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Raekwon – Purple Brick Road (feat. G-Eazy)

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Forever ?
Money or the fame
Well I had scars, it’s who we are
It’s who we are

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Purple ? on me salute my presence
DNA is worth a fortune but I’ve still seen a life of peasants
I gave y’all style taugh you how to be fly
Go ‘head and grace the sky
Gave you wings to soar like you oughta
Forever may not exist in the flesh but my music will
All praises due to the most high
When my ? shocked the world
Wasn’t casper when I said I came through ?
Just because I’m living this life I’m accustomed to it
Floatin’ in them fly cars damn I’m supposed to do it
Pretty women fall in love with my expensive taste, luxury, lust
Physical touch by this ace, handcuff ’em
That’s a no no ’cause I don’t trust them as far as I can throw though
Gold diggin’ vixens who’s in love with the coco
But fuck it, you know I’m here for this dough though
Let’s pop another bottle of dawn and watch our gross grow
I love it

Forever ?
Money or the fame
Well I had scars, it’s who we are
It’s who we are

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Clarity, stones in my bracelets, watches and rings
From a rich nigga’s perspective you know what that brings
Hatred, what am I supposed to do when I’m so used to shittin’ on ’em
Do I stop because a jealous ass coward wants me to
Or do I go harder and buy more diamonds and blind his crew
Fuck it, I guess I do that ’cause I love to make em blue
Gettin’ ’em back stayin’ fly, stayin’ high
Do what I wanna, no more strugglin’ just to get by
Yes, fresher than a new born baby’s ass
New money, got my ex wishin’ she was never in my past
I laugh, enjoy these fruits from my labor
But still feel the strain and pain that be from my labor
Spent my time to achieve all of the fortune and fame
And for myself makin’ a name
But deep inside I try to cover up scars to be a shinin’ star
I guess that’s just who we are

Forever ?
Money or the fame
Well I had scars, it’s who we are
It’s who we are

[Verse 3: G-Eazy]
Forever may not exist but who else is as hot as this
I played the beat then I tried at this
Cuban links on my neck and I just put a presidential on my wrist
This year you haters gonna acknowledge this
It’s G-Rapo and Raekwon
Told the homies this wouldn’t take long
My verses always just as real as a true story it’s based on
Chopped the blow on the table plenty times
In the lines that she puts her face on
And this is not by accident
Anything can happen if you simply imagine it
My OG put a torch to the blunt and he’s passin’ it
Believe in something, stand for it, or take a knee and stand like Kaepernick
Anything to get the point across makin’ a statement
You’ll only go as far as you take it
20 years later and we’re still slappin’ that purple tape shit
Greatness so close I can taste it, face it

Forever ?
Money or the fame
Well I had scars, it’s who we are
It’s who we are

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