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Lil Pump – Pinky Ring lyrics

(feat. Rick Ross & Smokepurpp) [Intro: Rick Ross] We finna make history Carol City in this m’fucka Lil’ Pump, what’s up? I started right where you at, nigga Fifty million later, ya hear me? Whoa Maybach Music [Verse 1: Rick Ross & Lil Pump] All the hoes wanna suck dick All the hoes wanna fuck […]

Denzel Curry – Good Night (feat. Twelve’len & Nell)

[Hook: Denzel Curry] Even if they hit me on sight Everything gon be alright Everybody have a good night We gon make it to the daylight [Verse 1: Denzel Curry] It’s ironic how it’s crabs in the bucket but I’m coming from the sea Snapping at me, the poetry Dead on the street ’cause they […]

Rick Ross – Trap Trap Trap (feat. Young Thug & Wale) (Rather You Than Me Album)

[Intro: Rick Ross] Beep, beep I’m sittin’ at the red light My ankle monitor beepin’ Hadn’t been charged (fuck that) I think I see the beeper (let’s bounce, man) Mmm, bounce [Chorus: Rick Ross] I took my roof off at the red light I took my roof off at the red light Trap, trap, trap, […]