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NoCap – In 4 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ayy (Kane did it, ho) [Verse] This mornin’, I brushed my teeth, I grabbed my Glock off the hotel stand Shot my mama a text, “Thanks for makin’ me a man” I stopped by Dillard’s, grabbed a pack of Polo t-shirts They were slim fit, I got a slim bitch But that ain’t my bitch, […]

NoCap – Still Me Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] CashMoneyAP Ayy [Chorus] If they really had love, they would’ve showed me They hate what I’m doin’ now, they would love to see the old me If I gotta go back to jail, I know my family straight If I gotta go back to jail, I know my lawyer paid (Ayy) I burn this money, […]

Fetty Wap – Bad Lil Bitch (feat. Lil Joe)

[Intro] Bad lil bitch, bad, bad You’re a bad lil bitch, don’t give a fuck Uhm, run it up [Hook: Fetty Wap] Got a bad lil bitch, don’t give a fuck Yeah and when it’s time to go she run it up Yeah, .40 cal in her Chanel and it’s tucked huh Yeah, Sean Banks […]