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6LACK – Balenciaga Challenge Lyrics

[Intro] Listen, okay? Let me just say this: if a nigga wanna fuck with me, he gon’ fuck with all of me, he ain’t gon’ fuck with me sometimes, he gon’ fuck with me all motherfucking time, period I ain’t going for none of that bullshit. You know, these niggas be out here tryna play […]

Orchards – Peggy lyrics

[Verse 1] Lets take the dark road to the far side of the station Can you stop complaining about your lies yesterday I don’t know where you’ve been but i can see the tension Are we gonna crumble through the cracks that we share? [Pre-Hook] Don’t you know, that you’re living a lie Don’t you […]

Jay IDK – Baby Scale

[Verse 1: IDK] Baby Scale mean balance The Gabby Douglas of rap The conscience nigga that can teach on trap The one that everybody saying sound like this or that But more or less, number one when I piss on tracks I’m here, got my hand up in a class full of dummies It’s funny, […]

Ginjah – People We Love Lyrics

(Chorus) A people wi love a nuh things A people wi love a nuh things Love fi kill you over car and rims People wi love a nuh things People wi love a nuh things A people wi love a nuh things (Verse 1) The bwoy dem badmind Tego and Lerich Wi love people all […]