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Kyiv announced Moscow’s disagreement on one topic of negotiations

Russia and Ukraine have reached a compromise on all points except for the issue of Crimea, Arakhamia said. Earlier, Kyiv offered Moscow to resolve the issue of ownership of the peninsula within 15 years, conducting bilateral negotiations .jpg” alt=”Kyiv announced Moscow's disagreement on one topic of negotiations” />

David Arakhamia

The Russian delegation agreed with all the proposals of the Ukrainian side, presented at the talks in Istanbul, except for the issue of Crimea, said the head of the Ukrainian delegation and the parliamentary faction of the ruling party of Ukraine “Servant of the People” David Arakhamia on the air of the TV channel “1 + 1”.

Arakhamia said that the Moscow delegation announced its position orally, Kyiv is now waiting for a written confirmation from Russia. “Orally, as of yesterday [April 1] via videoconference, we heard that the Russian side does not object to such positions,” — he emphasized.

Representatives of Russia and Ukraine conduct daily negotiations online, Arakhamia continued, pointing out that official delegations talk about once every two days, and the working groups contact daily. He noted that now a large group, which includes diplomats and lawyers, is developing draft final documents.

The signing of the treaty will lead to amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine to abandon the country's aspirations for NATO membership, Arakhamia recalled. “We want to hold a referendum” that is, it will be decided by the Ukrainian people, and not by Ukrainian politicians, — he pointed out, noting that at first in Moscow they opposed such a scenario, but then agreed that this was “the only way out of this situation.” If Ukrainian citizens do not support constitutional changes, this will require new negotiations with Russia, he believes.

“That would mean that the contract would not have final legal effect <…> And then we will return to new negotiations and then we will solve it in some other way, — warned a member of the Ukrainian delegation.

Turkey, Germany and Italy have now agreed to become security guarantors for Ukraine. “It will be very important for us to have guarantees [of security from] the United States and Great Britain,” — Arakhamia pointed out, adding that the likelihood of Washington's consent is high. He noted that the agreements of countries with nuclear weapons are of particular interest, listing France, China, the US, Britain and Turkey. “In principle, these five countries will be enough for us,” & mdash; Arakhamia said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan contacted Russian and Ukrainian counterparts Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky to confirm his readiness to organize their personal meeting, he recalled.

The last personal meeting of the delegations of Russia and Ukraine to this day took place on March 29 in Istanbul's Dolmabahce Palace. Kyiv gave Moscow its own proposals to resolve the crisis. In particular, the Ukrainian side agreed to a neutral non-bloc status of the country, subject to the provision of international legal security guarantees from several states: NATO members the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Canada, France and Italy, as well as from Russia, China and Israel.

Kyiv's proposals also touched upon the issue of Crimea's ownership, the Ukrainian delegation proposed to resolve this issue at bilateral negotiations within 15 years, and the issue of Donbass— agreed upon at a meeting of heads of state. Representatives of Ukraine also noted that Kyiv would refuse to challenge the ownership of these regions by military means.

Among the requirements of Russia was the requirement to recognize that Crimea belongs to Russia, as well as to recognize the independence of the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on April 1 that Russia expects Ukraine to ban “nationalist ideas” and that “the Russian language will regain its position.” In addition, among the key goals of Moscow “the salvation of these republics [LPR and DPR] and the restoration of their statehood within the boundaries of the 14th year,” he added. Peskov pointed out that we are talking about the borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. In his opinion, the process of “demilitarization” neighboring state “is in full swing”.

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Finnish PM urges to “quickly” study the issue of joining NATO

Finland will face consequences if it joins NATO and if it doesn't, Marin said. In her opinion, it is worth making a choice this spring, and this should be done “carefully, but quickly”

Finland should seriously reconsider its position on NATO entry due to Russia’s actions, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said during the congress delegates of the Social Democratic Party, Yle reports. The theme of the congress was the formation of a party position on the issue of Finland's membership in NATO.

«Russia— not the neighbor we thought she was,— said Marin.

In her opinion, Helsinki will face the consequences of any developments— if the country's citizens approve of the country's entry into NATO, or if they reject this initiative. However, this needs to be resolved “thoroughly but quickly,” Marin said, suggesting that this be done in the spring.

The Finnish prime minister promised that she would reveal her own position on Finland's possible membership in NATO in the near future, when relevant discussions begin in society. “If the President [of Finland Sauli Niinistö] or I were to express a firm opinion on this matter, that would be the end of the debate <…> I consider it very important that all of Finland's most central institutions be involved in the debate,” — Marin explained.

The head of the Finnish government stressed that she was not aware that any NATO country opposed Finland's entry into the alliance.

In 2017, Finland's membership in NATO was supported by 22% of the country's inhabitants, 59% opposed such a scenario, another 19% could not decide, according to the Yle poll. Then, in January 2022, 30% of respondents declared their approval of this initiative, according to the results of a study by Taloustutkimus.

By the end of February, the majority of respondents (53%) approved this idea for the first time, Yle reported, while opposed 28%, another 19% undecided. Two weeks later, by mid-March, 62% of the surveyed Finns declared their support for the country's entry into NATO, the portal wrote. Then 16% refused to approve this initiative, another 21% could not choose one of the proposed answers.

Yle noted that if the Finnish leadership approves NATO membership, 74% of respondents would agree to support this step. Support for this initiative among Finns would rise to 77% in the event of a similar application from Sweden.

Marin has repeatedly pointed out that Finland could join NATO, this step is not ruled out. “We must cherish and preserve this freedom of choice, because it concerns the right of each country to make its own security decisions,” she explained in early January. The head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Pekka Haavisto, then assured that Helsinki was not conducting appropriate negotiations with the alliance.

The President of Finland, in turn, stated that there were “risks” when the country joins NATO. He added that there are alternatives to this path— strengthening cooperation with the US and Sweden. “Now the main risk” this is an escalation of the situation in Europe,»— says Niinistö. He also noted that Finland meets all the requirements for joining the alliance.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the “consequences” if Finland joins NATO. “Obviously, the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, which is primarily, as you well understand, a military bloc, had serious military and political consequences that would require our country to take reciprocal steps,” — Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned.

