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Rock Mason – Backward Boys lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Backward boys with great big toys
Ain, T got no brain you, ve gone insane
The life you need is all fucked up
You went to school to drive A truck
Your mummy said to be good guys
But filled you up with big meat pies
You look like shit but think you, re great
Can, T get no girls just masturbate

Life is A mystery don, T know no history don, T like the others
Big bunch of mothers don, T know the story dream about glory

Saw A guy on the tv had good ideas from the nazis
He said the world was A bad place because of other peoples race
You saw the light and joined the fight
The brotherhood the extreme right
You found your place in gods great plan
Take up your gun and raise your hand

Now you, ve got purpose kill all the worthless
Clean up the planet wrong race we, ll ban it
Clear all the scum up then we can bum fuck

You, ll be A hero emperor nero kings of the world get all the girls


The master plan of A great man to wage A war that gives you more
To rule the land and live like kings with symbol of an eagles wing
With guns and tanks to do the job you, re really just an insane mob

Your daddy is proud stand out in A crowd big local hero iq of zero girlie’s with skirts off won, T have to jerk off

Now if you think I, M talking shit just look around and you, ll see it
Their here and there and round about
Them backward boys I, M talking bout
The right wing boys and local louts
The, re dumb as fuck and inbred to and coming after you and me

Look out!!

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