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Lady Leshurr – 3AM In Brum Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, me no rap around this year ya know Look [Verse 1] Here comes the “Big baddie” (woo) Big bars, big talent, you’re invalid Big bank, big balance, got a big batty (woo, woo) Flows hot, it’s in Cali and it’s static (yeah) I don’t need a Big Daddy (haha) Man, it’s 20-L-teen and […]

D Double E – Better Than The Rest (feat. Wiley)

[Verse 1: D Double E] Lyrical Incredible Hulk I get money and I get it in bulk Make a MC go home and sulk Them man can’t show me the ropes Cuh nah, them man can’t show me the ropes Them man there on a slippery slope Them man there must think it’s a joke […]