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Snoop Dogg – Smoke On Lyrics

[Intro] Chronic Hocus Pocus Indo Chocolate thai Backyard boogie Stress Pretendo The dizz-ank So whatchu want me to do? [Chorus] Smoke, smoke on Smoke on, smoke on Smoke, smoke, smoke on Smoke on, smoke on [Verse 1: Snoop Dogg] Ya see way back in the days when [?] was on I’d wake up in the […]

Example – The Answer

[Verse 1] It was like slow-motion When you walked into the room It’s like they’re frozen Just sit back, enjoy the view If this the ocean You’re some undiscovered species You save me from myself that night, believe me [Chorus] Had so many questions on my mind Where the hell you been all of my […]

B.o.B – Break The Rules (Elements Album)

[Intro: B.o.B & Police Officer] How you doing sir? Hey how you doing? Good. Real quick man, reason why I stopped you, you know it’s a 55, you’re doing 91 Uh, I- What’s the hurry man? I’m taking my girl out on a date tonight You don’t got any more marijuana in the car do […]