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Defense Ministry announces humanitarian corridor for foreigners after Erdogan’s request

Russian troops will assist in the evacuation of citizens of other states from Mariupol, a humanitarian corridor to Berdyansk will be opened from midnight on April 3 and a “silence regime” will be guaranteed, said Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the National Defense Control Center.

According to According to him, his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin with this request.

“A decision was made to provide full assistance in the evacuation of citizens of foreign states held hostage by the remaining militants of nationalist battalions in certain areas of Mariupol” ;,— said Mizintsev.

After the opening of the humanitarian corridor, Russian troops will strictly follow the “silence regime” on the route, Mizintsev added. Having reached Berdyansk, foreigners will be able to use any humanitarian route, he continued— proceed to the regions controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, by land transport to the Crimea, or by sea transport in selected directions.

“The Russian Federation is ready to ensure the entry of ships involved in the evacuation to the port of Berdyansk and exit from it in compliance with international maritime rights»,— Mizintsev stressed.

He added that this humanitarian operation is possible only with the full cooperation of Kyiv, the Ukrainian authorities must let the humanitarian convoy from Mariupol through and observe the “silence regime”; during the evacuation. In addition, Mizintsev concluded, the Ukrainian forces must eliminate “the threat of shelling ships when leaving the port and along the entire route of passage.”

The material is being supplemented.

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Medinsky said he does not share Kyiv’s optimism on the readiness of the treaty

There is still a lot of work to be done on the draft agreement between Russia and Ukraine, the military and diplomatic services of Kyiv are still far behind the implementation of those agreements that have already been reached at the political level, Interfax was told head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky. To my great regret, I do not share the optimism of [a member of the delegation of Ukraine David] Arakhamia, — said Medinsky.

He recalled that Arakhamia announced the agreement of the Russian delegation with the proposals of the Ukrainian side on all issues except Crimea. Medinsky said that the previously agreed positions— Ukraine's refusal to deploy nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, join military blocs, deploy foreign troops and offensive missile weapons and Kyiv's consent to conduct exercises with the participation of foreign troops only with the consent of the guarantors (including Russia)— all this was achieved at the meeting in Istanbul. At them, the parties also preliminarily agreed on a system of international security guarantees for neutral Ukraine, he added. said Medinsky.— we understand that Arakhamia is addressing his audience, and if he calls all this the Ukrainian position, then we are not sorry. He added that Moscow's position regarding the Donbass and Crimea is unchanged.

Medinsky also said that the delegations of Moscow and Kyiv continued negotiations on April 1. “The work went on all day yesterday, and today it continued both at the level of heads of delegations and experts,” — he specified. According to him, the parties will continue contacts on Monday— April 4.

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WSJ: In January, the CIA handed over plans for a Russian special operation to Ukraine

CIA Director William Burns. Photo: Global Look Press

In mid-January, US intelligence handed over to the top leadership of Ukraine the detailed plans of the Russian Federation for an attack on Kyiv, the American edition of The Wall Street Journal writes on April 2. According to the authors of the article, this could have played a key role in deterring the attack on the capital in the early days of the war.

The publication reports that during a secret visit to Kyiv in mid-January 2022, intelligence chief William Burns met with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and acquainted him with the plans of the Russian military operation.

Allegedly, American intelligence already knew about Russia's intentions to seize the airport in Gostomel near Kiev. Why the capture of the airport by Russian forces was successful – the publication does not explain.


Johnson decided to provide Ukraine with protection from the sea

Photo: Video frame

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is in favor of supplying Ukraine with anti-ship missiles for sea defense. The Times writes about this.

It is specified that Ukraine itself applied for the supply of such weapons. Sources in the publication highly appreciate the relationship between London and Kyiv, and also believe that Johnson wants to help Ukraine provide protection.

At the same time, the issue of supplying anti-ship missiles is being discussed with other countries, including the United States. But many allies are in no hurry to send aid, waiting for offensive steps from Russia.


Arakhamia voiced an amazing version of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

If the referendum does not support the refusal to join NATO, then everything will be “reset”

The head of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks with Russia, David Arakhamia, outlined his version of the negotiation process. According to Arakhamia, Russia allegedly considers “the draft agreements are sufficiently developed to hold a meeting between Zelensky and Putin” – such a conclusion is drawn from the words of Turkish President Erdogan, who recently spoke with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

Negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations in Istanbul. Left – Turkish President Erdogan, right – Vladimir Medinsky. Photo: AP

Arakhamia, speaking on Ukrainian TV, said: Russia verbally accepted the project that was proposed during the round in Istanbul – “with the exception of the issue of Crimea.” Kyiv, we recall, proposed to open negotiations on the status of Crimea with a maximum period of 15 years. Moscow unequivocally insists on recognizing Crimea as Russian.

According to Arakhamiy, Kyiv is waiting for “Russia to confirm its statements in the negotiations in writing.” Meanwhile, negotiations are underway with China through diplomatic channels in order for it to become a country-guarantor of Ukraine's security, but “this issue is at the very beginning of elaboration.” (It seems very doubtful that China will be ready to give Ukraine any guarantees of military assistance – “MK”).

It remains unclear why Arakhamia does not mention the status of Donbass – after the meeting in Istanbul, the Ukrainian side also proposed to attribute the issue of Donbass to the area of ​​15-year negotiations. Zelensky speaks in public about the priority of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the main task of the new stage of the Russian special operation is called the liberation of the republics of Donbass within their historical borders. Now, at the line of contact, the encirclement around the largest group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, numbering about 40,000 people, is closing.

According to Arakhamia, Turkish President Erdogan allegedly “confirmed the Kremlin's readiness for a meeting” with Zelensky, which will be held in Ankara or Istanbul.

In the Ukrainian draft treaty in terms of guaranteeing the security of Ukraine, the representative of the Ukrainian delegation clarified, it is written: Russia, as a guarantor country, cannot block its action with its voice – this refers to the decision of other countries to provide military assistance to Kiev in the event of an attack on Ukraine (such a variant of military assistance , as the closing of the sky, has already been rejected by Great Britain, which stated that they would not give Ukraine such guarantees as NATO members – “MK”).

