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Karencitta – Cebuana lyrics

Yo! Drop yo glasses, and shake ya asses I wanna get witchu and I’m feelin real nasty You! You make me feel like tha Queen City South N oh! Love me! Hol’ me! Shoot it in like you Kobe No! No one can do it better than that Listen to me baby, like it slow […]

J Balvin & Pitbull – Hey Ma (feat. Camila Cabello)

[Verse 1: J Balvin] I’m here like for one night Sweet and I don’t waste time I know that you feel it My hands upon your waist land So won’t you come closer Let me know you’re all mine (let me know) Let me know you’re all mine (let go) [Pre-Chorus: J Balvin] And am […]

Curren$y – Froze (Welcome to the Winner’s Circle) Lyrics

Yeah Yeah Jets nigga Welcome to the Winner’s Circle Uh Yeah Jets nigga Uh Welcome to the Winner’s Circle Uh Never has a nigga this hot Been slept on for so long I wonder if niggas would ever catch on But they woke up finally Hollywood acknowledged me Like a classic James Bond Played by […]