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Bugzy Malone – M.E.N 2 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yo Bugzy Malone You know [Verse 1] I hit the top like I don’t know what Now 500’s Play-Doh gwop And these man tryna take my spot when I’m sitting at home with writer’s block But there’s not an MC as eloquent as me Let me get that clear And my […]

Bugzy Malone – Aggy Wid It Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, yeah [Verse 1] Get-get mad, get aggy wid it I’m a bully to the beat, I’m a daddy wid it I hold her so tight when I’m doing my ting, she told her friends I’m a baddy wid it Uh, don’t bother wid it I’m a double champion, I’m Conor init Give me […]