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Pink Guy – Dora The Explora (Pink Season Album)

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Yo it’s Friday night, who you tryna’ fuck?
She looks real good
Who look good shawty?
That uh, Dora the Explorer
Mmm she look good

Dora, the Explorer
Dora, the Explorer
Bitch look good for a four-year old
Dora, the Explorer
Dora, the Explorer
Bitch look good for a four-year old
First name Dora
Last name Explorer
She look good for a four-year old
That’s not illegal
‘Cause she’s an animation
And I’m a human

[Verse 1]
Bring that lil Mexican ass over here
I know Trump tryna’ kick you out
But I want you here on my dick
On my dick
This is really inappropriate
Just kidding
Come shake that lil pussy on my dick
First name Dora
Last name FUCK
Bring that little pussy
Come shake it on my cock
Explore this dick
Explore these balls
Explore my body
And I’ll explore your holes
Bitch Dora love it when the nuts hanging out
Diego on the side lines
He tryna’ suck my balls too
Shit, if you really wanna suck my balls
I can swing that way ’cause you looking kinda cute as well
Uh, explore my asshole with that monkey character
That nobody knows the name of
That purple backpack’s looking cute on your back
You know what else I wanna see on your back?
Another backpack
‘Cause I know you love to coordinate
Dora, Dora, Dora, Dora, Dora
I bet your pussy look like Pandora

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