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Nines – Trapper Of The Year (feat. Jay Midge) (One Foot Out Album)

[Intro: Likkle T & Nines] Zino Records (Ha Ha Ha Ha) Ice City, jewels we nah’ pity [Bridge: Nines] I came through in that hard-top I saw them haters hearts drop Oh you mad cos your crews bummy When I come through I’m looking like some new money [Hook: Jay Midge] I ain’t the trapper […]

Nines – High Roller (feat. J Hus) (One Foot Out Album)

[Intro] Zino Records (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…) [Hook: J Hus] Hopped in the tinted wagon What’s the worst that could happen? That hasn’t already happened I’ve been outdoors for days Getting paid in different ways You wouldn’t know money if it slapped you in your face I’m the high roller, bipolar in the […]

Nines – Outro (One Foot Out Album)

[Verse: Nines] I came outta pen came in debt with my connect Couldn’t sign bricks, we were the respect but no stress Spent the whole summer on the blocks, sittin on the steps Still can’t find 1 nigga I finesse I’m ahead of my time When Brom filled some yay, that food dead in my […]