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Political scientist Dudchak revealed what the loss of the Black Sea is fraught with for Ukraine

August 17, 2022 by Posted in: Lyrics

“This will change everything”

In a recent piece for the National Interest, columnist Ilya Timchenko warned that Ukraine's loss of access to the Black Sea would deal a catastrophic blow, literally turning it into a ” state-stump”. Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Dudchak believes that such a scenario is quite real, and the consequences of this will be irreversible.

Photo: Global Look Press

In a comment to the 360 ​​telegram channel, Dudchak said that after Ukraine lost its exit to the Black Sea, interest from the West will drop sharply. The political scientist explains this by saying that the concept of “from sea to sea” will be “covered”.

In addition, according to the expert, it will be a disaster from an economic point of view, since the country will lose ports, the ability to export products if it will generally remain on Ukrainian territory, and he also recalled the pipeline that goes to Romania.

Dudchak concluded that the loss of the Black Sea would change everything for Ukraine, emphasizing that this scenario is quite real for the country.


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