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Black Uhuru – Plastic Smile lyrics

Don’t show I yuh teeth plastic smile can; t work.. Don’t show I yuh teeth plastic smile can; t work.. Take you face from the ground girl, stop wearing frown I’m not a clown that laughs and jokes, while my structure in smoke The things that the ‘fari say to do now shows what life […]

Hempress Divine & Juba feat. Muscle – A Million Ways Lyrics

Uh uh uh oh Uh uh uh uh uh oh Smoking on the Sensi A million ways to keep my eyes gazed Into better days, aye aye [Chorus] Smoking on the Sensi A million ways to change my days into better days Things do change but still remain the same I’m just tryna clear my […]

Chronixx – Big Bad Sound [feat. Chronicle] (Chronology Album)

[Intro] Oh lord Oh lord [Chrous] Tell the people uptown And the one dem downtown The general come round String up your big bad sound Natty never come down Ah no me alone Burning like a fire The general come round [Verse 1] Like father like son the general ah pass through Give me little […]

Chronixx – I Know Love (Bonus Track) (Chronology Album)

In the beginning According to the old book say There was nothing Then the great spirit came down And said it, let there be And there was That’s how it all began, yeah Yet still we ask Where did the universe come from? Everything in existence From the sky to the depths of the ocean […]

Izah Blue – Every Likkle Step 2017 lyrics

(Chorus) Every Likkle Step I take I have to give Izez unto Jah Jah Every Likkle Move I make I have to give Izez unto Father (x2) (verse 1) Unto Jah Father, King Of Kings of Life Who guideth I n I and lead I free from strife With every breath that I take and […]

Sean Paul – Gimme The Light (feat. Busta Rhymes) (Pass The Dro-Voisier Remix) (Dutty Classics Collection Album)

Ay yo Sean Paul!!! Yo yo A Busta Rhymes this yuh know Wah gwaan Pass me the blow torch let me light up this big head nigga No doubt Bring dat come rudebwoy A Dutty Yeah!!! Flipmode check it!!! Just gimme the light and pass the dro! Buss anotha bokkle a moe (Huh huh huh […]

Little Simz – LMPD (feat. Chronixx) (Stillness In Wonderland Album)

[Refrain: Little Simz] Mentally enslaved Mentally deranged Mental doesn’t change Rental isn’t paid Why do you pretend to live everyday? We are not the same Is that all I tell myself to make me feel better? What have I become? [Hook: Little Simz and Chronixx] Have I let my people down? Let my people down […]

Sep 15, I Octane Jah Jah Run Bout Yah Lyrics

Konsequence..ooohhhhh Go ask themWhen man a suffer, who give me thingsWhen dem a hold me downA who give me wingsPon the battle field, a who make me winRastafari come prove everythingWho gives me blessings move every sinWho make me ever fit and nuh haffi go a gymAnd when dem try fi stop me lightA who […]

Sep 24, Shakespear Put Me Outdeer Lyrics

A wonder if dem know who man feel more while Bout lowe it… Jah Jah A di Don dadda daWell every day man deh inna di streetLike the white line Looking for the gold inna the pipe lineAnd every day me get up writing rhymesCan’t sleep music fi make a night timeAll me baby mother […]