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Quentin Miller – Entry 86 (feat. CJ Francis IV)

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[Intro: CJ Francis IV]
You recordin’? yeah, lit, lit
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: CJ Francis IV]
Time itself is not enough
But she swear thats all you want
But she swear thats all you want
Spendin’ only makes you front
Fallin’ on you in the club, right now in the club
Fallin’ on you in the club, right now in the club
Hold on
Spendin’ only makes you front
I pulled it up in the front
I ain’t even get the trunk, had to go without the trunk
Roofs still clear here, I just got the clear vision
Carti vision when I’m here, I just got back in it
New linen, new women

[Bridge: Quentin Miller]
New women, new women
Dates gettin’ too expensive, stays gettin’ too extended
I don’t know what to do with ’em, yeah
You really think you gotta future with me?

[Verse 2: Quentin Miller]
1317 the crew is with me, good news with me yeah
Demi Hughes is with me, yeah
I refuse to let these niggas play me out
Dropped my daughters to the house
The pack was hidden in the couch
Problems with me, air it out
But I don’t wanna hear about ’em
Cheated death, that was ’bout a year ago
They want that dope, here go that dope
Pick up that dope

[Verse 3: CJ Francis IV]
Its fresh out the stove
Its fresh out the stove, yeah, yeah
I’m fresh out the store
Its fresh for my hoe, Its all for my hoe, yeah
Why do I only like new money?
Maybe cause I cannot save it
Why do these niggas not do nothing?
Say that they busy but lazy
Saw some new shit and I copped it
One for me, one for my lady
Investing on her is a payment
Budget look like it can take it, yeah
That news logo nothing to play with it
[?] daily, send out a pack, I hope that it make it
Yeah, I hope that you make it
Time that you takin’ I think that you wastin’
Shit that you want, you’ll never get it
Hope that you get it
I just went got it, I just went got it

[Outro: Quentin Miller]
I just went got it, I just went got it
I don’t want problems, I just want profit
She said she want it, I’m finna buy it
The head was fire, the head was fire, head was fire
Yah, yah CJ ahead of his time
Q.M and CJ ahead of they time
When we dropping you pressin’ rewind
We ahead of your time
(hahaha, one three, one seven, man good news)

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