduard Heger, on his Twitter denied that the Slovak S-300 system was destroyed in Ukraine, the information was “officially confirmed by the Ukrainian side.”


    The DPR announced the capture of 80% of the port of Mariupol

    The deputy head of the People's Militia Department of the DPR said that the Russian side took control of about 80% of the port in Mariupol. Prior to that, he called the port one of the “centers of resistance” in the city where the Ukrainian “militants” were located

    Russian forces have taken control of about 80% of the Mariupol port, said Eduard Basurin, deputy head of the People's Militia Department of the Donetsk People's Republic, on the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

    resistance. Well, the rest are all trying to go to Azovstal. [Plant] «Azovstal»— it is a fortress in the city»,— he said, answering the host's question about the situation in Mariupol.

    At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

    According to Basurin, the DPR troops also freed 47 sailors from three of the six ships held hostage in the port area by the fighters of the Azov Battalion. (recognized as extremist in Russia and banned). On the evening of April 10, the People's Militia of the DPR reported this on Telegram.

    Prior to this, the agency stated that Azov seized two foreign ships in the port of Mariupol and fired on them, holding the crews of the ships hostage.

    On April 8, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced that the Russian armed forces had taken control of 98% of the territory of Mariupol. According to him, he held a meeting on the final phase of the military operation together with the detachment commanders, State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov and commander of the 8th Army Andrei Mordvichev. They discussed options for a decisive assault on the “bandit hideouts”.

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    The military operation of Russia in Ukraine began on February 24, four days later, on February 28, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the blockade of Mariupol by the DPR formations. On March 11, the agency reported that Ukrainian forces had blocked the entrances to Mariupol. According to the ministry, bridges and approaches to the city were destroyed, and the main roads were mined. A week later, fighting took place in the center of Mariupol.

    On March 21, Kadyrov announced the beginning of the assault on the city. A week later, he announced “total liberation” Mariupol in the near future. In early April, the Chechen military began to storm the Azovstal plant, he said.

    Basurin called the port in Mariupol one of the “centers of resistance”; in the town. On April 7, he said that the main fighting in the center of Mariupol had ended, and indicated that the Ukrainian military was being pushed back to Azovstal.

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    The CEC of South Ossetia announced the results of the first round of presidential elections

    Acting President Anatoly Bibilov (33.5% of votes) and leader of the Nykhas party Alan Gagloev (36.9% of votes) advanced to the second round after counting 95% of the ballots

    Alan Gagloev

    The current president of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, after processing 95% of the protocols, won 33.5% of the vote in the presidential elections, losing 3.4% to the leader of the Nykhas party; Alan Gagloev, the Res news agency reports. with reference to the press center of the CEC of the republic.

    To win in the first round, a candidate needs to gain more than 50% of the votes.

    According to the election commission, Gagloev scored 10,705 votes, Bibilov— 9706. At the vice-speaker of the parliament Alexander Pliev— 3434 votes, MP Garry Muldarov— 2592 votes, the former parliamentarian Dmitry Tasoev— 822. 0.6% of voters voted against all.

    Bibilov and Gagloev go to the second round of elections, its date will be set two days after the publication of the results of the first. According to the agency, the CEC will publish the final results within five days from the election day.

    The presidential elections were held on April 10, polling stations closed at 20:00, and members of the commissions began counting votes . The turnout was 82.07%, the elections were declared valid.

    Bibilov announced on the evening of the voting day that he had entered the second round together with Gagloev.

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    Anatoly Bibilov— President of South Ossetia since 2017. Shortly before the new elections, at the end of March, he announced his intention to hold a referendum on the republic's entry into Russia. The President also allowed the unification of South Ossetia with North Ossetia, if the result of the first referendum is positive.

    Gagloev stated that the discussion of the idea of ​​joining the republic into Russia is not beneficial to Moscow and that this decision cannot be unilateral.

    The Kremlin said it would respect the results of such a vote, but noted that Moscow had not taken legal action in this regard. The Georgian Foreign Ministry called the discussion of the referendum unacceptable, emphasizing that under such conditions the results of the referendum will not have legal force.


