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Remenitions – Paradigm lyrics

May 25, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

We are all divided, by a guilty man,
An unknown bystander sat there with all the fucking commands.
A skin shedder who sharpens his teeth,
A god damn murderer & a thief.

Who stole from the poor, to feed the filthy rich,
This ain’t no fairy tale, that’s just how it is,
We want you to know what you’ve done to us,
But none of you give a fuck.
No none of you give a fuck.

Fading conscience,
Broken hearts,
Dying endeavours,
New paradigm.

Fading conscience,
Broken hearts.

We’re hanging by a thread,
The river is polluted red,
Yeah cover it up, cover it up, cover it up.

We’re all buried alive,
We’re all left to die.

Deception stains our perception.
Stains our perception.

Open your eyes,
We need to restart.

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