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Chase Rice – Amen

[Verse 1] Maybe your granddad kept his dogtags hanging on the rearview And maybe your mama drove you around in a Chevy Nova bright blue Might’ve got your 16 first date, yes at a slider in the drivethrough Down Main Street, she was so cute, ended up just friends If it sounds like it could’ve […]

Craig Mack – Get Down Lyrics

[Intro] And bass up the track a little bit ‘Cause I wanna hear that “Booss, booss,” ya’know’m’sayin’? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [Verse 1] Now who got the flav that comes a dime a dozen That keeps ‘em buzzin’ Thinking that they phat when they wasn’t Welcome to the world of Mack, or Mackman Leave you small guys sayin’, […]

Lana Del Rey – Hundred Dollar Bill (Cherry Blossom Album)

[Intro] Twenty of ’em wrapped up tight in silk Hundred dollar bill, hundred dollar bill Nothing more gorgeous than a hundred dollar bill [Verse 1] Jimmy pulls up in his blue Chevy Nova I have been dying for him to come over I’m in my party dress, he say, "You such a mess." I am […]