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Lil B – Ima Sell Lyrics

Play this song [Verse] I’ma keep selling that crack in Slinging that dope on the back end I look like a fat man I got bitches, I’m a black man Selling that white in my back hand Remixing dope, serve it in Thailand Selling that water like a fireman Sold some dope then went on Joe Rogan I’ma keep […]

Kreayshawn – Cool n Dre Lyrics

[Chorus] The guys out here, they really are crookin’ They snatch gold chains when the cops ain’t looking But what can I say? It’s the place to be It’s the- [Kreayshawn] This is hot, oh, we outside the club I’m tryna get V-Nasty but she won’t hurry up (C’mon) We need to get in, we […]

Bobby Brackins – Might Die Young (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Bobby Brackins] I’m going seventeen every year East Oakland boy But my bitches think I’m [?] Been quick giving a fuck Many [?] ago In a room plotting but [?] Have a drink and we smoking dope Spend the same on the drugs like the [?] You could be my plug, be my […]

Lil B – Big Dawg lyrics

[Verse 1] When she do that dance, when she do that dance Bitch so thick, made it drop with no hands The goons in the party bitch, everybody dance My young niggas with me and we down for the scam Niggas hating on us bitch and I don’t understand Shout out East Oakland, I’m tryna […]

Young Dolph – Blonde & a Onion Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Yeah [Verse 1] I turn one (ayy) into two (ayy), I turn three (ayy) into four (ayy, million) But I remember clear as day the days when I was broke (yup) Sellin’ nicks and dimes right in front the corner store (for real) Them white and blue lights pull up, take off runnin’, […]