The US and Britain have not yet agreed to become guarantors: “I have a feeling that the US and Britain together will be one of the last to join when they see that everyone no longer objects,” Arakhamia said. In the list of potential guarantors of its Ukraine sees “nuclear states” – in addition to the United States, Great Britain and China, this is France. A separate point is the possible participation of Turkey.

As for the referendum on Ukraine's refusal to aspire to NATO membership, which, according to the idea of ​​the Ukrainian side, must be carried out in order to change the constitution (an amendment on the aspiration to membership in NATO was introduced into it at the suggestion of Poroshenko in 2019 – and no referendum was held then – “MK”), then, the head of the Ukrainian delegation said, if the agreement on security guarantees is signed, the next step will be an all-Ukrainian vote on the non-bloc, neutral status of the country. That is, Ukrainians will have to answer the question whether to maintain the prospect of Ukraine's membership in NATO or not.

Not only is the holding of such a referendum purely technically unbelievable – a huge number of citizens have left Ukraine, the country's infrastructure, to put it mildly, is not in the best condition, it is completely unclear how objective the vote count will be. Arakhamia suggested that Ukrainians could support Ukraine's aspirations to join NATO – and then it would not be possible to change the constitution, the guarantee agreement would be reset to zero and new negotiations would have to be held with Russia.

“The Russian side at first very actively opposed this norm (about a referendum – “MK”), but later they also agreed that this is the only way out of this situation, – said the head of the Ukrainian delegation. – If the people do not choose this path (neutral status of Ukraine – “MK” ), this would mean that the treaty would not have final legal effect, and then we would go back to new negotiations and solve it some other way.” Arakhamia added that the referendum cannot be held during a state of war or a state of emergency in the country.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the talks in Istanbul “a positive move forward.” Dmitry Peskov did not state any breakthroughs and said: there are no clear time frames for the meeting between Putin and Zelensky, first the agreement needs to be finalized.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciated the call of the Czech Republic to diplomats with the phrase “sold the pages of history”

The Foreign Ministry said that Russian and Czech diplomats are united by “something in common”, but the latter have long “sold” the pages of a common history. Earlier, the Czech Foreign Ministry called on Russian diplomatic missions to leave the service because of Ukraine ” alt=”The Foreign Ministry appreciated the call of the Czech Republic to diplomats with the phrase “sold pages of history” />

The diplomats of Russia and the Czech Republic are united by “something in common”, but in Prague they forgot about it a long time ago and “sold” pages of common history, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in response to the call of the Czech Foreign Ministry to Russian diplomats to stop serving their country.

“Czech diplomats, we really have something in common. Only you forgot about it long ago, betrayed and sold the pages of our common history. And we— remember. We do not betray the memory of those who gave their lives for our future, — said the ministry.

After the imposition of sanctions, the Czech authorities began to freeze the assets of Russian businessmen. On March 27, the Prime Minister of the Republic, Petr Fiala, announced that the country had frozen the assets of “Russian oligarchs for hundreds of millions of crowns.” and will continue to work on it.

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Scholz warned of increased difficulties for the global economy due to Ukraine

According to the German chancellor, the consequences of these problems will affect not only Russia and Ukraine, they are already being observed in the world.

Peskov said about the “luxury” of Turkey to defend its interests

Turkey is “not in the mainstream” while the Europeans are “shooting themselves in the foot” over sanctions, and the US is making money off of it, Peskov said. In his opinion, Erdogan achieved great sovereignty for the country by refusing to impose sanctions against Russia .jpg” alt=”Peskov declared Turkey's “luxury” in defending its interests” />

Dmitry Peskov

Under President Recep Erdogan, Turkey has become the most sovereign country among other NATO members, it allows itself to defend its own interests running counter to the line of Western countries. This was stated by the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov on the air of the TV channel “Belarus 1”, broadcast was conducted on YouTube.

“This country, which can afford the luxury of telling Brussels today, that is, NATO— and what is to say NATO— to tell Washington— what do you know, we will not join the sanctions, and we will not burn all the bridges with Russia, because we need it,— explained Peskov.— and it is worth a lot, we highly appreciate it».

The President of Turkey defends and pursues his own interests, the interests of his country, thanks to which the republic is not “in the mainstream”, continued the press secretary of the Russian president. “All Europeans are in the mainstream, but at their own expense. And Washington earns the money, and the Europeans shoot themselves in the foot and everything to spite Russia, — he thinks.

Russia and Turkey have developed “excellent relations,” Peskov said, which exist despite differences. “[Relationships] are not free from disagreements, they are not free from, let’s say, points of complete misunderstanding of each other,” — appreciated the representative of the Russian president. He noted that despite this, partnership based on mutual benefit has more weight in relations between Moscow and Ankara.

The two countries are jointly developing major economic projects, Peskov added, and tourists from Russia are leaving “billions and billions of dollars in cash” in Turkey. “They spend their money on airlines, they give a lot of jobs in Turkey, we bring new technologies when we build a nuclear power plant there, when we work on other projects,” Peskov listed.

In early March, the representative of the Turkish president, Ibrahim Kalyn, said that Ankara would not impose sanctions against Moscow, as it was guided by its own interests. “There must be a party capable of negotiating with Russia. Who will talk to Russia when everyone burns bridges? We do not plan to impose sanctions in order for this channel to be opened,— he added.

Turkey, Kalyn continued, is in favor of concluding a peace agreement, supports Ukraine and does not want to spoil relations with Russia at the same time. As the relationship between Moscow and Ankara showed, the representative of the Turkish president explained, conflicts can be resolved through diplomacy.

The representative of the Turkish president later indicated that Western countries should “hear” Russia's position on security issues.

A personal meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took place in Turkey at the end of March, during which Kyiv handed over proposals to Moscow to resolve the crisis. The document, among other things, said that Ukraine was ready to accept a neutral status in exchange for providing it with legal guarantees from Russia, the United States, Germany, China, France, Israel and other countries. Erdogan then, in a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky, said that the last meeting “gave impetus” to peace process.

