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Rock Mason – Rats Arse lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

If you, re walking down the street and some dude that you meet
Says he has A great plan- that is really A big scam
Look at him- in the eyes and you, ll see- all his lies
Don’t trust him with the grin- or your money he will win
Take A walk no more talk- keep on walking go straight past
Say to him -Yeah rats arse

Everywhere I seem to be- some guys trying to bullshit me
Nerds to the left and right of me- trying to get more money from me
I, M not here for them to bight- tell them all to take A hike

It, S your money or your life- got his hand on A knife- take it all and want more- take your money and your life- never works he, S A jerk A con man all his life- take your money thinks it, S funny by one now anyhow-
Wants to sell peace of hell he, S A thug he, S on drugs
Heavy man with A past say to him…. Rats arse

Con man everywhere you go- want to reap the seeds you sow
I just want to live my life- free from scams and money strife
Buy one now and get one free- low low introductory fee

Next time some guy- tells you to buy- just walk on past -And say rats arse

The tax man just as bad his demands make you sad- takes your money thinks it, S funny make you pay all the way- look at him in A suit- look at him makes you puke- he wants more till you, re poor- if you work takes your shirt- A con man- legal scam- government -Detriment-
Mr cool- he, S A fool -He, S got class… Rats arse

Out there in the world today some guy wants to take my pay
Hassle me with some big scam- sell me an insurance plan
Some of them are all dressed up – most of them are all screwed up

Business man with A plan- business man with A scam
Got A suit I, M so cute- got A suit want A root
Wants to sell piece of crap- don, T you buy it, S A trap
Suck you in with A grin- take your money thinks it, S funny
A nice guy with A tie- got A family got A wife
Make A deal- got A spiel- walk on past… Rats arse

Tax man business man or bum- I think all of them are scum
Sell me crap and steal my bread -Just so they can feed their head
When they try to sell you puss -Look at them and say….
Rats arse

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