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IAMDDB – Azul Lyrics

Vamos por Brasil Vamos por Brasil Yeah, yeah I’m backing you could be mine But you keep running away I could give you everything and more Even take you on tour Take all the stress away Take all the stress away Fuck what they say I’m a bougie bitch (bougie bitch) Bougie whip (bougie whip) […]

Famous Dex – CEO Lyrics

[Intro: Pachino & Famous Dex] Yeah (you know) Ah, had to sip that lemon water, you know Talk my shit heavily (yeah, heavily, man) Lotta shit changed in the past few years, you know Less friends, more money though (yeah, what) Huh, count up Huh, yeah (skrrt) Uh, yeah (skrrt, talk your shit, Chino) [Verse […]

Famous Dex – 30 Go Bang Lyrics

[Intro] Everybody be askin’ me this Everybody be askin’ me that Why do they be questionin’ me? Like “Dex, where you from, bro?” (Y’all know where the fuck I am from, man) You know where the fuck I’m from (haha, let’s get it, man) Woo, esketit (DDB shit, man) [Verse 1] I’m smokin’ on Woods […]