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NYT learned of Biden’s dissatisfaction with the absence of a case against Trump

NYT: Biden considers Trump a “threat to democracy” who should be charged According to the newspaper's sources, Biden complained in a private conversation that Trump was not prosecuted, although it should be prosecuted because of the storming of the Capitol by his supporters. During the assault, 5 people were killed

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has told those close to him that he believes it is necessary to hold former President Donald Trump accountable for the storming of the Capitol by his supporters early last year, The New York Times reported, citing two informed interlocutors.

Biden considers Trump a “threat to democracy,” the newspaper writes, in private conversations with his entourage at the end of last year, he expressed a desire that Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is handling the case of the storming of the Capitol, was ready to take drastic measures, and not behave like “ “clumsy judge”. At the same time, the American president did not express his position to Garland, the newspaper points out.

The Attorney General is also called for decisive action in the House of Representatives, the newspaper points out. Elaine Luria, member of the House Unrest Committee, said last week that the Justice Department should “act” fast. “Do your job so we can do ours,” — Luria said to Garland during a committee hearing.

Biden is confident that Garland “restored” independence of the US Department of Justice, White House spokesman Andrew Bates assured, the newspaper writes. “President Biden is immensely proud of the Attorney General's service in this administration and plays no role in the investigation's priorities or decisions,” he said.

Earlier this year, Biden accused Trump of trying to prevent a peaceful transition of power following the 2020 presidential election, pointing out that this led to riots in Washington and the storming of the Capitol. “For the first time in our history, a president didn't just lose an election, he tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power when a violent mob stormed the Capitol,” he said.

According to Biden, Trump watched the riots from the White House that day, taking no action for several hours to stop the violence or storm the Capitol.

The storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters took place on January 6, 2021, they broke into the building during a meeting scheduled to approve the results of the presidential election. According to the results of the vote, then Biden won. The protesters expressed their disagreement with the results of the vote count, broke through the cordon, seized the Capitol and disrupted the meeting. Five people were killed during the clashes, Trump supporters were taken out of the Capitol building only a few hours later.

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Trump urged to ‘make America great again’ over ‘Biden’s decline’

Trump spoke about the “physical and mental decline” of US President Biden. In his opinion, now the United States is in the most dangerous period in history because of the president, who “has no idea what is happening

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump announced the deterioration of the situation in the country and the mental state of current President Joe Biden, he made such a statement during a rally in Michigan, broadcast by C-Span.

“We can't do anything about Joe Biden's physical and mental decline, but with your votes in November, we can stop the decline in our country and make America great again,” Trump said.

In his opinion, the United States is now in the most dangerous period of its existence. “I don’t remember a time when we ever felt so low, so low. And we have a president who has no idea what's going on, — Trump explained. He added that the current US authorities have failed in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, and now they are trying to distance themselves from this topic.

Trump also said that “thousands of unverified, undocumented Afghan refugees” settled in Michigan. Commenting on the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan— “the way we ran” & mdash; a former president in the United States suggested that this was one of the reasons for Russia's actions in Ukraine.

In late March, Trump said at a rally that Biden had “killed the American dream,” adding that “the five worst presidents in American history combined would not have done the damage that Joe Biden did in just 15 months.” At the same time, he urged supporters to remain hopeful and assured that, with the right management, the United States can become “bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever before.” Trump did not specify whether he plans to run for president in 2024, but called on Republicans to take control of both houses of Congress in the fall of 2022.

In late January, he warned that if Congress returned to Republican control, Biden will be investigated. “The millions of dollars the Bidens took from China also explains why Joe refused to hold the (Chinese) Communist Party accountable for the virus unleashed on us and the rest of the world,” said the former American president.

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Times learned about London’s intention to transfer weapons against ships to Kiev

In particular, we are talking about anti-ship missiles, disposable drones and anti-tank guns jpg” alt=”Times learned about London's intention to transfer weapons against ships to Kiev” />

Boris Johnson

Great Britain intends to supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. This was stated to ministers by the head of the British government, Boris Johnson, at a meeting of the National Security Council, reports The Times, citing sources among officials in the kingdom.

“We have a list of what they need, and we are trying to satisfy it in in what we can,— said the interlocutor of the publication (quote from RIA Novosti).

Among other things, London plans to supply Harpoons anti-ship missiles, Switchblades disposable drones, and anti-tank guns capable of hitting fired artillery shells, the newspaper writes.

In late March, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced the intention of London, together with the allies, to transfer more heavy weapons to Kiev. He clarified that we are talking about air defense systems, ammunition and long-range artillery.

He also pointed to the inexpediency of supplying Ukraine with new weapons systems that would require a long training process for military personnel. “The main focus should be on helping Ukrainians upgrade or find Russian or Soviet equipment that they already have in their inventory,” then added the minister. At the same time, he called the British Starstreak man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems ready for deployment in Ukrainian troops, since a number of representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already been trained to use them.

The British authorities have coordinated the supply of arms to Ukraine before. At the end of March, Johnson announced the transfer of £25 million and 6 thousand anti-tank and high-explosive missiles to Ukraine.

A day earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again asked the United States to provide missiles, aircraft and other heavy weapons instead of body armor and a helmet. “Give me something with which I can protect my country,” — he called.

The Russian embassy in the United States has repeatedly criticized the supply of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine. At the end of March, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov called such actions threatening the stability of Europe and the world. “Pumping up the Kiev regime with weapons and throwing foreign mercenaries into Ukrainian territory is irresponsible and extremely dangerous,” — considers the diplomat. Antonov said that a significant part of the weapons supplied to Kiev falls into the hands of “Nazis, terrorists and criminals”, and when they return home, they can use the experience they have gained in any way.

Russia has been conducting a military operation in Ukraine since February 24. President Vladimir Putin explained that such a measure was forced because of the “genocide” from the Ukrainian authorities of civilians of Donbass. Russian forces will carry out “denazification” and the demilitarization of a neighboring country, he added. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that they strike only at the military infrastructure of Ukraine, there is no threat to civilian objects.

