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Lil Gnar – Drop Top Benz (feat. Lil Skies) lyrics

[Intro: Lil Skies] Drop top Benz Drop top Benz Drop top Benz We pulled up in a drop top Benz [Hook: Lil Skies] Drop top Benz Pull up in a foreign, it’s just me and all her friends She wanna make a movie so I grabbed the camera lens All I spend is bands, models […]

Lil Skies – 87-98 Lyrics

[Intro] It goes 1998, 1998 Lil Skies another verse to kill Mac Miller, let’s go It goes 1998, 1998 [Verse 1: Lil Skies] See I be steady rhyming, my timing is always over shining Mix the rhymes up with some coke and lace the verse, I call it science Niggas be lying in this jungle […]

Lil Skies – Money Trees Lyrics

Part I: Money Trees Remix [Chorus] Me and my niggas stayin’ hungry, ya bish, ya bish Out here workin’ for our money, you bitch, you bitch Niggas prayin’ I fall off, ya wish, ya wish Gettin’ full off success, no dish, no dish [Verse] I want gold models with gold bottles Two fast cars at […]

Lil Skies – Legendary Lyrics

[Verse] I’ll punch you in the back, my hands come through your belly button These rappers got dope beats but their lyrics ain’t nothing They talk about giving love for their town and think they stunting My team hit it out the park when your team be bunting See I’m a kid who’s tryna live […]