    Lithuania announces work on new package of EU sanctions against Russia

    The new package of sanctions is planned to include options related to oil supplies. The European Commission previously announced that countries could discuss import taxes on these raw materials and “special payment channels” like excrow accounts

    The EU starts work on the sixth package of sanctions, it will include an option related to with oil, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said before the summit of EU foreign ministers.

    “The European Commission has made it quite clear that we are starting work on the sixth package of sanctions with oil options. This means that we have already begun work on reaching a consensus,— said Landsbergis.

    The oil embargo was not included in the previous, fifth package of restrictions, but Brussels warned that it would discuss sanctions against this sector. According to the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the discussion takes into account such ideas as a tax on Russian oil imports or “special payment channels”; like escrow accounts.

    Escrow accounts have been used since 2013 as part of sanctions against Iran, when the US banned the sale of its oil to other countries through the threat of secondary sanctions. As a result, a compromise option was chosen: the countries deposited payments for Iran in their currencies to a special account, the funds from which could only be debited for the import into the Islamic Republic of permitted goods from these countries. Thus, Tehran did not directly receive the currency, instead it provided commodity barter.

    Russia provides 25% of the EU's oil imports. According to the European Commission, in 2021, the EU countries imported crude oil from Russia for €48.5 billion, oil products— for €22.4 billion

    At the end of last week, the European Union introduced the fifth package of sanctions against Russia, which included an embargo on coal imports worth €8 billion, a ban on the export of certain turbines and engines, printing ink, paper, photographic films. The ban on the import of petrochemical equipment was also extended, including for LNG projects.

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    Medvedev called the US benefit from the military operation in Ukraine

    Medvedev: Special operation in Ukraine made Europe forget about its “green ideals” According to the deputy head of the Security Council, the United States has long intended to replace Russian energy resources in the European market and is currently “pumping” Europe with unenvironmentally produced oil and gas

    The United States under the pretext of fighting the “bloody regime” Russia is trying to gain access to the European energy market, including the supply of “dirty” shale oil. Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia, stated this on his Telegram channel.

    He drew attention to the fact that Washington has long been fighting for the energy market in Europe and is ready to “bite its teeth into it”, but in recent years this has been greatly hindered “green agenda” Europeans and related rhetoric.

    “Now is the time for America to turn the work in the opposite direction. And how to raise the dough under the pretext of a joint struggle against the “bloody regime” in Russia, supplying the Old World with its dirtiest oil and gas in the world. Who is now interested in global warming and the sustainable development goals proclaimed by the UN,— he wrote.

    In his opinion, Europeans have forgotten about their “green ideals”; and about the environmental damage caused by US shale oil production. “It's amazing how, without a second's hesitation, the Europeans spit on all their” unshakable values ​​” of the last decades, all the “global challenges and threats”, and rushed forward to their happiness— new dirty energy»,— Medvedev stated.

    Since the end of February, European countries have been discussing the possibility of refusing to import Russian energy carriers and are looking for alternative suppliers. The US, in particular, has already announced a ban on Russian oil imports, while the UK has said it will stop importing oil from Russia by the end of 2022. At the same time, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia refused Russian gas.

    The embargo on oil and gas supplies from Russia was not included in the latest, fifth, sanctions package that the EU introduced against Russia, despite the discussion of the possibility of such measures . However, the new sanctions include a ban on the purchase and import of coal from Russia, as well as other solid fossil fuels such as oil shale and peat.

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    On March 27, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that European countries would be able to refuse gas supplies from Russia within two years. At the same time, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, noted that sanctions on Russian oil, including a tax on its imports and “special payment channels” are being discussed in Brussels. like escrow accounts, funds from which cannot be withdrawn until certain obligations are fulfilled.

    In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 31 signed a decree establishing the rules for gas trade with unfriendly countries. To pay for supplies, they must open ruble and foreign currency accounts with a Russian authorized bank (Gazprom was chosen as the bank). The state will transfer dollars or euros to a foreign currency account, after which the bank will sell the currency on the Moscow Exchange and credit the received rubles to the buyer's ruble account.

    Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov explained that Russia would not require payment in rubles. “Payment for the actual deliveries that are going on now should not be made today. And it should be carried out somewhere at the end, the second half of the month of April or even at the beginning of May, — he said.

