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BTS – Airplane Pt.2 lyrics

Isanghan kkoma Sumswideus nolaehaessne Eodideun joh-a Eum-ag-i hago sip-eossne Ojig nolae Simjang-eul ttwige hadeonthing Hanappun-ideon Gil-eul geol-eossjiman Swibji anh-a Silpaewa jeolmang Jichin nal nugunga bulleo sewo geonnen mal You’re a singing star You’re a singing star But I see no star.. Myeoch nyeon-i heulleogabeolin dwi (We still) Sky high, sky fly, sky dope (We still) […]

BTS – Airplane Pt.2 (English Translation) lyrics

An odd kid He sang as if he was breathing Wherever was fine He only wanted to do music Only singing The thing that made his heart beat Although he walked down the only path It’s not easy Failure and frustration Words that someone gave me after calling me, exhausted, to stop You’re a singing […]