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Tee Grizzley – Colors

[Intro] Raf Simmons cost me five slips Dat Goyard bag another fire strip You in Detroit and see a Wraith, nigga that’s my shit Would of pushed Rico’s shit back, I am not Mitch Helluva made this beat, baby Gettin’ money, why these niggas gettin’ mad? Jump off the plane with a couple of M’s […]

Corbac – Le Dernier Samourai (Harakiri Album)

Oh, qu’est-ce que tu as à me regarder? Qui, moi? Toujours vif, comme au premier jour de cours Où tour à tour les mecs te matent Claque pas des genoux ou t’es viré de la cour Tenir le coup, regard froid fais pas le tocard L’oeil au beurre noir Vaut mieux le faire que l’avoir […]

LUPE FIASCO – Kneelin’ On Needles lyrics

Wa-ves… you say waves, I say wa-ves Kaepernick, waddup? I knew they was gonna do that to you But it’s all good, though You gotta’ stand up for something, know what I’m talking about? Gravitons, orbit around my halo space, halo space Little Debbie crumbs and potato flakes Junkyard food meets 808s Better say your […]