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Britain announces plans to build seven nuclear power plants by 2050

This is necessary to strengthen the energy independence of the country. The source of the publication said that the authorities want to triple domestic electricity production by 2050 at the expense of nuclear power plants

Trump warns of an internal threat to the United States due to “sick” politicians

Trump: the threat from “sick and radical” politicians inside the US exceeds the threat from Russia “Sick and radical” politicians inside the US pose a greater danger to the country than Russia, China or Iran, Trump said. In his opinion, the United States is threatened by inflation and recession

Donald Trump

The greatest danger to the United States comes from radical American politicians who are trying, knowingly or unknowingly, to “destroy our country,” former President Donald Trump said during a speech to supporters in Michigan. The video was published by Newsmax on YouTube.

“Despite everything you hear and see about China, Russia, Iran and others, our biggest danger does not come from outside, our biggest danger comes from sick and radical politicians,— Trump said.— This is a bigger threat than Russia and China»

In his opinion, now the United States is teetering on the verge of “stagflation”— inflation and recession, and the administration of current President Joe Biden is threatening to destroy everything that Trump has achieved during his presidency. “Real wages are falling and they want to raise your taxes,” he pointed out.

During his speech, Trump also said that Americans “cannot do anything about the physical and mental decline [of] Joe Biden,” but they can vote Republican this fall to stop the “decline of the United States.” “I don’t remember a time when we ever felt so low, so low. And we have a president who has no idea what's going on, — Trump says.

In his opinion, the current American president “killed the American dream”, but the country still has a chance to become “bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever before.” with the right guidance. “The five worst presidents in American history put together wouldn't have done the damage that Joe Biden did in just 15 months,” Trump sure. He warned that if the Republicans win the election this fall, an investigation will be launched against Biden.

The midterm elections to the US House of Representatives and Senate are scheduled for November 8, 2022.

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In Kazakhstan, they announced the arrest of the one who planned the assassination attempt on Tokaev

The detainee worked for foreign intelligence and planned terrorist attacks against law enforcement officers, the National Security Committee reported. He also received assignments to “promote anti-Russian propaganda” and “create Russophobic views”


In Kazakhstan, counterintelligence officers detained a “foreign intelligence agent” who was planning an assassination attempt on President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, the National Security Committee (KNB) of the republic said.

The detention took place on March 25 in Nur-Sultan, the detained the KNB is called “agent” A. p>The detainee also received assignments “to promote anti-Russian propaganda in the Republic of Kazakhstan and create Russophobic views in society by publishing relevant materials on social networks,” the KNB reported.

“Agent” A ” found and seized a sniper rifle, drugs and a large amount of money. “Weapons were brought to Kazakhstan in parts in a professionally disguised form”, — noted in the KNB.

The detainee confessed to the actions listed by the committee “on the instructions and in the interests of a foreign state,” the report says. An investigation is underway under Part 1 of Art. 24 (preparation for a crime and attempted crime) and Part 4 of Art. 255 (act of terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan.

Last week, Tokayev promised “large-scale reforms” and “building a new Kazakhstan”. He recalled the mass protests that took place in the republic in early January against the backdrop of rising gas prices, but later turned into anti-government protests. Tokayev promised political reforms to the republic back then.

In mid-March, he also announced that Kazakhstan should move from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament. “Such a system will provide an optimal balance of power institutions and will contribute to the sustainable development of the country”, — he explained.

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In Tokyo, it was considered inevitable that sanctions against Moscow would be strengthened.

Koichi Hagiuda. Source: Wikipedia

In the current situation, there is only an option to increase the sanctions pressure on Russia, said the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Koichi Hagiuda, RBC writes, referring to an interview with the minister to NHK TV channel.

Hagiuda said that it will be possible to talk about easing sanctions pressure on Moscow when peace in the conflict region becomes apparent.

He stressed that Tokyo has already introduced a number of sanctions packages, including export restrictions and personal restrictions against individuals and companies. Japan will consider additional measures in cooperation with the international community.

At the same time, the minister noted that sanctions against the Russian Federation negatively affect the economy of Japan itself.

Japan joined Western sanctions against the Russian Central Bank in at the end of February, adding to them the withdrawal of the most favored nation treatment for Russia in trade.

From April 5, the export of oil refining equipment and luxury goods to Russia, which included premium cars, was banned.

Under the personal sanctions of this country, in particular, are Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergei Lavrov, Sergei Shoigu, Valery Gerasimov, Dmitry Peskov, Ramzan Kadyrov, Gennady Zyuganov, Evgeny Prigozhin, Alisher Usmanov and Boris Rotenberg.


“Half a step before a thermonuclear war”: the Federation Council appreciated Kaczynski’s statement

Vladimir Dzhabarov. Photo:

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov responded to a statement by Polish Deputy Prime Minister Yaroslav Kaczynski, which expressed readiness to deploy American nuclear weapons in the country to contain Russia. The senator called such initiatives absolutely reckless and provocative.

“The deployment of nuclear weapons in Poland is a direct confrontation. This is half a step for a thermonuclear war in Europe,” Dzhabarov warned in an interview with the Moskva Speaks radio station. He noted that if such a war occurs, then Poland itself will suffer from it first of all.

“There will simply be nothing left of it,” the senator predicted the fate of Poland.

Dzhabarov noted that, in his opinion, the leading NATO countries with nuclear weapons, primarily the United States, will not take such a step.

“They understand what this threatens,” the Russian politician added.


Russian Defense Ministry: military airfields in Poltava and Dnepropetrovsk destroyed

Photo source: video screenshot.

On the morning of April 2, the Russian Armed Forces disabled the military airports of Poltava and Dnepropetrovsk with high-precision air-launched missiles. This was announced at a briefing by the official representative of the department, Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, Russian air defense systems shot down two Ukrainian Mi-24 aircraft and 24 drones near the city of Sumy. Konashenkov added that during the night, Russian operational-tactical aviation and missile forces hit 67 military targets. We are talking about warehouses, command posts, artillery and 54 areas of concentration of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

DPR forces continue fighting with units of the 25th separate airborne brigade of Ukraine, and occupied most of the village of Novobakhmutovka in the Yasinovatsky district of the republic .

