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The Chainsmokers – Something Just Like This lyrics

(feat. Coldplay) [Verse 1: Chris Martin] I’ve been reading books of old The legends and the myths Achilles and his gold Hercules and his gifts Spiderman’s control And Batman with his fists And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list [Pre-Chorus: Chris Martin] But she said, where’d you wanna go? How much you wanna […]

Famous Dex – Play it Cool Lyrics

GSF [Verse 1: Flexx Lugar] Ay, babe my guns from Russia Fucking yo bitch she love it Come to my crib for comfort Taking a trip out the country Flying her way out to Sicily Buying her Gucci in Italy Bitch too tight it’s not fitting me I don’t know what you been dealing with […]

Katy Perry – Déjà Vu Lyrics

[Verse 1] I live off the echoes of your “I love you’s” But I still feel the blows from all your “don’t want to’s” When you’re drunk, you say I’m the one Then you wake up You suck my hope up in a vacuum [Chorus] ‘Cause every day’s the same Definition of insane I think […]