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Big C s – Jay Fizzle feat. Peewee Longway lyrics

Lyrics Jay Fizzle – Big C s Blue flag, left side Crip gang, bang Big Glocks, long clips We gon’, bang No need for red beams We got, aim Blue flag, left side Crip gang, bang My niggas crippin’, never slippin’ Big pump, pistol grippin’ On grey street, cuz neighborhood That’s a whole lot of […]

Granny pray – Jay Fizzle lyrics

Lyrics Jay Fizzle – Granny pray See dog, it was my granny that taught me the power of prayer. See when things is going bad, I pray on it. When things are going good, we pray on it. So you can either drop to your knees and ask god for guidance or allow your enemies […]

Jay Fizzle – Menace To Society (feat. Young Dolph)

[Intro: Young Dolph] I can’t be nobody but me man Yeah [Verse 1: Young Dolph] I smoke blunts and rock designer in all my pictures If I don’t like you, it’s fuck you and whoever wit’ you I spill hot sauce everywhere I go, I make a mess Your favorite rapper on my IG learning […]