The Russian military also destroyed storage facilities with gasoline and diesel fuel at the Kremenchug oil refinery.


Greek railway workers refused to transport NATO equipment


US and NATO deliveries of armored vehicles from the Greek port of Alexandroupolis to the borders of Ukraine were under threat. Workers of the railway company TrainOSE refused to transport weapons despite pressure from the management of the enterprise.

This was reported by the information portal of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). American armored vehicles are delivered by sea to Aleksandoupolis, and then transported to Poland. As of March 30, three full trains were already moving in this direction.

The Greek railway workers refused to take out the tanks and technically provide for their transportation. The communists reported that the employer referred to the employment contract, which states the obligation of employees to work where there is a “need” of the company. The workers refused to work voluntarily in Alexandropulis.

After the intervention of the trade unions, the threats to the railway workers stopped. A dozen and a half local associations published a resolution in which they promised not to participate in the passage of the “military machine” through the country.

“It's a mockery when an employer says that” you don't care what the trains will carry, it's yours work, and you must go,” the website quotes the resolution.

The day before, a demonstration took place in Athens against the involvement of Greece in the events in Ukraine. About five thousand people took part in it. A video has also appeared on the Web in which activists throw red paint on a train with armored vehicles.

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Satanovsky: all Ukrainian crime has subsided into Europe

Photo: Global Look Press

Refugees, like people in the general mass, are different. Some are ready to adapt to new conditions and work for the future of their families. Others are trying to “bend” the environment for themselves and impudently demand special treatment.

According to political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky, Europe is in for an unpleasant surprise not only in the face of capricious visitors from Ukraine. He claims that almost all of the crime of the republic has already subsided to the continent. Marauders also came to Europe with guns that were handed out by Kyiv. In the new place, they will continue to engage in robbery and robbery.

The political scientist recalled what a problem for European countries in the 1990s became Ukrainian criminal groups that massively moved abroad. They robbed tourists, killed drivers of cars. But now the bandits are unlikely to be limited to compatriots. They have become bolder and more experienced.

“Will the European security forces cope with them? Hell yes, they can handle it. It can be seen from the absolute helplessness that they demonstrate in relation to people from Africa and the Middle East. Those in Europe do what they want and behave as they want, instantly organizing themselves into ethnic organized crime groups and terrorist cells,” Satanovsky predicted.

He lamented that “a lot of interesting things” await both Ukrainians and Europeans. Ukrainian ghettos will be added to the neighborhoods of Kurds and Albanians, which the police are trying not to enter.

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Ex-fighter of “Aydar” told why he surrendered

Photo source: video screenshot.

Schoolchildren are forced to speak Ukrainian, and documentation must be kept in Ukrainian everywhere. Denis Nuryga, junior sergeant of the Aidar national battalion, who surrendered, told about this.

The “infringement” of the Russian-speaking residents of the republic was one of the reasons for his decision. In addition, he is a native of the Crimean Alushta. Now he lives in the city parents Denis Nuryga said that he would like to return home, he had not seen his father and mother for a long time.

The situation with the Russian language, according to him, greatly annoys the inhabitants of the republic.

“For this is unacceptable to me. I want to speak the language that I have been speaking since childhood… I want to go home, peace,” he stressed.

Earlier Commissioner for Human Rights in the LPR, Victoria Serdyukova, said that 170 people who had defected to Russia military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not want to return to Ukraine.


Lithuania was the first in the EU to refuse Russian gas


Since April, Lithuania has completely refused to supply Russian natural gas. This was reported by the Ministry of Energy of the country.

The department reported that the republic fully provides itself with gas through the Klaipeda LNG terminal. In the near future, the client will receive fuel only from it. Gas can also be delivered through Lithuania or through the gas connection with Poland.

Energy Minister Dainius Kreivis called this decision a turning point in Lithuanian energy independence.

“We are the first EU country among the supplying countries Gazprom, which has achieved independence from Russian gas supplies, and this is the result of many years of consistent energy policy and timely infrastructure solutions,” he said.

The Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid stressed that due to the rejection of Russian fuel, Moscow's demand to pay for it in rubles loses all meaning. Gazprom has already announced that it will no longer supply the republic with gas through the Lithuanian-Belarusian connection.

Gas will continue to be supplied to Kaliningrad in transit through Lithuania, but in a different technical mode.

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Ilya Kiva named the number of Ukrainian military liquidated in Mariupol

Photo source: video screenshot.

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva ironically noted that Kyiv is excitedly discussing the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions. The relocation is called “liberation” and they do not remember the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass.

The politician called it once the most combat-ready and numerical. But now it is divided into three groups, is in a tactical environment, has lost a third of its composition, has lost fuel and food.

“It’s just inconvenient, and I don’t want to talk about them, just like those – to whom Zelensky signed a death sentence in Mariupol, about 15,000 people belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Nazi regiment Azov were already destroyed there today , – the politician wrote in Telegram.

In his opinion, today or tomorrow “this story” of Mariupol and Donbass will be finished. As soon as the armed forces of the republics reach their borders.

Ilya Kiva stressed that everything is just beginning. Mariupol will be followed by Kharkov, Odessa and Kyiv. Moreover, Western Ukraine will surrender itself if Poland and Hungary do not have time to occupy it.

Earlier, the DPR reported that on April 2, 328 people were evacuated to the territory of the republic from Mariupol. Of these, 72 children.


Russian Defense Ministry: Over 100 nationalists and mercenaries killed in Kharkiv

Photo source: video screenshot.

As a result of a high-precision strike on the defense headquarters in Kharkov, inflicted by Iskander, over 100 nationalists and mercenaries were destroyed. This information was confirmed at a briefing by Igor Konashenkov, official representative of the RF Ministry of Defense.

He also spoke about the Mirgorod military airfield in the Poltava region, which was disabled by the Russian military. Combat helicopters were destroyed.

In the areas of Lozova and Pavlograd, armored vehicles and ammunition, which were sent to reinforce Ukrainian troops in the Donbass, were destroyed by high-precision missiles.

there are two depots of rocket and artillery weapons and 23 areas of equipment concentration,” Konashenkov said.

