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Plies – Check Callin (feat. NBA Youngboy)

[Hook: Youngboy Never Broke Again] Baby, don’t worry if I Come home late like 3 or 4 When that check call, I gotta go Baby, I’m sorry That check, it keep callin’! That check call like *BRRRRRR!* That check call My phone boom My phone boom like *BRRRRRR!* My phone doin’ numbers on ’em Numbers […]

Lloyd Banks – Salute (Halloween Havoc 3 Mixtape)

[Hook: Lloyd Banks] General I salute you I’ll put a hole in any nigga tryin’ to shoot you It ain’t nothin’ cause loyalty’s what I’m used to And what I don’t do I’ll have one of my troops do Nigga we’ll kill you [Verse 1: Young Buck] I’m ready for combat, a soldier on the […]