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    Borrell reaffirms EU confidence in military solution to conflict in Ukraine

    Lithuanian servicemen load anti-aircraft systems and bulletproof vests onto a plane to be sent to Ukraine

    Heads of countries— Members of the European Union believe that the only way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine is by military means, and therefore they are going to continue supplying weapons and ammunition to Kiev, said the head of the EU foreign service, Josep Borrell.

    “Usually, wars are won or lost on the battlefield &lt ;…> We will discuss the expansion of assistance to Ukraine»,— he emphasized.

    Borrell also said that new sanctions against Russia would be discussed at the next meeting of EU foreign ministers.

    The fact that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be resolved “on the battlefield” ;, Borrell said on 9 April. The head of the EU diplomacy then recalled that Brussels allocated an additional €500 million for the purchase of weapons that will be sent to Kiev.

    At the end of February, after the start of the Russian military operation, Borrell said that the countries— EU members have agreed to send €450 million worth of lethal weapons to Ukraine and will allocate another €50 million for non-lethal aid, fuel and protective equipment. On April 8, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that Brussels, at the suggestion of Borrell, intends to allocate an additional €500 million to help the Ukrainian army.

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    In addition to the European Union, arms supplies to Ukraine are carried out by Great Britain, Canada, the USA and Australia.

    Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov emphasized that arms supplies to Ukraine by Western countries will not prevent Russia from achieving its goals. The official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, noted that one day Kiev will have to pay for the “free cheese” that lies in the “mousetrap”.


    Georgian Prime Minister says there are no plans to open a “second front”

    According to the prime minister, Georgia must maintain peace and stability, and the authorities will not allow the opening of a “second front”. Earlier, the head of the National Security and Defense Council spoke for the opening of “second fronts” to help Ukraine alt=”Prime Minister of Georgia announced no plans to open a “second front”” />

    Irakli Garibashvili

    Georgia will not open a “second front” for the sake of supporting Ukraine, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said, Rustavi 2 reports.

    “There will be no other front in Georgia, we will not allow this and will continue to protect our citizens and our state,” — Garibashvili said at a government meeting.

    According to him, what is happening in Ukraine, — tragedy, and Georgia must maintain peace and stability.

    For the opening of “second fronts” at the end of March, head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov spoke. He also stated that Georgia “is not behaving very correctly in relation to Ukraine, to put it mildly.”

    On February 25, the day after the start of the Russian special operation, Garibashvili said, that Georgia will not impose anti-Russian sanctions, as this will harm the country and the population. He also stated that Tbilisi would be guided only by national interests.

    In early March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recalled the ambassador from Georgia. Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili asked him to return the ambassador, so that “in these difficult moments, the connection between peoples would be strengthened.” According to her, the disagreement between Kiev and Tbilisi “beneficial only to Russia.” She also stated that Georgia “participates in all international financial sanctions”; and this affects the financial sector of the country, as well as in all resolutions in support of Ukraine.

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    Last week, Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Shalva Papuashvili refused to accept the invitation of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk to visit the city of Bucha. He called this invitation inappropriate because of “attempts to separate the people of Georgia from power, demands to open a second front, unfounded diplomatic demarches, unfounded accusations of smuggling or accusations of trying to warm hands to the misfortune of the Ukrainian people.” from Kyiv.

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    The Ministry of Defense announced the liquidation of one of the leaders of the “Right Sector”

    Taras Bobanich

    The Russian Armed Forces liquidated one of the leaders of the Ukrainian volunteer corps “Right Sector” (the organization was recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of Russia) Taras Bobanich, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. leaders of the so-called “volunteer Ukrainian corps” Right Sector “; Taras Bobanich ",— it is said in the message.

    The Ministry of Defense claims that Bobanich “personally gave orders for artillery shelling of residential areas of Donetsk and Lugansk from heavy weapons.”

    The material is being supplemented

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    Peskov said that NATO expansion will not strengthen the security of Europe

    Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto and Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen (from left to right)

    Further NATO expansion will not bring security to the European continent, said Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. This is how he commented on the intention of Sweden and Finland to join the alliance.

    «We have repeatedly said that the alliance itself is rather a tool sharpened for confrontation. This is not the kind of alliance that provides peace and stability,” — stressed the representative of the Kremlin.

