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Migos – Culture lyrics

(feat. DJ Khaled) [Intro: DJ Khaled] They try to play us, they play themselves (808 Mafia) This the intro For all you fuckboys that ever doubted the Migos You played yourself! (Another one) Fuckboy, bow down [Hook: Takeoff & DJ Khaled] Spin off in the coupe, typhoon (skrt skrt) I act an ass, baboon Wrappin’ […]

Migos – Brown Paper Bag lyrics

[Intro: Offset] Hah (know what I mean), pussy Fuck all these niggas man Yeah, we havin’ this shit too, nigga Yeah, young nigga havin’ this money and shit You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout? Yeah, yeah for real [Hook: Offset] Brown (brown) paper (paper) bags (bags) (cash) Smashing your hoe on the low and she […]