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Squidnice – Hop Out

Hahaha Ye Pull Up Hop Out Pull Up Hop Out Pull up (Skrr) Pull Up Hop Out Pull Up Pull Up Hop Out Wait, Pull Up Hop Out Nigga Said Fuck School, Then I Went and Dropped Out Ay Wait, Pull Up Hop Out, Yea I Got Good Weed Make a Nigga Knockout Pull up […]

Jacquees & Dej Loaf – Fuck A Friend Zone (Fuck A Friend Zone Album)

[Intro: Jacquees] Aye whoever the last nigga you was dealing with You can tell him it’s over with Diggin yo vibe I’m Jacquees (Nash B chilling) Yeah I know you Dej Loaf I know you fly, fresh Know I was dying just to see you [Verse 1: Jacquees] It was the end of 2014 Just […]