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Chief Keef – Sneeze Lyrics

[Intro] Zaytoven Yah, yah, yah, yah (Yeah) Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh (Yeah) Yah, yah (Yeah) Sosa, baby (Sosa) GBE, baby (Bang, Bang) [Chorus] Chocolate chopper for him, he think it’s vanilla 30 shot, four five, in my Louis sweater Cooler than a fan, this bitch think that I’m sweat her “Chief Sosa, I look up […]

Chief Keef – Water Resort Lyrics

[Chorus] Woke up, brush my teeth Thank the lord that I’m here today Stole Toyota’s, now I hop out the ‘cat, hop in a Wraith I’m a fuckin king, where’s my throne? Bring a young nigga some grapes This bitch talk too much, oh my god Bring a young nigga some tape Just cuz I […]

Chief Keef – Whatchamacalla Lyrics

[Intro:] Aye pass me a whatchamacallit Told that bitch whatchamacallit She ask a nigga whatchamacall that shit [Hook:] Load em, let em, hold em Smokin’, poured up ???, he ??? I’m gloin’, you know it I’m blowin’ a four fifth Got 18 shots in it That fuckboy can hold em I’ll get some more I’ll […]