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Russian Aerospace Forces will receive new aircraft with hypersonic weapons

November 29, 2021 by Posted in: Lyrics

New aircraft with hypersonic weapons will be put on combat duty in the aviation units of the Russian Aerospace Forces next year, Krasnaya Zvezda reports.

said the deputy commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces, Lieutenant General Andrei Yudin.

He noted that next year the department will put on combat alert advanced models of weapons, military and special equipment, including those with hypersonic weapons.

According to the lieutenant general, within the framework of the state defense order for 2022, it is planned to purchase more than 200 units of the main samples of military and military equipment.

Yudin also noted that next year was declared the year of flight training in aviation military units, and for the air defense, missile defense and space forces – a year of combat duty.

Earlier it was also reported that in 2026 serial production of the Russian fifth generation Checkmate fighter will be launched. The first flight of the aircraft is scheduled for 2023.


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