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XXXTENTACION – Infinity (888) (feat. Joey Bada$$) lyrics

[Intro: Joey Bada$$ & XXXTENTACION] —ggas will be like “Yo, these niggas is wildin’ right now Like, these niggas is really wildin’”, you know what I’m sayin’? Like, we ain’t playin’ with y’all niggas, man, ya heard? Sometimes you just gotta catch chlamydia on these niggas, G-shit You know what I’m sayin’? Gonorrhea, all that […]

Joey Bada$$ – 80 Blocks Lyrics

[Intro] “I mean the reason they call him ‘Crazy Joe’ he goes off once in a while. Uhh, but he’s the type of guy you can go to and talk to, you know? ‘Uhh Joey, look these guys are doin’ somethin’ they have no reason to be doin’, I mean, what’s goin’ on here?’ Joey, […]

Land of the free- Joey Bada$$ lyrics

Lyrics Joey Bada$$ – Land of the free Can’t change the world unless we change ourselves Die from the sicknesses if we don’t seek the health All eyes be my witness when I speak what’s felt Full house on my hands, the cards I was dealt Three K’s, Two A’s in Amerikkka I’m just a […]