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Meek Mill – Trauma Lyrics

[Sample] Used to be a dreamer Dreamin’ of a fire [Verse 1] Uh, my mama used to pray that she’d see me in Yale It’s fucked up she gotta see me in jail On the visit with Lil Papi, it hurt even though I seemed to be well They got a smoker with a key […]

Tee Grizzley – Tee Grizzley x Offset x London Lyrics

[Intro] We got London On Da Track [Hook: Tee Grizzley] Them niggas driving slow, jump in a new lane (get over bro) This a Bentayga not a Mulsane (the Bentley) No rachet bitches, [??], this my new gang (don’t talk) Blew a nigga life savings on this coupe, damn Get her back to the crib, […]

Aesop Rock – Klutz Lyrics

Intro: I am a man who uses the techniques of a bat to navigate… [Verse] Can’t motherfuck a motherfucker From the underfunded Klutz who never undercut the butcher The pick-a-booger-at-your-wake is bumping “I’m your pusher” Also at your wake, Juvenile Intruders at the gate Brooding over waking history that bubbles from the blinking 12s of […]