    On April 7, Peskov said that he did not consider the further expansion of NATO due to the entry of Sweden and Finland into it an existential threat to Russia.

    Security material.


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    Poklonskaya warned against handing out labels “friend or foe”

    Poklonskaya urged to give people the opportunity to freely express their opinions and share their feelings about the situation in Ukraine, not to create blacklists and not to organize a witch hunt

    Natalia Poklonskaya

    In the current situation, don't tag people as 'our'. and «alien» depending on the position they share, said Natalya Poklonskaya, deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo, on the St. Petersburg TV channel.

    Poklonskaya warned the authorities of both countries against persecuting people for expressing their position on the current situation. She compared what was happening to a witch hunt, which could not end “with nothing good.” As an example, she cited cases of sanctions against individual artists for disagreeing with the course of the authorities or the position of cultural institutions.

    “This does not mean that he automatically became a traitor to his homeland, a traitor to Russia. This is wrong, — Poklonskaya said. It is important to preserve the right of people to express their opinions and feelings, the politician emphasized.

    At the end of the interview, Poklonskaya was asked if she was ready to go to Ukraine after the end of hostilities to help with the restoration of infrastructure. The deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo ruled out such a possibility and called it a provocation. At the same time, she added that she was ready to become a Russian goodwill ambassador.

    Earlier, Poklonskaya in her Telegram channel called for “break away from the policy of hatred and enmity — up to a showdown about the correct belonging to an ethnic origin.».

    In early March, Poklonskaya visited the Kherson region of Ukraine and brought humanitarian aid to local residents. The cargo included medicines, food and other essentials. Then she said that those who accepted help faced “persecution”, up to arson of their houses.

    On April 1, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin suggested that the heads of budgetary organizations who criticize the state for the military operation in Ukraine resign. According to Volodin, doing this “in relation to our soldiers and officers defending the country” is vile. Volodin promised to “be sure to ask the ministers and insist on personnel decisions.”

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    Pushilin announced the intensification of the operation to “liberate” the DPR

    Tankers of the People's Militia of the DNR

    Operation to “liberate” territory of the Donetsk People's Republic will be intensified, the directions in which steps need to be accelerated have already been identified. This was stated by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, RIA Novosti reports.

    “Now the operation will be intensified. Because the more we delay, the more the civilian population simply suffers, being held hostage by the situation, — he said.

    According to him, the authorities of the republic have already outlined the directions in which it is necessary to accelerate “certain steps”.

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    FT reported no consensus in the EU on a ban on Russian oil

    According to the publication, for some countries, the refusal of supplies will be difficult “technically and politically.” An embargo on Russian oil has been discussed in the EU since at least the end of March, but this measure was not included in the latest, fifth package of sanctions

    Some countries— EU members oppose an oil embargo from Russia, a senior EU official told the Financial Times, without naming the states. According to the official, for countries that are more dependent on Russian oil than others, abandoning it will be difficult “technically and politically.”

    In March, Reuters wrote that as part of the preparation of the fifth package of sanctions against Russia, an embargo on Russian oil was discussed, among other things. According to the agency, the Baltic countries insisted on such a measure, Germany opposed it— the largest buyer of Russian oil in the European Union.

    On April 5, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the EU is working on sanctions “including against oil imports.” From Russia. On April 7, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for an embargo on Russian energy carriers— oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas.

    However, the fifth package was accepted without restrictions on oil, coal imports were prohibited.

    On March 25, the German vice-chancellor announced that the country expects to halve Russian oil imports by summer, and to stop depending on fuel supplies from Russia by winter. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on March 28 that Berlin would prepare technical conditions to stop being dependent on oil imports from Russia as early as this year. A government source told the FT that Germany could ban oil imports from Russia by the end of this year or early next.

    Viktor Orban spoke out against the ban on Russian oil and gas deliveries— Prime Minister of Hungary, which buys most of these resources from Moscow.

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    For an oil ban to be introduced, all 27 EU countries must support this measure, the newspaper notes. The FT points out that not only a complete ban on Russian oil is being discussed in Brussels, but also less stringent measures, such as the imposition of duties.

    Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that the EU's rejection of Russian oil would negatively affect energy balance on the continent and will lead to changes in the world market, and European countries “will have a hard time.”

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