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Asian Doll – Itty Bitty Bitches (Nicki Minaj Remix)

[Verse 1] Okay, I’m selling bitches swag Fuck with me it cost a fee Birthing bitches, nursing bitches Smack your ass since I released Ain’t a bitch that’s fucking with me Who got next, they saying me Bitch I’m Asian, I’m a doll Who you study trying to be Bitch I be cooling it, bitches […]

Devlin – Bitches (The Devil In Album)

[Verse 1] I see men that are bitches (I see) I should leave them with stitches (I should) I’m like "leave them, they’re fishes" (fuck ’em) But me da megalodon I’m a great white shark, too big for the pond Stones, sticks, come on A lot of men move so wrong I can’t hack it, […]