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Colonel Bagshot – 6 Days (Mahmut Orhan Remix) lyrics

At the starting of the week At summit talks you’ll hear them speak It’s only Monday Negotiations breaking down See those leaders start to frown It’s sword and gun day Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late You could be sitting taking lunch The news will hit you like a punch It’s only Tuesday. You […]

Lud Foe – Big Tymerz

[Verse: Lud Foe] Your bitch is a gunner Ride foreigns in the summer Pop pills, smoke weed I’m the plug with the drugs, I got what you need Big rims on Tuxs Ran off on the plug, yeah he outta luck A dose, shut the lights I done dodged fast cars yeah I’m runnin’ lights […]

Young Thug – Oh Yeah (Beautiful Thugger Girls Album)

[Intro] No more pain though No more motherfucking pain bro, no more motherfucking pain bro [Hook] No more pain bro, no more pain sis They just lame bruh, make your lane sir I got my money right cause I was sick and tired of it I’m standing in the rain, I know you feel my […]