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​euro – Talk 2 Me Crazy Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Euro] Oh yeah Uh, uh, uh No me hables así [Chorus: Euro] Don’t talk to me crazy, yeah, be there in the mornin’ I’m havin’ a ball, get with you tomorrow, yeah I’m goin’ crazy, no one can fade me Look what it made me [Verse 1: Euro] Shit’s amazin’, comin’ from basement Look at […]

Tech N9ne – Casket Music (feat. Ces Cru & Wrekonize) (Dominion Deluxe Version Album)

[Intro] Casket music Casket music [Verse 1: Godemis] Yeah, uhuh It’s killer city, anyone’ll run up You from around here, I ain’t gotta tell you to duck With very little unity, it’s really never enough People in the community don’t band together enough We all aware that it sucks, the hood resembles a pigsty Even […]