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C-Strong – Hot Dogs Are Awesome lyrics

[Intro] Yo, this is C-Strong Droppin’ away now C-Strong in the house! [Chorus] Hot dogs are awesome Hamburgers are too They both go good with french fries, That is so true Frankfurters and hamburgers Are so very awesome But however they do not come From a possum [Verse 1] “Perro caliente” Is Spanish for a […]

Fatback Band – King Tim III lyrics

Alright y’all Here we go! Just clap your hands Then stomp your feet Cos’ you’re listenin’ to the sound Of the sure shot brat I’m the K-I-N-G, the T-I-M King Tim the third and I am him Just me, Fatback and the crew We’re doin’ it all just for you We’re strong as an ox […]

Watsky – Royal Fuckups Lyrics

All my royal fuckups All my royal fuckups Don’t let stuck up folks go keeping you down All my royal fuckups Come on let’s get fucked up All my royal fuckups Rack your Burger King crown You gotta grow the roots if you want the tree trunks You want a garden then you gotta pull […]