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BONES – FrostBite Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I’mma take ’em back to the days When we used to stay Down in the basement Jack Frost was comin’ The winter was among us and the snow fell hard So we got so fucked up we couldn’t feel the cold Your neck all gold and your wrists all froze But what the fuck […]

BONES – SingingInTheRain Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Singin’ in the rain, dealin’ with the shame Singin’ in the rain, dealin’ with the shame [Verse 1] Singin’ in the rain, dealin’ with the shame Quicksand my brain, it’s like I’m sinkin’ in the pain I sleep all day so I be woke all night The second BONES come around, watch how they walk […]

BONES – 48843 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] SESH [Verse 1] Who’s the wildman now? I’m Rudy Ruettiger I’ll put you on ya back And now the doctor gotta suture Yeah, I’m loaded but won’t shoot at ya Got a razor in my boot for ya I throw them bows like Luda (uh) We pull up, change the temperature Real motherfucker, you disloyal […]

Bones – Filament Lyrics

[Intro] SESH [Verse] Jump in like fuck is a drop I be everything you not Your biggest fear is the one in the mirror Doesn’t steer you the way you would want Hands on the wheel let the time just pass ‘Till no more sand in the hourglass Slipped through the middle to fall and […]