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Tubuna Veiseyaki – Whisper lyrics

Verse I may not understand The scars of your story The pain the tears the lonely dark nights And heartaches But his unconditional love Can reach you where ever you are For his grace is sufficient For every trials we face Chorus Whisper the Merciful name Amazing Grace His love never fails Come Believe There’s […]

Earth, Wind & Fire – All In The Way lyrics

It’s all in the way That you call out my name In the night just to say That you love me, baby It’s all in the way That you touch and erase me Makes me go crazy I’m in love I’m here for you You’re here for me Simple as it seems Because my love […]

Kina – Have A Cry lyrics

Feelin’ kinda low Oh, and that’s not the worst part I just got a home, yeah Gettin’ old and still wanna be a star Yeah, I’m feelin’ low But don’t come run to my rescue Please don’t come to preach Don’t need no goddamn happy speech 1 – Is it alright if I cry? Without […]