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Eminem – Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani) (At iHeartRadio Music Awards) (Live)

[Chorus: Kehlani] Ashes blowin’ in the air Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah Wasted youth, always on the road Never lookin’ back and we’re never gettin’ old ‘Cause the skies are black But our heart’s made of gold Fuck doin’ what you’re told We’re goin’ nowhere fast [Verse 1: Eminem] I feel […]

Casey Veggies – All Eyez On Me

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse] I said my lifestyle’s so wavy Shawty wanna fuck with Young Casey At 21 they said that dude was so crazy At 23 I’m glad I still got no babies I been around your block, now shorty what you got I need a chick that give me everything she got […]