According to him, 125 Ukrainian aircraft and 88 helicopters have already been destroyed since the beginning of the special operation.

Earlier a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Front reported on the capture by the DPR military of most of Novobakhmutovka.


Zakharova suspected that the United States knew about the air strike on Belgorod

Photo source: video screenshot.

The official representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, on the evening of March 31, urged Americans to leave the territories of Russia and Ukraine. He stressed that the agency is serious about informing citizens about events that affect their safety while outside the United States.

“We again call for all American citizens to leave Russia and Ukraine,” the official said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Telegram linked this statement to the attack by two Ukrainian helicopters on facilities in Belgorod.

“Washington knew?” she asked.

The Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal investigation into four airstrikes on an oil depot in Belgorod. Eight fuel tanks caught fire, but the threat of the fire spreading to other tanks was avoided. There were no casualties.


Russian military operation in Ukraine: online broadcast April 3

Ministry of Defense reports, international reaction, economic situation

Russia is conducting a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. In recent days, there has been a regrouping of Russian forces. The Russian Aerospace Forces continue to strike with precision-guided weapons at military facilities in Ukraine.

Negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations continue. Now Kyiv is waiting for a written response from Moscow to its latest proposals, which were presented during the meeting in Istanbul.

Western countries are increasing sanctions pressure on Russia. The day before, Lithuania announced that it was the first European country to refuse Russian gas. At the same time, the sanctions are driving up prices and inflation in the Western countries themselves.

Follow us for the events of Sunday, April 3rd. You can read the previous day's online here.

Photo: Video frame of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

11:19The DPR reported that a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol to Berdyansk for foreign citizens has been operating since 00:00 on April 3. Further, foreigners can be evacuated along any humanitarian route: by land transport to the Republic of Crimea or to territories controlled by the Kiev regime, as well as by sea transport in selected directions.

10:30 The Russian Defense Ministry reported on Sunday morning, that during the night Russian aircraft hit 51 military facilities of Ukraine. In addition, on the morning of April 3, high-precision sea and air-based missiles destroyed an oil refinery and 3 fuel storage facilities near Odessa.

09:57 Polish Deputy Prime Minister Yaroslav Kaczynski spoke in favor of placing in the country of American nuclear weapons, invited NATO to conduct a “peacekeeping mission in Ukraine” and provide Kiev with all the weapons that Volodymyr Zelensky asks for.

09:37 The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of strikes from Ka-52 helicopters on Ukrainian armored vehicles camouflaged in a wooded area.

09:07 Vladimir Medinsky said that the draft agreement with Ukraine is not yet ready. At the same time, he noted that the Ukrainian side began to approach issues in the negotiations more realistically.


Kim Jong-un’s sister calls South Korean Defense Minister a ‘scumbag’

Pyongyang issued a sharp warning to Seoul about “pre-emptive strikes”

Influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong, issued a sharp attack on Seoul. She called South Korea's defense minister a “scumbag” for talking about pre-emptive strikes against the North, warning that the South could face a “serious threat.”

Credit: Global Look Press

Kim Yo-jong's statement on Sunday comes amid escalating tensions between the two Korean states over a series of weapons tests conducted by North Korea this year, including the first launch in more than four years intercontinental ballistic missile.

The ICBM test that broke North Korea's four-year moratorium on large-weapons testing was a huge embarrassment for South Korea's liberal President Moon Jae-in, who has doggedly pushed for greater reconciliation between the countries and a peaceful solution to North Korea's nuclear problem, according to The Guardian.


During a visit to the country's Strategic Missile Command on Friday, South Korean Defense Minister Soo Wook said his country has the ability and willingness to launch targeted strikes against North Korea if it detects that the North intends to launch missiles at its neighbor. Seoul has long pursued such a proactive military strategy to deal with North Korea's growing missile and nuclear threats, but for a senior Seoul official in the Moon administration, public discussion of such a possibility is highly unusual, The Guardian notes.

Sunday Kim Yo-jung spoke out with harsh rhetoric against Minister Soo and threats against Seoul.

“This mindless bastard dares to mention a pre-emptive strike against a nuclear-weapon state,” Kim Yo-jong fumed in a statement released by state-run media. “South Korea could face a serious threat due to the reckless remarks of its defense minister.”

“South Korea must discipline itself if it wants to avert disaster,” she added.

As The Guardian recalls, Kim Yo-jong, a senior official in the ruling Workers' Party of Korea in the DPRK, is in charge of relations with Seoul and Washington. The South Korean Intelligence Service claims that she is the No. 2 official in the North's power hierarchy after her brother.

Pak Chung Chung, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, specifically warned that “any slight misjudgment and reckless statement that frightens the other side in the current situation” could provoke “dangerous conflict and all-out war.”

Park stated that Pyongyang would “ruthlessly send military force to destroy the main targets in Seoul and the South Korean army” if South Korea preemptively attacked North Korea.

Relations between Koreas briefly thawed in 2018 after the DPRK suddenly entered into talks with South Korea and the United States and expressed its willingness to bring its nuclear program under negotiation. At that time, Kim Yo-jung visited South Korea to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and conveyed her brother's invitation to South Korean President Moon Jae-in to visit the North. Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in ended up meeting three times in 2018.

But since Pyongyang's attempts to negotiate with the United States collapsed in 2019 over disputes over US economic sanctions on the North, inter-Korean warming has also come to naught.

The United States urged North Korea to return to negotiations without preconditions, but Pyongyang rejected such an initiative, saying the US should first drop its hostility towards the DPRK. Kim Jong-un has repeatedly pledged to expand his nuclear arsenal as the diplomatic stalemate with Washington continues.

Some experts say the North's recent missile tests were supposed to improve weapons technology, strengthen Pyongyang's position in future negotiations with the US and ensure stronger domestic loyalty. Analysts believe that North Korea may soon launch another ICBM, satellite launch vehicle, or test a nuclear device in the coming weeks.

