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Vicki Valle – Come Celebrate Christmas lyrics

[Verse 1] Jesus our Savior, God’s gift of His love. Born in a stable, A star shines above. Angels declare Him as God’s begotten Son. Come celebrate Christmas Everyone! [Verse 2] Shepherds come searching, All through the night. Wise men come follow, A star’s shining light. When they all find Him Rejoice they as one. […]

Michael Payne – No Way Out lyrics

[Verse 1] He is a warrior without a war to fight A painter without a canvas A singer without a song to sing A dancer without a dance A runner without a race to run A hero without a life to give A writer whose pen has all dried up Whose love does he deserve? […]

Adam & Megan Morgan – Heir Of Heaven lyrics

The God of all glory Looked down in His majesty, Finding He would gain glory From redeeming my soul. Oh, how wondrous this mystery That our God condesends to me Sending Jesus to Calvary To die in my place. I’m an heir of Heaven, I’m a child of the God of grace Once cast out […]

J Fish – I Finally Made It lyrics

(Chorus) I’ve been praying for so long, Working hard, blood sweat and tears, Even when I feel broken, Struggling down this broken path, …of my life, Lord Help Me (Whispered) (Verse 1) I prayed and I hit, Cause I really never missed, I finally made it, Cause the Lord truly gave it, This wonderful life […]