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Bali Baby – Introduction lyrics

[Intro] Hah, hah, hah Muah! I said “Hi, it’s nice to meet you! [Hook] I said, “Hi, I’m Bali Baby, nice to meet you!” Bitches copy me, just need to cop a fucking feature I’m a perfect picture, niggas say I’m Mona Lisa If I put you on a plate, I know my niggas gonna […]

Bali Baby – No Drama (feat. YG)

[Intro: Bali Baby & YG] Bitch nigga drop a pin we gon’ ride Hah, muah! Aye! What? Aye! Nigga drop a pin then we riding [Hook: YG] Aye that forty Glock popping nigga You gon’ need a doctor nigga This ain’t for imposters This is for them real shooters I’m from [?] where them shots […]