North Korea missile launch footage: Kim Jong-un looks like Superman

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The Ukrainian crisis has sharply worsened US relations with Arab oil monarchies

Saudi Arabia and the UAE refuse to be led by Washington

Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis, another crisis is developing – in relations between the United States and the Arab oil monarchies. US relations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE hit a new low. And this is not about Ukraine or Russia, but about the politics of Washington itself.

Photo: Global Look Press

When US President Joe Biden moved to open up strategic US oil reserves, his two biggest oil-producing allies kept their reservoirs tightly shut. The UAE and Saudi Arabia continue to push back against the US president as he tries to counter the oil price surge sparked by the conflict in Ukraine. And both countries have been extraordinarily outspoken in their refusal to intervene, writes The Guardian in an analysis.

The Ukraine conflict is exacerbating tensions in several parts of the world, but perhaps nowhere is the regional order more under strain than in the Middle East, where America's two biggest allies are now seriously questioning the foundations of their relationship with the US.

Refusal of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to help Biden — or even answer his calls — led to an unprecedented low level of relations between the Gulf states and Washington. The extraordinary influx of Russian wealth into Dubai, while the US and Europe are trying to stifle the Russian economy, has further exacerbated the situation.

Add to that the still drawn-out talks between Washington and Tehran, which could lead to a sanctions deferral in exchange for bringing Iran back to the Obama-era nuclear deal, and you see clear signs of a rocky friendship — with the potential to rewrite geopolitics in the region, writes The Guardian.

Usually opaque and often incomprehensible officials in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have been uncharacteristically blunt in recent weeks with visiting diplomats about the nature of their grievances and how far they are willing to go. A Western diplomat told The Guardian that his Saudi colleague said: “This is a dead end for us and Biden, but perhaps for the US too.” . Former editor-in-chief of Al-Arabiya Mohammed al-Yahya published his views on the confrontation.

“Relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States are in crisis”, — he writes. “I am increasingly concerned about the unreality of the American debate on this issue, which often does not recognize how deep and serious the division has become. A more realistic discussion should focus on one word: divorce. When Barack Obama negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran, we Saudis knew he was seeking the end of a 70-year marriage. How else? After all, the shortcomings of the deal are well known. He is paving the way for Iran to have a nuclear bomb. It fills the chest of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has scattered militias armed with precision-guided munitions across the Arab world to maim and kill people who used to count on America to help ensure their safety. Why should America's regional allies help Washington contain Russia in Europe when Washington is bolstering Russia and Iran in the Middle East?»

Al-Yahya countered Washington's demands with Beijing's uncompromising diplomacy, stating: “While American policy is rife with confusing contradictions, Chinese policy is simple and straightforward. Beijing offers Riyadh a simple deal: sell us your oil and choose any military equipment from our catalog; in turn, help us stabilize global energy markets. In other words, the Chinese are offering what increasingly looks like the US-Saudi deal that stabilized the Middle East for 70 years.

In recent months, writes The Guardian, Brett McGurk, the White House Middle East coordinator, has been a frequent visitor to Riyadh, trying to mend relations that soured shortly after Biden's inauguration, when he refused to speak with Saudi Arabia's de facto leader Mohammed bin Salman.

This position set the tone for the ensuing confrontation. Both Prince Mohammed and his UAE counterpart Mohamed bin Zayed remain deeply wary of the administration's determination to push through a nuclear deal that would allow Iran to completely ease sanctions in exchange for giving up the ability to develop nuclear weapons.

A sense of Washington's lack of support for the Saudi-led campaign against the Houthis in Yemen added to the alarm. The same applies to the approach of the US administration, which, according to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, is ready to sacrifice allies for the sake of idealism. Donald Trump's open transactional diplomacy was a formula more familiar to both, and it has been eagerly applied by China, with whom each looks forward to closer ties in trade, energy and even security, The Guardian notes.

Professor Abdulhalek Abdullah, a well-known political scientist, called the crisis in relations with Washington the worst in half a century. Writing in the Lebanese daily Annahar, he states: “The UAE's relationship with its American partner is at stake, at a crossroads. There is no doubt that the task of correcting the misunderstanding has failed. This rests on the shoulders of the Biden administration, which may be on the verge of losing a regional partner that is becoming increasingly self-confident and has a growing regional and global presence. The UAE has invested heavily in its relationship with Washington. We placed most of our huge sovereign wealth investments in US markets, excluding Asian and European markets, and wanted to increase trade with Washington.

Professor Abdullah says the UAE felt insulted that Washington did not sign the agreement on the supply of new F-35 fighters. They were also outraged by Biden's withdrawal after the deadly Houthi strike on Abu Dhabi.

“Worse still is the Biden administration's objection to Emirati sovereign decisions, such as accepting Bashar al-Assad… and putting pressure on Abu Dhabi to increase oil production outside the context of the OPEC deal. All this is happening at a time when America is no longer the only superpower in the world, which has prompted the UAE and other countries to diversify partners.


Deputy of the Rada Kiva named the main problem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: instead of equipment, scrap metal

Lack of fuel is the main factor

Last Kalibr missile strikes on Ukrainian oil refineries will have disastrous consequences for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). This is the opinion of the disgraced deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

«The Kremenchug Oil Refinery was destroyed yesterday , Odessa oil refinery tonight, – he wrote in his Telegram channel. – Previously, almost all major oil depots in the country were subjected to missile strikes. Thus, a catastrophic shortage of fuel begins … It is the lack of fuel that can play a key role in undermining the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today's confrontation, especially in eastern Ukraine. there is nothing to refuel and she – tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns, rocket launchers – all this simply turns into scrap metal…».

«And this factor significantly changes the balance of power, …bringing defeat…  and capitulation of the Zelensky regime,” Kiva predicts.

At the same time, according to him, “Zelensky knew this scenario of hostilities and its result from the very beginning and could, no, should have, prevented the destruction the entire infrastructure of the country and the death of tens of thousands of people.

At the end of the week, two Ukrainian helicopters made a night raid on Belgorod and hit the tank farm with rockets. Literally the next day, Russian troops attacked the Kremenchug oil refinery. On April 3, a similar plant was destroyed in Odessa.

The destruction of an oil refinery near Odessa by the Russian military was filmed

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