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Pornophonique – Lemmings In Love lyrics

February 20, 2017 by Posted in: Lyrics

Sometimes I fear the reaper
Sometimes I’m afraid to die
I think it’s hard to leave my loved one
I think it’s hard to say good-bye

So don’t you ever go my darling
Don’t you walk into the light
Why can’t we be forever
Together forever united

And I will never let you go
So won’t you leave me alone again and crying
Side by side we walk into the light
Stay with me beyond the end of time

So don’t you worry fuzzy darling
Calm down an’ don’t you get a fright
I swear to you, I promise
That ev’rything will be alright

The sun is low, the days are over
Say hello to the cold and friendly night
We laugh and sing and dance together
Into the morning light

And I will never let you go…
No longer I fear the reaper
No longer I’m afraid to die
You swore to me, you promised

That ev’rything will be alright
You’ll be forever with me
And walk the final journey
You’ll kiss me just like honey

We rest in peace for all eternity
And I will never let you go…

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