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Foster The People – Worst Nites Lyrics

[Chorus] All my worst nights are the best times West Coast stealin’ all my shut-eye All my worst nights are the good kind High life filtered through the lo-fi [Verse 1] Startin’ it up after dark Chasin’ thoughts, cruisin’ through Echo Park Joined the vultures eatin’ paradise Gettin’ tilted, yeah, we’ll pay the price (But […]

Amine – Turf (feat. Charlie Wilson)

[Verse 1: Aminé] Walking on the pavement I check my pride and my teeth on The girl I grew up with lives a couple houses down The 8 Bus run the same, dogs howl when the train Comes like me ex girl and next girl Used to rock the S curl Wanted me a Nextel […]

Dirty Projectors – Up In Hudson

[Intro] I caught the sunrise in your eyes [Verse 1] The first time ever I saw your face, laid my eyes on you Was the Bowery Ballroom stage, you were shredding Marshall tubes And I knew that I had to get to know You, why don’t you pack your clothes? Move to Brooklyn on your […]