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Rock Mason – Ugly Country lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

Ugly country
You and me
Live in the city
Not very pretty
Dirty your body
Very ungodly

Don, T take no shit
Don, T care A bit
Your attitude
Black fucking mood
You love only you
Yell scream abuse
Your heads in A whirl
Fuck all the world

Go for A drive
Don, T know you, re alive
Drive in the country
Look at the tall trees
Feels really weird
Lets get out of here

Drive to macdonnies
Smoke A few bongies
Fuck up your head
Ugly dead head
Beer and the tv
Girls friend with vd
Shit bag existence
Don, T know the difference

Hate everybody
Like to hurt bodies
Love watching pornos
Cocaine up your nose
Girl friends A creature
That’s why you beat her
Dig weirdo music
That’s why you bought this
Your territory
That’s ugly country

Feel A bit strange
Could do with A change
Play your guitar
You will go far
A porno with goats
Inspired these next notes

Play in A band
Think we are grand
Like to play music
That makes the people sick
Full on effrontery
That’s ugly country

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