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Beatking – Then Leave Lyrics (feat. Queendome Come)

[Intro] (Why your face so ugly?) [Chorus: Queendome Come] Like Club God say, throw that ass, poke it out I ain’t gay, but I’ll let a bitch eat me out, yeah Bad bitch, and my bitches too Take all these niggas’ money what we finsta do (Man, BeatKing) Then leave, then leave Get that bread, get that head, then […]

Beatking – Bussibak letras

[Intro] Hold up bitch Hold up bitch Texas Uncle Luke Club Godzilla [Hook] If you got some good pussy, where they at tho? If you the baddest in the club, where they at tho? If you got your own paper, where they at tho? Hold up, drop it to the floor Bust it back tho […]