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Charlie Sloth – Fire In The Booth Special Lyrics

Part 1: Prod. by Mubz and ? [Verse 1: Ambush] Izzy and Camden Show ’em I’m a little bit cockney You ain’t ever seen a hundred bags, uhh Boy talk to me propperly All pissed cah your boyfriend want me, uhh I can’t lie this shit new But I couldn’t but I could’ve mad a […]

Craig David – Live In The Moment (feat. Goldlink & Kaytranada)

[Verse 1: Craig David] Hey girl, it’s so nice to meet ya Don’t wanna come across eager But real talk, I’m feeling your features Your body shaked out my bass-line and speaker Uh, and girl, I could see ya down But never to let that defeat ya Cause when you’re down with me Forget all […]